Top 8 Indian Movies on Hulu: How to Watch In India?

Indian Movies on Hulu

Nowadays Indian movies are at their peak, everybody is keen to watch them. Are you interested in watching Indian movies on Hulu? Why not? Hulu has made its name among the most viewed platforms of all.

It is an American streaming platform ultimately it will only be available on the States’ premises. Hulu fans or the audience who want to watch Indian movies on Hulu while sitting in their country, However, they can’t due to geographical restrictions.

This article will provide a solution to the seekers who want to watch Indian movies on Hulu in India and the best Indian movies on Hulu in 2023

In A Rush? How to Watch Indian Movies on Hulu In India?

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Top 8 Indian movies on Hulu

Everybody is crazy about Bollywood these days, Sit back and check out the list of some of the best 8 chosen indian movies on Hulu.

1. Dangal (2016)

DIRECTORNitesh Tiwari

Dangal is a movie Inspired by an Exceptionally true story of a Girl who took birth in a village of a patriarchal society.

However, her father being broad-minded accepted the challenge of training his daughter “Babita” to win the world’s women’s championship of wrestling. This movie evokes the feeling of true sportsmanship and sacrifice along with an emotional father-daughter relationship.

2. Queen (2013)


This movie will make you laugh out loud At the same time it spreads a very crucial lesson in life which is how to be happy alone if no one is by your side Instead of canceling your plans carry on with that even if people step back.

It is the story of a girl named, Rani who is about to marry and makes her honeymoon itinerary, Unfortunately at the eleventh hour her marriage gets canceled. It is a must-watch how Rani managed to go on her honeymoon all by herself.

3. Haider (2013)

DIRECTORVishal Bhardwaj

This is a story inspired by the Shakespearean Drama, Hamlet. The plot revolves around a boy named Haider who loses his father long after he finds out that his mother’s new husband is responsible for his father’s demise.

To take vengeance for his father’s demise he played the theatrical role and revealed all his step-father’s deeds in front of his family.

4. Drishyam

DIRECTORNishikant Kamant

An illiterate man finds out that his teenage daughter accidentally murdered a man who tried to rape her. Now, to save her he put all the accusations on himself and made a false plan just to save his family from the police and investigations. How they help Vijay and the escape plan will blow your mind.

5. Taare Zameen par


It is not a movie but an emotion, it spreads awareness about dyslexia and how dyslexic patients get neglected and have to face torments.

Story of Ishaan Awasthi who suffered from this and was forced by his parents to put extra effort into his studies, Despite focusing he was unable to, and Amir Khan, a blessing came into his life and everything changed ever since.

6. Bhaag Mikla Bhaag

GENRESports Drama
DIRECTORRakeysh Mehra

Watching this movie will give you goosebumps, the True Story of Milka who was given the title of ” The flying sikh” as he made a world record in the world running championship.

How his life was and how he came this far in the competition will make you think twice about his struggle besides poverty.

7. Pad Man

GENREComedy Drama

The plot revolves around a caring husband named Lakshmi who is on a quest to give his wife a comfortable solution when she is on her period.

Finding this a very common problem among ladies, decides to bring out a permanent and healthy cure for women. From this how he became a pad man you find this movie quite interesting.

8. 2 States

GENREComedy, Drama
DIRECTORAbhishek Verman

As the name speaks story of two lovers who belong to different states fall in love. It was originally a novel by Chetan Bhagat.

This story is quite fun and at the same time gives us meticulous knowledge about two religions, their nature, and how people perceive the same thing quite differently.

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Not a chance, If you prioritize the security and anonymity of your identity then you must never rely on a free VPN. It might share your data to third party after decoding and also reveal the true identity of the user along with the device’s IP address.

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Why is Hulu not available in India?

Due to geographical barriers and license agreements, Hulu is available in the US.

Which is the best VPN?

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Can I use a free VPN?

Certainly not, usage of free VPN leads to data leaks and sharing data with third parties.

To Conclude

Hope this article provides you with all the answers about Hulu. Due to geographical restrictions imposed by the US, Hulu remains unavailable to India but with the help of ExpressVPN, this problem will not remain a problem anymore.

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