Watch ESPN Plus in Australia: How To Unblock ESPN Easily 2023?

Watch ESPN Plus in Australia

Do you want to watch ESPN Plus in Australia but are not sure how to? ESPN Plus is only accessible from the United State. But do not be disheartened, there is a very simple way to access ESPN Plus in Australia.

It is a well-known American OTT membership streaming service that is run by ESPN Inc. and The Walt Disney Company. Football and other competitions including the BAFA National and German Football are televised on ESPN Plus in addition to boxing bouts and cricket tournaments.

To access ESPN Plus in Australia you will need a virtual private network (VPN) Using a VPN you can watch ESPN Plus original content, premium sports programs, and much more.

ExpressVPN can easily help you overcome all barriers and access ESPN Plus in Australia. This article will guide you by giving a step-by-step explanation of how to watch ESPN Plus in Australia.

in a hurry? Quick Steps to Watch ESPN Plus in Australia?

ESPN Plus is not available outside of the USA. It will be blocked into you because of the geo-restrictions, and to bypass this geo-block, you will require a VPN. So, here is a fast rundown of how to watch ESPN Plus in Australia.

  • Subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Install the necessary VPN app for your device.
  • Connect to a server in the USA, and make an account.
  • Open the ESPN Plus website and set up an account, then add your payment details.
  • Now you can download the ESPN Plus app for your device and enjoy it from Australia.

Note: As ESPN Plus is a paid service, you need to make an account while connected to the American server.

Why is A VPN Needed to watch ESPN Plus in Australia?

To get over geo-restrictions and watch ESPN Plus from Australia, you must use a VPN.

Is ESPN+ restricted by region? It is, indeed. Due to license agreements, the American subscription-based OTT service ESPN Plus is only accessible in the US; as a result, Australian residents are unable to subscribe.

Consequently, you will run into the following problem while trying to use it from any part of the world.

“We’re sorry, an unexpected error occurred.”

But can a VPN be used to access ESPN Plus? You very certainly can! You must obtain a US IP address and alter your present IP address in order to get around ESPN+’s geographic restrictions. You can alter your IP address to one located anywhere in Australia by using a VPN.

The VPN service directs your traffic through its US server once you link to a US server and visit ESPN+, making ESPN believe that you are streaming from the US instead of your actual place.

If you connect to any of ExpressVPN’s American servers, you will be able to instantaneously access ESPN Plus.

How to set up a VPN to watch ESPN Plus in Australia

You will require a VPN because ESPN Plus will be blocked in your country. For your convenience, here is a detailed guide on how to watch ESPN Plus in Australia:

  1. Buy a premium VPN subscription. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. After the application is installed, choose a plan and make an account.
  3. the, connect to a server in the USA (preferably New York).
  4. Once you are connected, go to the ESPN Plus website and make an account.
  5. Put in your payment details when required.
  6. After your ESPN Plus account is set up through the website, download the ESPN Plus app and enjoy watching!

How to get an ESPN Plus account in Australia?

To obtain an ESPN Plus account in Australia, you have four methods to choose from. You can go through all of those and pick the one which is more convenient for you. These methods are:

  1. Pay for the service with your US-based relative/friend’s credit or debit card.
  2. Subscribe via your Apple account/iTunes account.
  3. Sign up with a virtual pre-paid card/gift card.
  4. Pay through your Google Play account.

To use any of these methods you will require an American IP address, so make sure to sort out your VPN subscription before trying any of these.

Pay for the service with your US-based relative/friend’s credit or debit card.

  1. Obtain a high-end VPN (we suggest going for ExpressVPN).
  2. Connect to ExpressVPN’s US server. For streaming sports, the New York server operates incredibly quickly.
  3. Visit the ESPN website or install the app on your device.
  4. To sign up, click the button.
  5. Choose the desired ESPN Plus subscription plan.
  6. Enter all necessary data, including US-based credit card information or PayPal as the preferred payment method.
  7. Click “Buy ESPN+” after entering your payment information to deposit the ESPN Plus fee.
  8. Click Get Started to launch the ESPN+ streaming service in Australia.

Subscribe via your Apple account/iTunes account.

iOS users can easily register to ESPN+ in Australia by using their iTunes account or any other Apple-supported payment method now that ESPN+ offers in-app purchases.

