Deadly Class Season 1: How to Stream It From Anywhere?

Deadly Class Season 1

Do you want to watch Deadly Class Season 1? Do you know which platform to use to stream it? Is it available to stream from anywhere? The answer to all these questions can be found in this article. You can watch it from anywhere with a VPN.

You may stream Deadly Class Season 1 on TVNZ+, an entertainment site that has the series available. Due to territorial limitations, this streaming service, which is situated in New Zealand, may only be accessed within that nation.

Those who live outside of New Zealand are unable to use the platform and, as a result, are unable to stream the series because of these geographical limitations.

However, you can alter this by setting up a VPN on your gadget. You may simply get around these limitations and watch TVNZ+ from anywhere using a reliable VPN service.

Therefore, you may access Deadly Class Season 1 on TVNZ+ from outside of New Zealand by using a powerful and dependable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Quick Guide: How to Watch Deadly Class Season 1 from anywhere?

  • Choose a reliable VPN service, preferably ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app on your device. Log in on your VPN app with the same credentials.
  • Connect to a VPN server in New Zealand.
  • Go to the official website of TVNZ+ and start streaming Deadly Class Season 1 from anywhere.

Why can’t I watch Deadly Class Season 1 on TVNZ+ outside New Zealand?

Like all other well-known streaming services, TVNZ+ is a New Zealand-based platform that is inaccessible to users whose physical location is outside of the country due to regional limitations. The following message is displayed on playing videos on TVNZ+ outside New Zealand:

“Whoops! Looks like you’re trying to watch from outside of New Zealand. Our videos are only available to watch within New Zealand due to rights issues.”

TVNZ Error

It uses the IP address of the devices in use to determine location, therefore users attempting to use the platform from outside of New Zealand are unable to do so.

TVNZ+ determines if a device attempting to access it is in New Zealand or not based on its IP address, which is the simplest method to determine the device’s actual location.

Therefore, in order to adhere to the geographical restrictions it is subject to, devices having a New Zealand IP address are granted access to the Lifetime streaming platform, whereas devices with an IP address that is not American are prohibited access.

How to watch Deadly Class Season 1 on TVNZ+ outside New Zealand?

By now, you must be aware that access to the TVNZ+ streaming platform is restricted to residents of New Zealand. And there’s no other way to access it from anywhere in the world save getting over these geographical limitations.

Using a VPN on your streaming device has turned out to be the simplest and safest way to accomplish the same of all the options that can be used. By overcoming geographic limitations, a VPN enables you to view TVNZ+ content from nations other than New Zealand.

Deadly Class with VPN

To use TVNZ+ streaming service, you must use a VPN on your device and connect it to a server located in New Zealand. This will immediately assign your device a New Zealand IP address and allow you to access TVNZ+ from anywhere in the country.

Detailed steps to watch Deadly Class Season 1 on TVNZ+ from anywhere using a VPN

If you are interested in watching Deadly Class Season 1 on TVNZ+ from anywhere around the world, all you have to do is make use of a VPN to access the TVNZ+ platform. Here is a step-by-step guide on using a VPN:

Step 1: Sign up for a good and trustworthy VPN to have an amazing and safe streaming experience. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN.

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Step 2: Download and install the VPN app you chose on your streaming device. Use the credentials you created while registering to log in to your VPN account.

Step 3: After logging in to your VPN account, get the VPN connected with any suitable server in New Zealand as the TVNZ+ service is available in New Zealand.

Step 4: Now that you are connected with a server in New Zealand. Open the TVNZ+ streaming website on the same device. You have the choice of using the TVNZ+ streaming website or its app as both are equally good.

Step 5: Search for Deadly Class Season 1 and get ready to watch it without facing any difficulty regardless of where you are located.

About Deadly Class Season 1

GenreAction, Adventure, Black Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Crime
Release date16 January 2019
Total number of seasons1 Season
Number of episodes10 episodes
Runtime (each episode)43 minutes to 54 minutes
CreatorsMiles Orion Feldsott and Rick Remender
Filming LocationVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
IMDb rating7.5/10
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
ProducersJohn G. Lenic, Albert J. Kim
Based onDeadly Class by Rick Remender & Wesley Craig

Deadly Class Season 1 star cast

In the web series Deadly Class Season 1, there are many famous personalities who have played the roles of main characters in the web series Deadly Class Season 1. Here is a list of the personalities along with the names of the characters that they play:

NameCharacter name
Benedict WongMaster Lin
Lana CondorSaya Kuroki
Luke TennieWillie Lewis
Taylor HicksonPetra
Tom StevensChester ‘Fuckface’ Wilson
Sean DepnerViktor
Siobhan WilliamsBrandy Lynn
Juan GreyJuan
David ZayasEl Alma del Diablo
Benjamin WadsworthMarcus Lopez

Synopsis of Deadly Class Season 1

In Deadly Class, a disillusioned teenager is accepted into a renowned assassination high school. It might be fatal for him to uphold his moral code while negotiating a cruel curriculum, aggressive social cliques, and his own teenage insecurities.

A coming-of-age tale unlike anything you’ve ever seen, Deadly Class is set against the counterculture of the late 1980s. It is based on Rick Remender’s phenomenally successful comic series of the same name.

TVNZ+ compatible devices

TVNZ+ is an extremely user-friendly streaming service which works perfectly fine on a wide range of devices. Here is a list of the most popularly used devices for watching TVNZ+:

  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Xbox One
  • Chromecast
  • Sony Playstation 3 & 4
  • PCs
  • Macs
  • iOS devices
  • Android devices

Which VPN to use?

Due to the numerous options available, choosing the best VPN to view various streaming sites and on-demand content might be challenging. We have made a list of the most important factors you should consider while choosing a VPN:

  • If you wish to watch TVNZ+ from a location outside New Zealand, you should make sure that your VPN has a wide range of server options in New Zealand.
  • Fast speeds are essential because you wouldn’t want any lagging or buffering during a the most suspenseful scenes.
  • Strong encryption guarantees the ongoing security of your passwords, credit card numbers, and personal data.
  • With a zero logs policy, the VPN provider will not keep any records of your device’s online behavior.
  • Select a VPN service that offers a return guarantee so you can try it out before signing up.

ExpressVPN is our topmost recommendation as it checks all the boxes and more. It not only guarantees results but also guarantees the best user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

On which platform is Deadly Class Season 1 available in India?

Deadly Class Season 1 is available on the Prime Video streaming platform in India.

How many episodes are there in the Deadly Season 1 web series?

There are a total of 10 episodes in the Deadly Season 1 web series.

Is Deadly Class Season 1 also available for streaming on the Netflix platform?

The Deadly Class Season 1 is available on the Netflix platform in some countries such as Germany, Thailand, Spain.

What is the genre of Deadly Class Season 1?

The genre of Deadly Class Season 1 is Action, Adventure, Black Comedy, Drama, Thriller.


You can watch the Deadly Season 1 on TVNZ+ platform, only in New Zealand because this streaming platform is only available in this country.

However, it is still possible to get access to TVNZ+ from anywhere to be able to stream the web series from whichever country you are in or go to in future.

The best way to do so is by making use of a VPN and that too a strong VPN so that you can have a safe and amazing streaming experience. One such VPN service is ExpressVPN. So get this VPN today and enjoy using TVNZ+ from anywhere around the world.