Top 10 Movies on SonyLiv to Watch Right Now

Best Movies on Sonyliv

You clicked on the right page if are in the search of latest best movies on SonyLiv 2023. SonyLIV is a popular streaming platform in India that offers a large scale of movies spanning various genres such as fantasy, fiction, Sci-fi, horror, and mystery.

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Best 10 Latest Movies on SonyLIV Right Now

Let’s track down some of the best latest movies in 2023, covering all the genres. Hope you find something of your type.

1. 12 Mighty Orphan (2021)

12 Mighty Orphan
  1. Runtime: 1 hr58m
  2. IMDb Rating: 6.9/10
  3. Genre: Sports drama

12 Mighty Orphans is a sports drama film directed by Ty Roberts, based on the true story of the Mighty Mites, a high school football team from Texas during the Great Depression. The film follows the underdog team as they overcome various challenges and inspire hope in their community.

12 Mighty Orphans showcases the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity, as the underdog team goes on to achieve remarkable success both on and off the field. The movie is an adaptation of the book “Twelve Mighty Orphans” by Jim Dent.

It received positive reviews for its heartfelt storytelling, compelling performances, and nostalgic depiction of a bygone era.

2. 2018 (2023)

  1. Runtime: 2h 15m
  2. IMDb Rating: 8.8/10
  3. Genre: Mystery
  4. Languages: Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Telegu

It is a movie based on a real-life disaster in Kerala and the movie keeps the audience engaging along with full suspense. In 2018, Kerala faced a severe calamity as devastating floods wreaked havoc on the state, affecting people from all walks of life.

However, in the face of this crisis, the people of Kerala displayed remarkable resilience and unity as they joined forces to overcome the challenges and survive the disaster.

If you love suspense mystery you must give a try to this movie. Not only just a movie but also one can gain the utmost knowledge about past events.

3. Living (2022)

  1. Runtime: 1h 42m
  2. IMDb Rating: 7.2/10
  3. Genre: Drama
  4. Languages: English

In “Living,” the audience can expect to witness the introspective journey of a man coming to terms with his mortality and seeking personal growth in the face of limited time.

Bill Nighy’s portrayal of Williams, guided by Oliver Hermanus’ direction, promises to bring depth and authenticity to this character navigating the evolving world around him while striving for personal fulfillment.

When Williams got to know about his serious health issue, he is initially shocked but soon begins reflecting on his life and embarks on a journey to be the best version of himself before his time runs out.

Oliver has done his best to showcast how a person feels when he gets to know that few days are left only on this earth. If you seek an influential and spiritual movie then you give it a try.

4. The Whale (2022)

The Whale
  1. Runtime: 1h 47m
  2. IMDb Rating: 7.7/10
  3. Genre: Psychological Drama
  4. Languages: Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu

“The Whale” presents a unique perspective by showcasing Brendan Fraser encased in a fat suit that exaggerates his appearance, seemingly weighing 600 pounds.

While the film aims to evoke sympathy or understanding for his physical and psychological challenges, it inadvertently engenders morbid fascination.

The audience may find themselves captivated by this larger-than-life figure, observing moments of struggle and indulgence that might elicit a mix of pity and curiosity.

We are reminded of the importance of physical and mental well-being. We may find ourselves reflecting on our own choices and perhaps feeling a sense of relief that we are not facing similar challenges.

It is important to note that without specific information about an actual film titled “The Whale” and its plot, the above response is based on the provided description and is purely speculative.

5. Bridge of species (2015)

Bridge of species
  1. Runtime: 2h 22m
  2. IMDb Rating: 7.7/10
  3. Genre: Thriller drama
  4. Languages: English

In Steven Spielberg’s “Bridge of Spies,” the film opens with a captivating scene of a man engrossed in painting a self-portrait.

As the camera focuses on him from behind, we are presented with a duality of perspectives through the reflections in both the glass and the watercolors. This visual metaphor sets the stage for a story that explores the complexities of perception versus reality and the nuances of truth.

Throughout the film, this theme of duality and the interplay between reflection, the individual, and art resurfaces. It serves as a captivating backdrop for the remarkable true story that unfolds.

“Bridge of Spies” is a meticulously crafted cinematic experience that manages to capture both a sense of authenticity and the artistry of storytelling.

It stands as one of the standout films of the year, offering a thought-provoking exploration of human nature and the intricate dynamics at play during a significant historical period.

