13 Best Food And Cooking Shows on Hulu Right Now!

Best Food And Cooking Shows on Hulu

Do you want to watch the best food and cooking shows on Hulu right now? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will list all of the best food and cooking shows on Hulu, be it Gordan Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen or the fan-favorite MasterChef or about baking. We have included all of these shows in our list!

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13 Best Food And Cooking Shows on Hulu Right Now

We have listed the 13 best food & cooking shows on Hulu right now. Check out the list given below and pick the show you think is the best!

1. Crime Scene Kitchen

Crime Scene Kitchen
  1. Runtime: 1 season, 9 episodes
  2. IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

No, the kitchen being a crime scene is not a theme of this show. Nonetheless, there are certain parallels between the structure of this show and a crime scene, such as the ability to identify a dish from the crumbs left on the plate, which is analogous to a forensic study of the crime from a crime scene.

Crime Scene Kitchen, to put it simply, is a cooking/baking competition in which participants must identify the sort of dessert using crumbs, flour trails, and traces of other ingredients as hints.

Participants are brought to a kitchen in each episode where a delectable dessert was recently cooked and then made to vanish. Teams are given the challenge of figuring out the components and making the dessert that they have predicted.

There are two rounds in each episode. The tournament is over for the episode’s worst-performing team. The season’s champion receives a $100,000 grand prize.

2. Eater’s Guide to the World

Eater’s Guide to the World
  1. Runtime: 1 season
  2. IMDb Rating: 6.7/10

Maya Rudolph, an actor, comedian, and singer, is on a mission to find the world’s most reassuring, soothing, and gratifying dish. She is therefore traveling throughout the world, from the Pacific Northwest to the Atlantic Coast, from Costa Rica to Casablanca, exploring large cities, rural villages, small towns, and even the wilderness.

Each episode of this Hulu original series explores a brand-new aspect of a city or town that, even if you are familiar with the location, you may not have known existed.

You get to explore the place in a completely new way, get a closer look at the people and their lifestyles, and experience their favorite foods with all of your senses.

Eater’s Guide to the Globe will take you on a gastronomic tour of the world, stopping at offbeat, local hotspots in your city and undiscovered jewels all across the world.

3. Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back

Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back
  1. Runtime: 3 seasons
  2. IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

You might wish to contact Gordon Ramsay for assistance if you are the owner of a restaurant, diner, or even a tiny eatery and are having trouble keeping it viable, just like on this show!

In his television series 24 Hours to Hell and Back, famous chef Gordon Ramsay assists failing and struggling eateries across the country.

Ramsay intervenes with a neighborhood restaurant company in this episode of the restaurant boot camp show and manages to turn things around in a matter of days. Yet because he’s so imposing and a perfectionist, the restaurant owner and workers are undoubtedly alarmed by his techniques.

Ramsay visits a failing restaurant in each episode while driving his 70-foot truck, which he refers to as “Hell on Wheels.” He dispatches a team to covertly look into the problems the company is facing. He disguises himself and joins them.

Afterward, he brings those problems to the owner’s attention, retrains the employees in his mobile kitchen, changes the menu, and the setting, or does whatever else is necessary to reimagine the dining experience at the establishment. The restaurant reopens after 24 hours with a fresh new look and a menu that appeals to more diners.

4. MasterChef (2010-present)

MasterChef (2010-present)
  1. Runtime: 19 seasons
  2. IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

One of the most-watched cooking programs, MasterChef, has been airing since 2010. Since then, it has set the bar for many other food contests.

Also, the show popularized phrases like “mystery box,” “deconstructed,” etc. The successful British television series of the same name served as the inspiration for the American reality program.

The Franc Roddam-created show invites amateurs and home cooks to compete in a variety of theme-based cooking challenges. Contestants are disqualified based on the judges’ assessments of each round’s dishes’ presentation, technique, and use of ingredients.

At the conclusion of each episode, a winner is named who advances to the following episode for the day. At the conclusion of each season, a winner is named who receives the title of MasterChef.

5. The Baker Sisters (2017)

The Baker Sisters (2017)
  1. Runtime: 1 season
  2. IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

If you believe that the adage “Eat dessert first” applies to you, then allow us to inform you that these sisters also follow it. The Maple Key Tart Co., a butter tart company founded by sisters and bakers Rachel Smith and Jean Parker in Ontario, was inspired by their mother, a baker. They are currently traveling around North America in search of the tastiest sweets.

Each episode of The Baker Sisters features the two sisters visiting a different area to try the most delectable baked goods. They later go into the kitchen to see how it’s created by a skilled baker.

Rachel and Jean share their baking travels with their audience and investigate the most delectable sweets the continent has to offer, as well as where they are best created. These treats range from straightforward sponge cakes to sticky buns, doughnuts, mud pies, tarts, and more.

6. Best Home Cook (2018-present)

Best Home Cook (2018-present)
  1. Runtime: 2 seasons, 24 episodes
  2. IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

Do you ever wonder how amateur chefs and cooks would do in a professional setting? This program might provide a response. The judges search all of Britain for the best home chef in Best Home Cook, formerly known as Britain’s Best Home Chef. Ten participants from various social and professional backgrounds compete against one another in each season.

