5 Best VPNs for Streaming (Speed & Security) In 2024

Best VPNs for Streaming

If you are new to the use of VPNs, it is very likely that you will get confused with the plethora of VPN options available on the web. It becomes even more confusing with the many promises and claims that all these VPNs make. So, here is a complete guide to introduce you to the best VPNs for streaming.

Streaming is one internet activity where you will need a VPN from time to time. This includes using a VPN for watching anonymously on streaming platforms to bypass geographical restrictions on content to stream it in your country.

It is important to know that not all VPNs are trustworthy. What is meant by this is a lot of the VPNs that you will find on the internet do not stick to the claims they make. VPNs have been reported to breach the promises.

So, it is important to use only tried and tested VPNs. We have found ExpressVPN to be the best, strongest and most reliable.

Quick Guide: 3 Best VPNs for Streaming

Here are our top-rated VPNs for use in Ethiopia:

  1. ExpressVPN: One of the best VPNs for streaming which unblocks any of the streaming platforms. It provides good streaming speed.
  2. NordVPN: Another good option is NordVPN which takes care of all your security and geo-restriction bypassing needs.
  3. Cyberghost: CyberGhost is also a reliable and good VPN for streaming which is fast and cheapest VPN.

5 Best VPNs for Streaming

Here are the best VPNs for streaming. Enjoy streaming without buffering.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Product Imge

Express Technologies Ltd., a corporation registered in the British Virgin Islands, provides ExpressVPN as a VPN service. The program is positioned as a privacy and security solution that masked users’ IP addresses and encrypted users’ web traffic.

Features of ExpressVPN:

  • Uses a combination of AES 256-bit encryption, secure VPN protocols, and HMAC authentication.
  • Top level security system with high security features.
  • More than 3,000 servers spread across 94 nations.
  • Kill switch and DNS leak prevention.
  • TrustedServer technology
  • Highly secure service with fast, reliable connections.
  • Unblocks popular social media and streaming services.

Subscription plans


2. nordVPN

NordVPN Product Imge

A VPN service called NordVPN is offered by the business Nordsec Ltd. It has software for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Android TV.

Features of NordVPN:

  • Strong unblocking.
  • Works with Netflix, Facebook, and WhatsApp.
  • 5,800 servers spread over 60 nations
  • Utilizes obfuscated servers
  • Kill switch and DNS leak protection.
  • Highly secure with a strict no-logs policy
  • Double-hop servers and Onion Over VPN
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Subscription plans

1-month subscription cost$11.99
1-year subscription cost$59.88
2-year subscription cost$95.76

3. CyberGhost

Cyberghost Product Image

If you’re streaming, downloading, playing, buying, using banking services, or just browsing the web, CyberGhost VPN encrypts your online traffic and masks your true IP address.

Features of Cyberghost:

  • AES 256-bit encryption and reliable VPN protocols.
  • Very fast speeds
  • Permanently activated kill button
  • Limitless bandwidth
  • Over 7,800 servers in 59 nations
  • Provide a list of specialist anonymity servers
  • No-logs VPN that works with Facebook, WhatsApp, and Netflix US.

Subscription plans:

Term length1 Month6 months2 years + 4 months free
Monthly rate$12.99$6.99$2.03
Total amount billed$12.99$41.94$56.94

4. SurfShark

Surfshark Product Image

A firm of the same name with its headquarters in the Netherlands sells VPN services under the Surfshark brand.

The service offers tools for personal data erasure, data leak detection, private search, and antivirus. Nord Security and Surfshark merged in 2021. Both businesses continue to run independently, though.

Features of SurfShark:

  • More than 3,000 servers across more than 60 nations
  • “Camouflage Mode”
  • “No Borders” option
  • 24/7 support.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • Secures your data with encryption
  • Strict no-logs policy.

Subscription plans:

Months in contractMonthly costTotal amount billedTotal price for one year after the first billing

5. PIA

Private Internet Access Product Image

PIA VPN service is found to be a really good VPN service as it fulfills the requirements of people in the current time. Its features are amazing which enhances your experience on the internet. Some of its best features are:

Features of PIA:

  • Global VPN server network
  • No logs policy
  • Split tunneling and DNS Leak Protection
  • Unlimited device connections
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • WireGuard and P2P support
  • Router VPN
  • Block ads, trackers and malware
  • Secure protocols, advanced kill switch, automation, multi-hop, and obfuscation
  • Antivirus

Subscription plans:

1 month₹900.79/mo
1 year₹300.99/mo
3 years + 4 months free₹146.33/mo

What are the uses of a VPN?

We consistently urge our readers to use a VPN for a wide number of reasons. Here we are listing the top reasons why you should use a VPN:

  • Even if an online service is restricted due to location or due to governmental ban, you should still use a VPN to access it from anywhere in the world.
  • It protects and maintains the privacy of all of your online data, including private and sensitive information. It has shown to be the most effective way to keep your identity private online.
  • VPNs guarantee that no third party, including the government or your Internet service provider, may access your data.
  • It keeps you safe while you use free public wifi.
  • It improves the quality of the gaming experience by eliminating any potential lagging/delays.
  • You can download swiftly and simply with a VPN.
  • When you purchase airline, hotel, car rentals or other such things, you can avoid being a target of money-making surveillance strategies and thus save money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which VPN is best for using with streaming services?

ExpressVPN is one the best VPNs for streaming services. It supports a wide range of devices and offers top-notch speed in addition to a vast worldwide network of servers. It works with all streaming services and from every location.

Are there free VPNs which can bypass geographical limitations?

Yes, there are free VPN services which are capable of bypassing geographical limitations; one such VPN is Proton VPN. But you should know that free VPNs do not have features to guarantee you online security and privacy which is why it is risky to use them.

Is ExpressVPN a free service?

No, ExpressVPN is not a free VPN service and you need a subscription of this service to enjoy its services. However, there is a 30 days money back guarantee which lets you enjoy the service for 1 month and then get your full refund if you do not like the service.

Why does the government ban VPN services?

The government of any country does not want their citizens to access particular websites and that is why they ban VPN services because VPNs are capable of providing you access to any service you want to from your country.


VPN services are very popular as they offer you many services which are desired by everyone in today’s time, such as dealing with geographical restrictions and giving you access to any service you want to use from anywhere.

There are many other benefits of using a VPN and thus it’s good if you have one. With multiple VPN services available in the market, it is tough to choose the best VPN.

This article has mentioned the 5 best VPNs for streaming and you should read about them in the article and then choose the one which best suits your requirements.