Unlocking CBS in UK: A Step-by-Step Guide 2023

Unlocking CBS in UK

CBS is one of the most famous platforms which is available for people who love streaming different content related to movies, series and sports through the internet. Hence, here in this article we will find and talk about how to Watch CBS in UK. 

CBS is a platform which is present only for the region of the US and Canada over the internet. People wanting to access the platform of CBS and wanting CBS live stream UK have to opt for streaming on their platform through the help of VPN networks. 

There are several streaming platforms which are available all across the internet for people to access but since every platform has different rules of streaming, not everyone residing in different regions can access these platforms easily. 

Such issues generally arise due to geographical restrictions which are implemented over the streaming platforms to stop people of different regions from accessing their service. 

Hence, to know how to watch CBS in UK one should follow the methods and advice mentioned below in the article to know all about accessing their platform in the region of the UK. 

Quick Guide: Steps to Stream CBS in the UK

  • Subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Then install the VPN app onto your device.
  • Link to a server in the US after you have logged in with your credentials.
  • Go to the CBS website and start streaming without any interruptions.

About the CBS Platform

The platform of CBS is a corporate broadcasting platform and radio station which has its origin and headquarters in the region of the US. The CBS corporation is also the authoritative site of another platform Paramount Plus which works in the region of UK. 

CBS is a platform which allows people to stream different content to stream through their platform. It is a lucrative platform which allows the streaming of different contents such as primetime shows, daytime and night-time movies and series present for the audience to watch. 

Moreover, they also allow the streaming of different sports related content such as latest NFL matches, UEFA games 2021, American Flag Football Leagues and American Arena Leagues. People can choose their favourite games to stream on their platform with ease. 

Although, the platform of CBS is exclusively available only for the people living in the region of the US and Canada. Hence, people wanting to watch CBS in UK have to opt for the methods mentioned further in the article. 

Why is a VPN Required to Watch CBS in UK or Other Regions?

There are several policies and laws that streaming firms have to abide by to stream the contents available on their website in different regions. Every OTT or streaming platform which works over the internet has different distribution rights and infringement policy that they have to abide by. 

Moreover, the platform of CBS is geographically restricted and hence the platform of CBS reads the IP address of your internet and automatically identifies the region where you belong from. Due to these regulations, people living outside the region of US and Canada are not able to use their platform. 

Here is where a VPN network comes into the scene. A VPN network places different servers for their users across the globe which automatically changes the IP address of your location to a different one depending on the region of the server which you opted for. 

In the case of CBS, one has to opt for the servers placed across the regions of US or Canada to get their service while actually residing in a different region such as UK, Germany or India. 

Hence, a VPN network from a reputed company is required for people to watch CBS in UK or other regions. 

Opting the Use of VPN Networks to Watch CBS in UK

People can find several platforms for streaming different movies including the different movies. But not every platform present over the internet is secured and hence poses different issues over people regarding their safety and security. 

Hence, to encounter such issues, people can opt for VPN networks from reputed companies like ExpressVPN, Nord VPN and Cyber Ghost. There are several options present in the market for people to opt for appropriate VPN according to their need. 

People can follow the steps below to access the different platforms over the internet for streaming. 

  • The primary and the foremost step is to consider different VPN options. After considering your options, choose one of the best companies like ExpressVPN to move further with your task. 
  • Moving forward, one has to download the application for their chosen VPN service and install their service to connect with the blocked sites. 
  • Now one has to just log into the application and have to change from their present location to locations such as the US or Canada where CBS is available to stream. 
  • After taking such steps, the issue resolves itself and people can go back to the website they want to work upon and can see how amazingly it is running now. 

Other Platforms Available for People to Watch CBS

CBS is one of the most lucrative platforms which is available for people to stream over the internet. They have the presence of their platform through other different streaming services.

People living in other different regions can opt for these other streaming services to have access to the platform of CBS indirectly. 

Through other platforms which allow the streaming of CBS, people can enjoy their services through multiple platforms. One can read some of the options available to stream CBS are mentioned below. 

1. FuboTV

If you reside in a region where it is automatically allowed to stream on the platform of FuboTV, then this might be a good option to stream the CBS platform through the service of FuboTV. 

FuboTV allows streaming of channels like CBS and NBC with different content present over their platform such as content from channels like TNT, CNN, Travel Channel, History Channel and CBS. 

The price and plans available on FuboTV costs about $64.99 per month but people have access to numerous options which can be connected over multiple devices at the same time. 

2. Hulu

Hulu is a platform which is known by almost every streaming lover present in this world. With the presence of Hulu in different regions, people can easily stream the CBS channel through their platform. 

Hulu allows streaming of over 60 platforms which include watching different famous channels such as ESPN, History Channel, CNN, FS1 and FS2. Moreover, Hulu is compatible with different devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast and Fire Stick as well. 

People can still opt for using VPN with Hulu for more safety and security. Since Hulu comes with a 7 day free trial, people can use and know if Hulu is the actual platform they feel like opting for. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you use free VPN networks to stream on CBS?

Yes, people can definitely opt for the use of free VPN networks to stream through the platform of CBS. Although, free VPN networks might not be able to provide full safety and security with many server options. Hence, one should always opt for VPN networks from reputed companies like the ExpressVPN. 

Q2. What are the compatible devices to stream CBS?

There are several devices people can opt for to stream the platform of CBS upon their devices. Some of the compatible devices are Android and iOS supporting phones, Apple and Samsung TVs and Windows. 

Q3. What are different shows to watch on CBS?

There are several shows and movies which people can opt for to watch on CBS. Some of such shows present are Yellowstone, Rest in Peace, Grudge Match and Younger. 


With the support of VPN networks people can easily watch CBS in UK through the servers placed in different regions across the US and Canada. People can watch some worthy shows through their platform and can easily access their website with the support of VPN networks.

Moreover, a VPN network from a reputed company such as ExpressVPN and the NordVPN also provides appropriate safety and security which protects people from different viruses and malwares which can inhabit your device through the internet.