How To Fix ESPN Error 1008 (Quick Methods)

Fix ESPN Error 1008

With the rise in popularity of online streaming, every possible channel and platforms are providing an OTT experience for their audience. Hence, here in this article we will see how to resolve the ESPN error 1008 while streaming on their platform. 

ESPN is one of the most famous sports streaming platforms which works both as a channel on cable TV and as an OTT platform over the internet as well. Although, at times ESPN over the internet crashes and displays their audience with an ‘ESPN error 1008’ message.

But there are a few methods through which people can resolve this issue of ESPN and continue live streaming of their favourite sports from the options available on their platform.

Although, the online streaming of ESPN is restricted only to the areas of US and people living outside the region might require a VPN to watch on their platform online. 

Hence, let us further understand on how to fix the ESPN error 1008 message and how one can watch sports on their platform with the help of a VPN network. 

What Does ESPN Error 1008 Actually Mean? 

Even after being the most streamed online sports platform, ESPN can leave their audience hanging to find a solution while streaming and being engrossed in their favourite sports. 

There are several reasons why ESPN displays the error 1008 message for their users. One of the most common factors behind this issue is a slow internet connection.

Although it could contribute to some other factors such as issues with cookies and cache, inhibition of a virus or a malware or could even mean that their website might be under some update. 

But one does not have to worry about these issues when we are standing in your support! One can read the methods given below to solve the issue of ESPN error 1008 and continue their streaming happily. 

What is the Main Reason Behind ESPN Error 1008?

As mentioned above in the article, one can only presume some of the reasons why ESPN displays the error message. Although, some of the reasons which could contribute towards this message are given below. 

The prime reason for sudden abruption could be issue with your internet connection, your device being inhabited by a virus through the internet or can even mean an overloaded connection interrupting your streaming. 

Although ESPN gives the best streaming service to their audience, the issue arises only in the moments where your device fails to connect with their website in a short time and rather takes an eternity to load. 

One should always remember to close the extra tabs present on their devices while streaming on websites or else their device might have to carry an unnecessary amount of work leading to one or two websites failing in their performance. 

Steps to Resolve the ESPN Error 1008 Issue

There are a few quick and easy steps which people can follow to resolve their error 1008 issue and can continue to stream back again. One can follow the steps given below to resolve their issue with the platform of ESPN. 

1. Reconnecting Your Internet 

Slower internet connections is the main reason why ESPN stops working and shows the error 1008 issue. The best speed at which people can have uninterrupted streaming is on the 4G network. 

One should disconnect their wifi and wait for about 10-15 seconds before restarting it such that it provides an apt connection. One can also know about any maintenance work being done through your internet service provider such that one can be clear about the actual issue. 

This way if the internet issue resolves, one would be able to stream upon ESPN once again or else can move towards other issues that have to be seen. 

2. Clearing the Cache of Internet

Another major reason for not working on ESPN occurs when people have unnecessary tabs opened behind their device. This way the internet connection improves and the internet can be used directly on the place where you are trying to stream on ESPN. 

Another method which one can try is to clear out the cache of their browsers and one should restart their browser after doing so. Through this method, one can easily resolve the issues with unwanted data and can easily stream upon ESPN. 

3. Restart Your Device

Restarting your device is one of the best options to consider for your streaming website like ESPN to work perfectly. Turning off lets your device close all the background applications and hence removes all the unnecessary issues going on in the background. 

When the device is turned on, it easily restores the function of your device and eventually lets you connect with the streaming website directly. 

4. Updating and Re-Logging In

At times streaming websites start to pose issues when their applications are out of date. Hence, one should update the application of ESPN and eventually the app might start working the same as before. 

Moreover, at times the app also places issues for no reason and hence one can try logging out and logging back in. Such way the unexplained issues resolve on their own and people can easily get back into streaming their favourite sports. 

5. Reinstalling the App

Another method which people can try to resolve the ESPN error 1008 issue is through reinstalling the application of ESPN. Before deleting the app one can try removing it from the background and try opening it again. 

If the app starts working fine then there is no need for deleting it. Otherwise one can easily delete it from their device and reinstall ESPN through the app or the play store depending on their device. 

6. Contacting Support of ESPN

If the issue does not resolve by following the above mentioned methods then one can directly opt for contacting with the technical support present for the app of ESPN to resolve such kinds of errors. 

The support of ESPN even provides live chat support for people to resolve their issues almost immediately. 

With the above given methods, it is very easy to resolve the ESPN error 1008 issue and people can restore the functioning of their streaming website. 

Watching ESPN  Outside US Through the Help of VPN

Now since the only method to make access to ESPN outside US is possible only through the help of VPN networks, one has to follow certain steps and guidelines to successfully stream on the platform. 

Step 1: People have to choose for the VPN network available in the market from reputed companies like ExpressVPN to make an access to ESPN outside the US. 

Step 2: After selecting choice of your VPN network, download its application into the device you wish on to stream on the platform. 

Step 3: One has to buy the VPN network according to the suitable plan you can find. 

Step 4: Now log in or sign up on the platform of the VPN network and put the correct credentials on the page. 

Step 5: Now one has to change the server of your current location to the server placed in the location of the US such that one will be able to view ESPN outside the US.

Step 6: Return back to the website of ESPN and start streaming successfully outside the US. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to resolve issues on ESPN Plus?

One can opt for the same steps mentioned above to resolve the issues over the ESPN Plus app as well. The similar steps can easily resolve the issues coming on the ESPN Plus app.

What are some sports available to stream on ESPN?

There are several sports which one can choose to stream through the ESPN app. Some of the options available are basketball (MLB,NBA,NFL), golf, football or soccer. Moreover, people can also stream live on their platform. 

What are the prices available for subscribing to ESPN?

One can opt for streaming on the platform of ESPN for a price of about $6.99 per month with all the features and offers present on the platform of ESPN. 


People might encounter several issues while streaming over the internet and such issues can be resolved through small steps. As for solving the ESPN error 1008, one can follow the small steps mentioned above. 

While streaming over the internet, one should opt for VPN networks since ESPN is only available in the areas of US and people wanting to access their platform can only do so by streaming through the help of a VPN network from reputed companies like the ExpressVPN.