In every episode, the judges choose themes for the day that get harder and harder, putting the home cooks’ abilities and ingenuity to the test. The competitors compete in three rounds each week, preparing their preferred home-cooked dinner, a dish utilizing just one ingredient, and a final round of elimination.

One contestant is eliminated at the conclusion of each show, and so on until the contestant with the finest dish is the last one standing in the season’s penultimate episode.

7. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (2010-2011)

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution
  1. Runtime: 2 seasons
  2. IMDb Rating: 8/10

It is well known that the majority of American cuisine, especially fast food consumed while on the go, plays a significant role in the nation’s obesity epidemic and other health problems. Jamie Oliver, a British chef and food writer, decided to take the lead in bringing about a food revolution.

In this series, which Oliver and television personality Ryan Seacrest produced, the celebrity chef advocates for changing school lunch policies across the country.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, a thought-provoking look at daily meals, takes viewers around American homes, schools, and workplaces and discusses what could change to make eating habits healthier for a better lifestyle and wellness.

In one episode, he even cooks and demonstrates to the kids how they can eat tasty, healthy meals.

8. Wall of Chefs (2020-present)

Wall of Chefs
  1. Runtime: 2 seasons
  2. IMDb Rating: 6.6/10

Similar to Best Home Cook, the Canadian primetime reality series Wall of Chefs pits aspiring home chefs and cooks against one another in a variety of culinary challenges. Four contestants enter the kitchen in each episode to compete in three levels of intense cooking.

They must prepare a dish or meal they are familiar with in the first round, something using three components from their home refrigerator in the second, and a chef’s signature dish that is “restaurant-worthy” in the third.

The participant who performs the worst in each round is eliminated, and the episode winner receives a prize of $10000.

9. Taste The Nation with Padma Lakshmi

Taste The Nation with Padma Lakshmi
  1. Runtime: 2 seasons, 20 episodes
  2. IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

Padma Lakshmi, a longtime foodie, cookbook author, and Top Chef co-host, elevated the format of touring across America to discover the source of its culinary heritage.

The bulk of the episodes focus on the migrant cuisine that makes up 99 percent of the debate about food in America while also posing the question of what was present before all of that.

That narrative thread offers an innovative and revelatory look into America’s Indigenous foods.

10. Top Chef

Top Chef
  1. Runtime: 16 seasons, 246 episodes
  2. IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

The benchmark for cooking show competitions is Top Chef. Each season, the program invites about 16 professional chefs to compete on television for the title of “Top Chef,” a prize of $125,000, and a spot at the Aspen Food & Wine Festival.

Culinary competitions pit cooks against one another. A participant is removed from each episode by a board of professional chefs as well as other influential figures from the wine and food industries.

The program set the standard that all subsequent cooking programs must meet. It’s thrilling, dramatic, and action-packed.

11. Worth It

Worth It
  1. Runtime: 6 seasons, 54 episodes
  2. IMDb Rating: 8.7/10

This Buzzfeed series has a really interesting idea.

The hosts arrive in a place, sample several dishes at various price points, and then get back together to decide whether the $100 luxury dish at a starred restaurant was indeed superior to the $1 street food version of that dish.

It’s a funny series that will make you think twice as to where you spend your funds on meals when you move to a new place.

12. Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern

Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern
  1. Runtime: 5 seasons, 27 episodes
  2. IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

Anthony Bourdain established the idea that traveling and food go together, but chef Andrew Zimmern broadened it to include dispelling xenophobic notions about food.

It’s simple to “other” food from cultures that don’t conform to our own norms, let’s face it. It occurs far too frequently.

Zimmern set out on a mission to prove to the world that, unlike what some people might think, we all eat foods that are exclusive to our cultures and geographic regions. As Zimmern noted in his “scrapple” episode, perhaps it is sometimes.

13. Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On

Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On
  1. Runtime: 2 seasons, 26 episodes
  2. IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

Especially for people who are new to cooking, Chef Jamie Oliver’s friendliness makes him the ideal host for stand-and-stir cooking. For anyone who wants to start cooking but is also intimidated by it all, this is a terrific culinary show.

This uncomplicated program aims to emphasize quick, easy meals that anybody can do at home. Also, Oliver’s enthusiasm and practical outlook make it seem like you can make any of these dishes today in your own kitchen.


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What else can I watch on Hulu?

Under the Banner of Heaven (2022), Mike (2022), Welcome to Chippendales (2022-present), Fleishman is in Trouble (2022), Dollface (2019-2022, Alaska Daily (2022-present), Reservation Dogs (2021-present), Pose (2018-2021), and much more!

How many seasons of MasterChef are available on Hulu?

Seasons 1-11 are available on Hulu to watch.

Does Hulu have a free version?

The ad-supported plan costs $7.99/month (or $79.99/year) and gives you a permit to the ad-supported streaming library. The fully paid and the ad-supported library is different.


You surely find one of the best food and cooking shows on Hulu on this list. Keeping your preference in mind, choose from the list given above. If you have any more queries, please check our FAQ section below!