Best Redbox Movies To Watch in 2023

Best Redbox Movies

As we gear up for the summer season, the quest for engaging entertainment is on the rise. With the increasing expenses of cinema tickets and the ease of access provided by streaming platforms, the trend of renting movies from new Redbox movies has gained momentum among cinephiles.

Redbox presents an extensive selection of both recent blockbusters and timeless classics, all at an economical cost. To enhance your movie-rental escapades, we’ve compiled a lineup of the finest 12 movies available on Redbox that you should consider for an enriching summer experience.

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12 Top New Redbox Movies

We have listed below the new Redbox movies. Check the list and enjoy.

1. Knock at the Cabin

Andrew, accompanied by Eric and their cherished adopted daughter, Wen, sets out for a serene countryside getaway, seeking solace in nature’s embrace. The promise of quality time as a family seems within reach, a respite from the demands of daily life.

Yet, their idyllic sojourn takes an unforeseen turn when the tranquil ambiance is abruptly shattered by the uninvited presence of four armed and unfamiliar individuals. These enigmatic strangers disrupt the harmonious rhythm of their vacation, casting a shadow of uncertainty over their family bond.

  • IMBD:6.1
  • Duration:1h 40m
  • Genre: Horror

2. Shazam! Fury of the Gods

United in their extraordinary abilities, Shazam and his foster siblings endowed with superpowers join forces. Their objective: to confront the formidable Daughters of Atlas, a malevolent faction.

This group has not only purloined the potent Wizard’s staff but also harbors nefarious intentions of harnessing its immense power to further its own sinister agenda.

  • IMBD: 6
  • Duration: 2h 10m
  • Genre: Fantasy

3. Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves

Set in motion by a charismatic thief, an unconventional group of adventurers embarks on a grand odyssey. Their mission: to recover a relic of significant antiquity that had long been lost to time.

As they delve into this enchanting journey, their once-charming expedition takes an alarming detour into treacherous territory when they inadvertently cross paths with individuals of malevolent intent.

  • IMBD: 7.3
  • Duration: 2h 14m
  • Genre: Adventure

4. Scream VI

After surviving the harrowing Ghostface murders in Woodsboro, a quartet of resilient individuals decides to leave the haunting memories behind and embrace a fresh beginning in the vibrant expanse of New York City. Eager to embrace new chapters in their lives, they seek solace in the bustling metropolis.

Yet, their hopes for a peaceful transition are quickly shattered as a chilling wave of terror washes over them. A new malevolent force, wielding the familiar Ghostface mantle, emerges to sow chaos once again.

The group, now far from the haunting familiarity of their previous ordeal, must unexpectedly confront a bloodthirsty adversary, launching them into a life-and-death struggle.

  • IMBD:6.5
  • Duration: 2h 2m
  • Genre: Slasher

5. 65

In an eventful twist of fate, a spaceship endures a crash landing on the ancient and untamed terrain of prehistoric Earth. Within the wreckage, only two individuals manage to emerge as survivors. Stranded amidst an era untouched by civilization, their survival instincts are put to the ultimate test.

With the remnants of their advanced technology reduced to scattered debris, they must quickly adapt to the primitive surroundings and grapple with the challenges posed by the hostile environment.

As they navigate through the uncharted wilderness, they encounter a myriad of ruthless and predatory creatures that dominate the landscape.

  • IMBD: 5.4
  • DURATION: 1H 33 M

6. Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre

Tasked with a critical mission, seasoned espionage agent Orson Fortune is tasked with a high-stakes operation: halting the illicit trade of lethal cutting-edge weaponry orchestrated by the wealthy arms magnate Greg Simmonds.

In a reluctant alliance, Fortune finds himself alongside a select team of elite operatives, a collection of the world’s most adept agents.

Pooling their diverse skills, the coalition led by Fortune embarks on an ambitious quest to put an end to the imminent peril. In a strategic move, they enlist the unexpected aid of Hollywood’s preeminent silver screen luminary, Danny Francesco.

