NordVPN Meshnet: Create Secure & Private Network In 2024?

NordVPN Meshnet

Meshnet is an amazing feature created by NordVPN and guess what? NordVPN just made a bombshell announcement: NordVPN Meshnet, one of its most creative features, is now absolutely free for everyone – including users with a premium NordVPN account.

Using Meshnet, you can securely access other devices no matter where in the world they are. You can access files and media remotely. With Meshnet, your encrypted connections are no longer confined to servers in the NordVPN network. Any two devices that agree can be connected via a tunnel at any moment.

Now you are wondering how to start using NordVPN Meshnet. Well, you came to the right place. Here we will go through the details of how should Meshnet be used with a VPN.

How to Enable NordVPN Meshnet and Connect it with a VPN

Installing the NordVPN app on your smartphone and turning on the functionality is all that’s required to get started with Meshnet.

  • Subscribe to NordVPN which provides Meshnet features for free.
  • Install and download the NordVPN app. Sign in or register for a NordVPN account.
  • From the sidebar, choose the NordVPN Meshnet icon.NordVPN Meshnet
  • Activate Meshnet.
  • Establish a VPN server connection.

Done. To begin routing your data through a VPN connection, all you need to do is connect to a server after Meshnet is activated. To expand your personal network, repeat the process above with ten of your own devices and add additional ones from friends or family.

NordVPN Meshnet: What Is It?

The NordVPN client has a feature called Meshnet that allows you to create type of virtual network that allows multiple devices to connect and communicate with one another directly.

This implies that you can establish a connection between any two internet-capable devices you own, such as your computer and a friend’s, or your phone and desktop computer. A WireGuard variant called NordLynx guards all communication.

Why do you need Meshnet?

Consider any scenario in which you would wish to securely link two devices. You can create a virtual local area network (LAN), exchange files with friends and family, and access your home computer from afar.

In addition, you’ll receive the IP address of the device you connect to, which is useful if you require an IP address from the United States or another nation.

Without requiring you to establish a connection with an internet service provider (ISP) or a NordVPN server, Meshnet encrypts peer-to-peer communications. These are as safe as any internet-based item if you use password-protected WiFi.

Another crucial thing to keep in mind regarding Meshnet is that it encrypts only the traffic that goes between the approved devices—any other connections are not encrypted.

You ought to utilize a conventional VPN if you intend to access the internet in any other way. In the event that price is a barrier, we’ve compiled a list of reliable free VPN providers.

NordVPN Meshnet Is Usable by Whom?

After the last year, anybody can do it. It is now totally free thanks to NordVPN; a NordVPN subscription is only required.

NordVPN Meshnet is compatible with a wide range of desktop and mobile operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux.

What Makes It Free?

In general, we steer clear of anything that is given up for free online. It is more true than ever to follow the old adage, “If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.”

Still, there are a lot of reasons why a business would give away one of its goods. We’re inclined to believe it’s just advertising in the case of NordVPN, a reputable VPN service with an independently verified policy without logging data, but some may be trying to obtain sensitive information or install malware on your machine.

The idea behind free VPN trials is the same. Consumers who have already used a product are more likely to purchase it. Although we highly suggest NordVPN, you are free to utilize Meshnet only and never use the complete service.

Can a VPN be used with Meshnet?

A meshnet is a kind of virtual network that functions similarly to a LAN (local area network). It enables direct device connections. No matter where they are in the world, these gadgets can freely communicate with one another.

Meshnet enables you to access the internet using the IP address of the device you use to route your traffic through. You can use your laptop’s IP address to connect to your phone from a different location, for instance, if you left your laptop at home.

In other words, the device that is connected to Meshnet will also use the VPN connection if you have one on it.

Meshnet can be utilized by up to 10 personal devices and up to 50 external devices from other users. Your device can be used to route internet traffic for all of these devices. All linked devices will share the same VPN connection if it is connected to one.

