ExpressVPN Not Working – 8 Easy Troubleshooting Tips In 2024

Fix ExpressVPN Not Working

There are some or other issues that every technological feature faces. Similarly, people might face issues while working with ExpressVPN and hence here are 8 easy troubleshooting tips if ExpressVPN is not working

People tend to assume that the VPN network might be down as soon as ExpressVPN not working. Although you don’t have to worry about it since we are here with some tips for you to solve if ExpressVPN is not working. 

There are several reasons why you might be struggling with an unresponsive VPN such as servers under repair and your connection being blocked due to launching an antivirus on your device. 

Although, one should know that ExpressVPN is one of the best functioning VPN networks present over the market and people can trust their service with a blind eye. 

In a Hurry? 8 Ways To Solve ExpressVPN Not Working Issue

  1. Changing Server Locations
  2. Check the Internet Connection
  3. Updating the ExpressVPN Application
  4. Changing the VPN Protocol
  5. DNS Issues
  6. Disabling Anti-malware Systems
  7. Limit the Devices
  8. Contact for Diagnostic Information

Easy 8 Ways to Solve ExpressVPN Not Working Issue

There are several reasons which could cause the ExpressVPN not working issue but these issues can be resolved in an easy manner. One should opt for one method at a time and watch if the problem resolves. 

1. Changing Server Locations

ExpressVPN has about 3000 servers set in about 94 locations throughout the world and provides a lot of options for their users. But on the same hand at times these servers fail which take time for the service provider to resolve them. 

Hence, by changing the servers one can know if their issue lies due to a faulty server or due to some other possible reason. To check and change the server, people can opt for the steps mentioned below. 

  • Login to your ExpressVPN’s account and select the hamburger menu on the top left side of the screen. 
  • Move on to selecting the VPN locations option and choose a new server from recommended or the all locations tab. 
  • Choose the server you want to select and connect with it. 

If the issue resolves upon selecting a new server with new location then it can become clear that your old server was rather down and one can start browsing through the internet again. 

2. Check the Internet Connection

Internet connection can be another issue which might restrict the working of ExpressVPN. One can try disconnecting ExpressVPN and if their internet starts working again then one can reconnect.

Although, if the issue presumes then one should call their internet service provider and get their connectivity issues resolved soon!

3. Updating the ExpressVPN Application

At times ExpressVPN not working issue also arise if your application is out of date. One can try uninstalling their application completely from their device and can reinstall it with the latest version on hand. 

Since their company continuously works on the process of advancements and debugging, old versions of applications tend to crash away.

Hence, one should always update these applications as a new version pops up and keep the security of their device on track. 

4. Changing the VPN Protocol

ExpressVPN comes with some default settings on their application. They tend to use OpenVPN UDP as their default VPN protocol but this has been banned in some regions of the world such as the Middle East. 

Hence, to make ExpressVPN work normally again one can try changing the protocols available on their application from the protocol menu. 

5. DNS Issues

Another aspect which comes into the scene with ExpressVPN not working issue is the DNS. To resolve this people can try to flush the DNS on their systems and internet connection might resolve and people would be able to work with ExpressVPN. 

To flush the DNS, one has to follow the steps given below. 

  • Search for the Command Prompt option on your laptop by hitting the windows key and proceed with the commands given below. 
  • Enter ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ on the screen and follow this by the next command of ‘ipconfig /registerdns.’
  • After these instructions, one has to follow the next step of writing ‘ipconfig /release’ and follow it by inserting ‘ipconfig /renew’
  • Now one just has to type ‘netsh winsock reset’ and now have to restart their computers again. 

After taking such steps, the issue should resolve if the problem might be related to the DNS failure and ExpressVPN would work perfectly fine. 

6. Disabling Anti-malware Systems

Some of the anti-virus systems block the VPN connections and can also pose an issue while the working of ExpressVPN. One should try connecting ExpressVPN with the Antivirus or malware systems and only then one can know if those softwares are being an issue or not. 

One can try uninstalling both the apps of software which is blocking VPN and should uninstall the app of ExpressVPN as well. After uninstalling, one can reinstall both the apps and would know if they are the issue or not. 

7. Limit the Devices

ExpressVPN allows only five devices to be connected to their VPN service and people should reduce the number of devices connected if they have exceeded the limit. One might face issues due to the exceeding limit. 

Disconnecting some devices from the VPN network can resolve the issue of ExpressVPN not working and things might resume to be normal as soon as you come back within the limit of 5 devices. 

8. Contact for Diagnostic Information

Another amazing aspect for ExpressVPN users is the fact that it comes with a diagnostic tool installed in their application which developers can use to troubleshoot the issues arising in their application. 

People can go through the customer support option available on their app to reach the diagnostic tool and through their one can troubleshoot the issue and can use the app successfully again. 

ExpressVPN Not Working in Certain Situations

There can be some specific areas where the app of ExpressVPN would fail to provide their service. But there are certain reasons related to such issues which can be specific to certain softwares. One can read and address their issues if they find it relatable. 

ExpressVPN Not Working on Netflix 

One of the most important reasons why this might be happening is due to the fact that streaming sites tend to block the IP address of VPN networks.

People can try changing the location of servers available on the VPN applications and then can access streaming sites like Netflix. 

People can even try contacting their customer support and the people on the helpline can tend to guide you towards the active server which can provide you access to Netflix.

With all the amazing options available on ExpressVPN, people can easily solve the issues which may arise while working through their application over the internet. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some other options than ExpressVPN?

There are several options which are present in the market which have amazing working and help users in different ways. Some of such options are NordVPN, CyberGhost and SurfShark. 

Does ExpressVPN allow streaming on different websites?

Yes, ExpressVPN supports the people streaming on to different websites. It provides better speed and network connection in such a manner that people are easily able to work through the internet while streaming on different platforms. 

What is the price for opting ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services available in the market and people can opt for their service for a price of $6.67 per month. One can receive different benefits along with features on the use of ExpressVPN with a friendly price. 


With 8 easy troubleshooting tips given for you to resolve the ExpressVPN not working issue, one can easily solve them and go through their work on the internet with ExpressVPN beside them. 

One can find different options in the market but choosing for ExpressVPN with features and help present on your fingertips can improve your experience with the internet and can provide your device with complete privacy and safety!