This collaboration blends the worlds of espionage and entertainment, forging a unique partnership as they traverse the globe.

  • IMBD: 5.4
  • DURATION: 1H 54M

7. The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Assisted by the resourceful Princess Peach, Mario prepares to engage in a high-stakes showdown with the formidable Bowser. Their goal is to thwart his ambitious scheme of world domination, standing as the last line of defense against his tyrannical aspirations.

As they rally their courage and muster their unique talents, Mario and Princess Peach unite to confront the indomitable Bowser and put an end to his nefarious plans that threaten to plunge the world into chaos.

  • IMBD:7.1
  • DURATION: 1H 34M

8. Magic Mike’s Last Dance

Returning to his natural element, the spotlight, Mike Lane graces the stage anew, driven by circumstances beyond his control.

A failed business venture leaves him financially strained, relegating him to the role of a bartender in the sun-soaked landscapes of Florida. Holding onto a glimmer of hope for redemption, he seizes the chance for a grand finale.

The allure of a final spectacle propels Mike to traverse continents, embarking on a journey to London alongside an affluent socialite. Her offer is irresistible, laden with promises and hidden motives.

As he treads uncertain ground, Mike is compelled to contend with his own past, a web of intrigue, and the enigmatic ambitions of his captivating companion.

  • IMBD: 5.2
  • DURATION:1 H 52M

9. Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant

Amidst the tumultuous backdrop of the war in Afghanistan, a courageous local interpreter emerges as a beacon of selflessness. With unwavering determination, he embarks on a perilous mission that transcends boundaries of nationality and allegiance.

Faced with the dire circumstances of a wounded sergeant, the interpreter defies the relentless chaos of the battlefield. Ignoring the imminent dangers and personal vulnerabilities, he undertakes the arduous task of transporting the injured soldier across unforgiving miles of harsh terrain.

  • IMBD: 7.5

10. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Puss in Boots becomes acutely aware of the toll his adventurous spirit has exacted upon him as he realizes that eight of his nine lives have been spent.

Fueled by a newfound determination, Puss embarks on a grand odyssey, in search of the elusive Last Wish, with the sole aim of reclaiming and revitalizing his lost life.

  • IMBD: 7.9
  • DURATION: 1H 40 M

11. Out of Africa

Karen von Blixen, a Danish noblewoman, establishes a coffee plantation in the South African region and finds herself captivated by the charm of Denys Hatton, a native hunter renowned for his prowess in tracking big game.

Alongside her agricultural pursuits, a deep and affectionate bond blossoms between them, adding a romantic dimension to her African journey.

  • IMBD: 7.1
  • DURATION: 2 H 41 M

12. Inglourious Basterds

Several Jewish soldiers embark on a covert mission with the goal of dismantling the Nazi regime and bringing an end to the widespread conflict.

Simultaneously, a determined woman is driven by a fierce desire for vengeance after her family’s tragic demise at the hands of a German officer.

  • IMBD: 8.3
  • DURATION: 2H 33M

What is Redbox?

Redbox is a company that provides automated kiosks for renting movies, video games, and other entertainment media. These kiosks are typically found in various locations like grocery stores, convenience stores, and retail outlets.

Can we watch Redbox movies outside the US?

While there were some instances where Redbox expanded to a limited extent into Canada and other countries, its primary focus has been on the US market. But with the help of ExpressVPN, it is possible to watch it outside the US.

Why expressVPN is the best Of all?

ExpressVPN provides security and smooth functioning of the platform you are using and 24/7 customer service support.


Using a VPN like ExpressVPN might allow you to access content from different regions, potentially giving you the ability to watch Redbox movies outside the US.

However, it’s important to note that using a VPN to access region-restricted content could potentially violate the terms of service of both the VPN provider and the content provider.

Always make sure to use VPN services and access content in accordance with the laws and terms of the relevant services.As for the list of the top 12 new Redbox movies above you know what to stream.