HDToday: Is It Safe for Streaming Movies and TV Shows?

Access HDToday Safely

If you are one among us who likes to spend their free time watching TV shows and movies then you would be excited to know that you can access a huge entertainment content catalog for free on HDToday.

HDToday is a streaming platform that provides you free access to a huge amount of pirated entertainment content. There is no need to subscribe or even create an account. You can simply get started.

However, since it has pirated content, meaning that the platform does not have the rights to distribute the content, it can pose threats to you and your device if used without protection. The best protection here is a VPN.

A VPN will keep you anonymous while you stream your favorite shows and movies on this platform. It hides your real IP address and assigns you a fake IP address in order to mask your identity and keep it safe. For this, your choice of VPN matters a lot. So, use only a credible and trustworthy VPN. We strongly recommend ExpressVPN.

Is HDToday safe and legal?

Since the content provided by HDToday is pirated, it violates the law and is therefore prohibited. The content that is offered by the service is taken from legally available services, and this website violates rules and regulations by offering it to users for free on its platform. As a result, the service is not authorized to offer the content that it does.

The collection of entertainment content accessible for streaming on the HDToday streaming service is entirely illicit, making its usage dangerous. It’s risky since this platform has no rules or regulations to follow, which means it can monitor your online activity, infect your device with malware, or compromise your online security and privacy.

Using these websites has a significant danger because they have a lot of links and advertisements that could be harmful if you click on them accidentally or out of curiosity.

These websites put you, including your private information and other crucial data, in grave danger. Therefore, using the HDToday platform without any security is entirely risky.

Simple steps to watch HDToday safely from anywhere with a VPN

As explained earlier, HDToday is a streaming platform that illegally distributes the content that it offers. Due to this reason, it is important to keep your connection safe with a VPN. Here are the steps you should follow to properly use a VPN:

  • Step 1: To begin with, get a VPN service if you do not already have one. For this we suggest ExpressVPN. It is a premium VPN service which offers great overall performance and experience. It has robust encryption technology, an anonymity guarantee, and a strict no-log policy.ExpressVPN Subscription
  • Step 2: When you have decided on a VPN, create your user account on your chosen VPN service. After deciding which VPN plan best meets your needs, pay for it.
  • Step 3: Next, download and install the VPN application of your VPN app from the app store of the device which you want to use the VPN on. Then sign in to your newly created account.
  • Step 4: Then, on your VPN app, connect to a VPN server in an appropriate country.Connect ExpressVPN US
  • Step 5: Go to the official website of HDToday and start streaming any amount of content without having to log in or give any information from anywhere around the world!

How does a VPN help to access HDToday safely?

A VPN works to ensure safety and privacy while streaming on HDToday by hiding the original IP address of the device you are using and giving it a fake IP address according to the server you connect your VPN to.

HDToday will then only be able to see your fake IP address and thus not know your real information and this is how there will be no risk to your online security and privacy.

A VPN also lets you have access to any service you want to from any location even if you are in a region where the service is banned due to any reason. This gives you the chance to use your favorite services without your location being a problem.

Popular entertainment content on HDToday

Here are some of the most popularly watched TV shows on HDToday:

  • First Love
  • Double Love
  • Unshakable Faith
  • The Elf on the Shelf: Sweet Showdown
  • The Billion Dollar Goal
  • Murder In Boston: Roots, Rampage and Reckoning
  • MasterChef Junior: Home for the Holidays
  • The Last Immortal
  • Wow! Your Little Temper
  • The Hope
  • Boyhood
  • Maestra: Strings of Truth
  • Battle Through the Heaven
  • Flight to You
  • Shining Just For You
  • Cute Programmer
  • Maiden Holmes
  • The Family Is Coming
  • Got a Crush on You
  • My Uncanny Destiny
  • Romance With Blind Master
  • Falling Into Your Smile

Here are some of the most popular watched movies that you just cannot miss on HDToday:

  • Smugglers
  • Toxic Parents
  • Yesterday Once More
  • Sleep
  • Love Reset
  • The Moon
  • Don’t Buy the Seller
  • The Portrait
  • The Perfect Chritmas
  • The Palace
  • The Oath
  • The Mission
  • The Cello
  • Silent Night, Fatal Night
  • Runner
  • Rescuing Christmas
  • Poor Things
  • Magic in Mistletoe
  • Cat Person
  • All Souls
  • The World’s First Christmas

Top HDToday alternatives

If you do not want to risk your safety with this illegal streaming platform, you can always switch to a legal alternative. Some good alternative websites for HDToday are listed below:

  • Pluto TV
  • AZMovies
  • Tubi TV
  • PrimeWire
  • HiMovies
  • SolarMovie
  • Cineb
  • Rakuten Viki
  • Crackle
  • Putlocker
  • Crunchyroll
  • MoviesJoy
  • Flixtor
  • Spacemov
  • Afdah
  • VidCloud
  • Goku
  • YesMovies
  • StreamM4U

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to download movies and TV shows from the HDToday website?

HDToday is an illegal website because it offers pirated content, this is why it is not safe to download movies and TV shows from this website. Offering pirated content is illegal and thus unsafe as this act breaches the copyright, distribution and licensing agreements of websites.

Is there an app for the HDToday website?

Yes, there is an app for the HDToday website which is as good as the website. Thus, you can use either of them to have a good streaming experience.

Is it free to stream movies on HDToday?

Yes, it is completely free to stream unlimited movies and TV shows on the HDToday website as well as its app. The content is free because all the content provided by this service is pirated and thus it is a completely free streaming service.

How to maintain safety while using the illegal HDToday website?

In order to maintain safety and security while using the illegal HDToday website, you should make use of a VPN service because the VPN in use does not let the service know about your real identity by hiding the original IP address of your device and assigning it a fake IP address of a location of your choice.


HDToday is a popular website/app for streaming movies and TV shows. You do not have to pay for streaming on this platform as it offers all content for free of cost. All the content here is pirated and thus is not safe to use.

However, your safety and security can be ensured while using this service from wherever you want to by making use of a VPN service on your device.

We recommend you to use ExpressVPN because this VPN has proven to be the ideal choice as it can guarantee you complete online anonymity.