Can I use Meshnet without using NordVPN?

Meshnet is one of NordVPN’s free features. Meshnet doesn’t require a subscription to use, although installing the NordVPN app and making an account are prerequisites.

Nevertheless, you can utilize other VPN services like ExpressVPN or Private Internet Access (PIA) if you’re connecting devices to Meshnet using a VPN. Naturally, NordVPN is the best option as you’ll already have the software loaded.

How should you Use NordVPN Meshnet?

We’ll then go over how to use Meshnet for three main features: setting up a remote network that acts like a LAN, accessing the internet through the IP address of another device, and remote device access.

Before we begin, please note that Meshnet just makes it feasible to utilize certain functions safely; it does not itself enable these functions. Generally, you have to leave Meshnet in order to do anything with it.

1. Access to devices remotely:

Have you ever needed to access your office computer while on the go for work? You can safely use the remote computer as if it were in your presence as long as you have a Meshnet-enabled device connected to the computer you wish to access.

You’ll need a remote desktop application to achieve this. Windows is pre-installed with Microsoft Remote Desktop, which is also available for free download on macOS, Android, and iOS. An easy-to-use yet widely used program for remote computer use is Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Additionally, you must be aware of the device’s “Nord name.” Any device you connect to Meshnet will have its Nord name instantly copied when you click on it.

After obtaining the name, just copy and paste it into your remote desktop application, input the connected computer’s username and password, and go with regular usage.

2. Having a LAN Party:

Several gamers can play locally together in a LAN party. In order to play cooperatively online these days, players are more likely to use external servers, however, these servers can be costly, difficult to set up, and not always safe. This use case for Meshnet is ideal.

You can play games on a local network even when you’re not in the correct place by using Meshnet to access a device. You won’t have to be physically present to enjoy the security and ease of a LAN.

To play a game, all you need to do is set up a server and invite other players to connect to it using Meshnet on the device you host the server on. NordLynx will safeguard your entire journey, and you won’t even have to worry about port forwarding.

3. Open-Source File Exchange:

Operating systems often include free sharing folder solutions that you may utilize securely with Meshnet. To access the files, simply make a shareable folder on a Windows or macOS system, then enter the device’s Nord name into Meshnet on a different device.

Keep in mind that mobile OSes can still see files, but only desktop OSes can add them.

4. Using Your Own Country to Stream Content:

You can use Meshnet to access the internet via the IP address of a connected “host” device, exactly like you would with a VPN server.

This enables you to travel with geo-blocked content from your native country. A host can be any device running at least Linux or macOS 10.15 or Windows 10.

Every thirty days, you may be required to verify that you are not using some streaming services from overseas by signing in with your home IP address. These services include Hulu and, soon, Netflix.

By using NordVPN Meshnet, you may trick streaming services into believing you are still at home by using your home IP address from anywhere.

You can use Meshnet to transport traffic in two different ways. The first is as easy as selecting “route all traffic” after locating a host device that is capable in the Meshnet menu.

Additionally, host devices are listed first among the NordVPN servers on the main page (this feature is still functional even if you don’t have a premium NordVPN account).


Why does Meshnet not work?

Your network may have been improperly configured. Verify that you have a minimum of one mesh and one root access point. Verify that a wired LAN connection was used to connect the root access point to the network. Verify that the channels used by your mesh access points are the same.

Can you use Meshnet without NordVPN?

Even without a NordVPN subscription, Meshnet is free.

Is Meshnet a VPN?

No, a VPN and Meshnet are not the same thing.

Wrap Up

Hackers can use your remote connections as attack vectors. For that reason, Meshnet is a tremendously helpful tool with a lower learning curve than you might assume.

You can utilize Meshnet to protect it with very little speed loss if you already use anything that needs a direct connection between two machines, such as sharing folders, remote access, or local area network gaming.

It’s such an amazing thing that NordVPN announced it to be free for all. We definitely recommend using Meshnet to protect your privacy.