6. Green book (2018)

Green book
  1. Runtime: 2h 10m
  2. IMDb Rating: 8.2/10
  3. Genre: Comedy, drama
  4. Languages: Italian and English

“Green Book” is a captivating drama set in 1962, featuring Viggo Mortensen as Frank “Tony Lip” Vallelonga and Mahershala Ali as Dr. Don Shirley.

The film revolves around the remarkable journey of an Italian-American bouncer from the Bronx, New York, who becomes the chauffeur and security companion for a renowned African-American classical pianist touring the racially segregated Midwest and South.

During this era, American society was deeply entrenched in open segregation, particularly pronounced in the South where Jim Crow laws imposed systematic social, economic, and legal barriers on Black individuals, severely limiting their access to public resources and facilities.

These discriminatory practices constrained where Black people could shop, dine, lodge, and engage in various daily activities.

The film compellingly addresses the challenging realities faced by Black individuals during that time, shedding light on the resilience and perseverance required to navigate a society marked by racial divisions.

7. As Good as it gets (1997)

As Good as it gets
  1. Runtime: 2h 20m
  2. IMDb Rating: 7.7/10
  3. Genre: Comedy Romance
  4. Languages: English

“As Good As It Gets” is a charming romantic comedy that weaves a shaggy dog narrative, filled with laughter and transformation.

It reminds us of valuable messages worth cherishing: the importance of avoiding hasty judgments, never dismissing anyone prematurely, and realizing that even the quirkiest and most exasperating individuals hold surprising depths within them.

Ultimately, the film celebrates the notion that love is within everyone’s reach, regardless of their initial appearance.

In the delightful and transformative tale crafted by writer and director James L. Brooks pulled to create a hilariously heartwarming drama.

This newfound openness leads Melvin to discover the joys of generosity, which he extends to Carol, a single mother whose son battles life-threatening asthma. Melvin’s acts of kindness bring a much-needed light into Carol’s life.

8. The help (2011)

The help
  1. Runtime: 2h 26m
  2. IMDb Rating: 8.1/10
  3. Genre: Historical drama
  4. Languages:

“The Help” is a thought-provoking film that approaches a sensitive subject with a measure of safety. It presents itself as a narrative about African-American maids during the era of Jim Crow in the South and offers insights into their perspectives on their employers.

Simultaneously, it explores how these maids inspire and empower a young white woman to write a bestselling book about their experiences, which in turn transforms the author’s mother.

“The Help” remains a well-crafted film, captivating and impressively acted. The characters draw you in, and their stories evoke genuine emotion, even though it is evident that the film aims to be a feel-good fableā€”a tale that addresses painful themes but doesn’t delve too deeply into the harsh realities.

9. inside Job (2010)

inside Job
  1. Runtime: 1h 48m
  2. IMDb Rating: 8.2/10
  3. Genre: Crime, Documentary
  4. Languages: English

“Inside Job” is an insightful American documentary film released in 2010, directed by Charles Ferguson. The film delves into the causes and consequences of the late-2000s financial crisis.

Director Charles Ferguson conducted extensive research starting in 2008, resulting in a comprehensive examination of the systemic corruption within the United States financial services industry and the far-reaching effects of this corruption.

The documentary sheds light on various aspects of the crisis, including the conflicts of interest within academic research that contributed to the crisis. This scrutiny ultimately prompted the American Economic Association to implement improved disclosure standards.

Divided into five parts, “Inside Job” meticulously explores the policy environment and banking practices that played a significant role in the creation of the financial crisis.

10. Lincoln (2012)

  1. Runtime: 2h 30m
  2. IMDb Rating: 7.3/10
  3. Genre: War Drama
  4. Languages: English

The film meticulously portrays the closing chapters of Abraham Lincoln’s life, specifically highlighting significant events such as the passage of the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, the surrender of the Confederacy, and ultimately, Lincoln’s tragic assassination. It is a remarkable depiction that pays exceptional attention to the intricate dynamics of politics and governance.

The film masterfully portrays the process of passing the amendment with the guidance of key figures such as William Seward, Lincoln’s secretary of state, and Thaddeus Stevens, a formidable abolitionist representative.


which VPN is best for Unblocking?

We would suggest for ExpressVPN, as it is a reliable and secure VPN.

Does SonyLIV have a free version?

No, It doesnt only way out is through ExpressVPN.

what devices are compatible with SONYLIV?

This platform is compatible with almost all major devices such as Android phones, iOS phones, Smart TVs, PCs, etc.


Hope, You find the article useful and it might help out to find movies that match your taste also the use of VPN and how it functions. For more such content visit our page.