How to Change Location in Pokemon GO Without Getting Banned in 2023

Change Location in Pokemon GO

Whether you need to chase different Pokemon, gather area explicit animals, or utilize your customary Gym center from abroad, Niantic is continually refreshing its geoblocking tech, as well, so tracking down a strategy to parody areas that really work is troublesome. You will learn ideas on how to change location in Pokemon Go with easy steps.

You’ll require a telephone running Android 6.0 to 10.0, GPS caricaturing programming, and a straightforward application called a VPN to make it happen. Nonetheless, since Niantic likewise effectively obstructs VPN associations, some VPNs won’t work with Pokemon Go.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for changing Pokemon GO areas. Its tremendous organization of 3,000 servers in 94 nations are perfect for changing your area, and its first-rate security keeps your genuine area stowed away. In addition, it offers quick velocities to keep up with smooth game execution.

Hence, to know and to resolve your query about how to change location in Pokemon GO, continue with the article below to understand different aspects of the game. 

Important Aspects Needed to Change Location in Pokemon GO in 2023

Different applications and software are needed in a PC to parody Pokemon GO on Android. Niantic takes extraordinary measures to forestall a wide range of area caricaturing, obstructing Android emulators and independent satirizing applications. 

In spite of everything a few destinations could say to you, there could be at this point not a functioning strategy for mocking Pokemon Go on iOS/iPhone. Hence, this is the every thing you really want to parody Pokemon Go on Android:

  • A VPN Network: This is a basic application that can give you an IP address in a nation of your choice, permitting you to change your area practically.
  • An established Android running operating system 6 to 10: This guide just works for Android 6.0 to 10.0. Establishing your gadget permits you to introduce and install Magisk Manager.
  • Magisk Manager: This gives you added usefulness to utilize engineer choices so you can change applications, including your GPS area.
  • A work area PC with Smali Manager: This permits you to introduce the patcher that will parody your area.
  • Counterfeit GPS Joystick: This helpful application allows you to explore your area on a guide.

Changing your area can likewise assist you with bypassing an IP boycott. IP addresses recognize your area and it’s one of the strategies Niantic uses to forbid clients from Pokemon Go.

Methods to Change Location in Pokemon GO

There are a few easy steps which are mentioned below in the article which can be followed by people to know how to change location in Pokemon GO without any hassle and having to install different software unnecessarily. 

1. Use a VPN Network

The best method to make an access to the platform of Pokemon GO is through opting the use of VPN networks from reputed companies like ExpressVPN which has the ability to change your location directly through the IP address of your device and internet connection. 

2. Creating a Smali Patch and Download on Android

Rooting your Android permits you to introduce Magisk Manager, which gives you progressed developing choices so you can adjust applications. You can then utilize your PC to introduce a patcher on your Android to change your GPS area.

One can follow these simple and easy steps mentioned below which can describe each step in detail to you to create a Smali patch to download on Android, 

Step 1: The foremost step is to download the Magisk Manager on your Android device in the developer mode. One should get their APK file and download it on their device. But one should always root their android device before proceeding on this step. 

Step 2: The next step is to connect your android device to a PC through the support of USB cables 

Step 3: Now one has to download a Smali Manager to their PC which would support the process of changing location of Pokemon GO on your device. 

Step 4: After downloading the Smali Manager, one has to run their system in admin mode 

Step 5: Now one has to click the ABD patch option and check the options of mock locations and signature spoofing through which one will receive another zip file in the same folder where Smali exe was located. 

Step 6: Now one has to send this new downloaded zip file to their phone and has to proceed with the next step. 

Step 7: After sending the file to your phone, one has to run the Magisk manager and has to reboot their phones. 

Step 8: Go to Magisk Manager > Settings > Modules and reboot the phone again. 

Step 9: Go to Magisk Manager > Settings > Hide Magisk Manager and again proceed to reboot your phone which might take a little while. 

Step 10: With the last step, one can now run the Magisk Manager and hide it and further check on the Pokemon GO box and reboot their phone for the last time and open the Pokemon GO application as soon as they are done with the reboot to find their game to be working perfectly fine. 

3. Installing a GPS Spoofing

Another method to make an access to the platform of Pokemon GO is through installing a GPS spoofing method. One can opt for different GPS spoofing options, the first option is to disable google location service. 

One can also opt to download different GPS spoofing applications which can hide your actual locations to allow access to the game of Pokemon GO. People can also choose to configure their locations setting through their devices on which one has opted to play Pokemon GO upon. 

With such different methods, people will be able to resolve their question of how to change location in Pokemon GO in 2023. One can opt the mentioned suggestions according to their own needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it not legal to change locations of platforms like Pokemon GO?

There are different methods which people can opt to change the location of their devices. Although, some of the methods such as opting for a VPN network might be banned in different regions such as China and UAE which ultimately makes it illegal to change the locations of platforms like Pokemon GO.

Q2. Can you get banned on Pokemon GO for changing locations?

Niantic has a strong policy against any usage which people make which is against the company’s policy and hence people opting for VPN networks with low security options can get caught and can ultimately get banned from using the game of Pokemon GO. 

Q3. Can we opt for other methods to change locations on Pokemon GO than a VPN network?

Yes, one can for sure use a different method other than using a VPN network to change the location of Pokemon GO over their devices.

Although, one should always opt for a VPN network while gaming over the internet since a VPN network has more capabilities like protection from viruses and malware and hence, can provide more to your service than just changing locations. 


With the methods given above in the article, people can opt for them to solve their query of how to change location in Pokemon GO in 2023 and can easily make an access to this game without any issues. 

Although, if one is looking for more option than just changing locations to access Pokemon GO, then one should definitely opt for a VPN network which has the ability to establish a secure network for your device and provide safety against any issue over the internet.