To register for ESPN Plus in Australia with your Apple account, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the ExpressVPN New York server after subscribing.
  2. To change your nation or region on your iPhone, go to Settings > Click on Your Profile > Media and Purchases > Change Your Country/Region and choose the United States.
  3. Renew the Terms of Service before going to the App Store.
  4.  To use the US App Store, log out of your account and log back in.
  5. Get an Apple Gift Card from Amazon before continuing.
  6. Once you have enough money in your Apple account, install the ESPN+ app and select “Subscribe Now.”
  7. Select the package of your choice and complete the transaction.
  8. You are now prepared to enjoy ESPN+ in Australia.

Sign up with a virtual pre-paid card/gift card

  1. Assuming you have a VPN subscription, connect to the New York server.
  2. Purchase a $100 Australian gift card for a 1-year subscription to ESPN+ by visiting the website for gift subscriptions.
  3. Include the sender’s and the recipient’s information. This gift card can be purchased with a US credit card or a PayPal account.
  4. Your gift card information will be sent to you via email after the transaction has been completed.
  5. Then click “Redeem your subscription” after opening the email.
  6. In order to finish redeeming your gift, adhere to the on-screen instructions.
  7. ESPN+ is currently offering live sports in Australia.

Note: This is only valid for new subscribers of ESPN Plus.

Pay through your Google Play account.

Thankfully, the Android version of ESPN+ permits in-app purchases. If you don’t have an American form of payment, you may simply register to ESPN+ with the Google Play gift card from the Android app. Now, assuming you have an active VPN subscription, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect to the New York server of your VPN.
  2. Make a fresh Google account and make sure the United States is selected as your area.
  3. Download the ESPN+ app from the Google Play Store after logging in with your new account.
  4. You must also fund your Google account with a Google Play gift before continuing. It is available on Amazon.
  5. When you have enough money in your account, open the ESPN+ app and select “Subscribe.”
  6. Select your desired option, and then use your Google Play dollars to complete the transaction.
  7. all set You have just signed up for ESPN+ in Australia.

The Best VPNs to watch ESPN Plus in Australia from anywhere.

We tested a lot of VPNs to find out which VPNs could help unblock ESPN Plus in Australia. Out of these, we have listed 3 top VPNs here.

ExpressVPN: Great features along with incredible speeds!

ExpressVPN Product Imge

✔ The fastest VPN we tested thanks to its Lightway protocol.

✔ 3,000+ servers in 94 countries which enable you to unblock region-locked content such as ESPN Plus in Australia!

✔ Unblock Hulu, Netflix, VUDU, HBO Max, ESPN Plus, Sky TV, and more.

✔ Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously with one account.

✔ You can use it on Android, Windows, iPhone, Mac, Apple, Smart TV, Chrome, and Router.

✔ 30-day money-back guarantee!

ExpressVPN offer September 2023: For a limited time, you can save up to 49% on 1-year subscription plan + 3 months free.

If you asked a professional, they would undoubtedly recommend ExpressVPN as the most affordable VPN. It is unquestionably one of the best VPNs available and offers its users a variety of benefits.

You only need to touch on the toggle to instantly turn the VPN on and off. You won’t need to fret over speed because this VPN is one of the fastest ones available.

No matter what you see or which server you are linked to, you will always receive the fastest speed.

ExpressVPN can unblock content from more than 90 different countries thanks to its 3,000+ servers.

Even a novice could install and use the program due to how easy it is to use. You could get your smartphone and computer set up in just a minute. A VPN connection is instantly established with one click.

You can choose the protocol manually or allow the VPN to decide which will function the best for you if you are unsure which will. PPTP, OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, IKEv4, and IKEv4 are further security options.

Exceptional in terms of speed, safety, and user experience.

Because it offers industry-standard technology like a kill switch, zero DNS leak, strong encryption, and P2P servers, ExpressVPN is appropriate for every situation.

Customer service representatives are really kind, sympathetic, and supportive.

NordVPN: Exceptionally strong security plus a big fleet of servers!

NordVPN Product Imge

✔ 5500+ lightning-fast servers in over 59 countries.

✔ You can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously with one account.

✔ Stream Hulu, Netflix, VUDU, HBO Max, ESPN Plus, Sky TV, and more from Australia.

✔ Apps available for Android, Windows, iPhone, Mac, Apple, Smart TV, Chrome, and Router.

✔ 30-day money-back guarantee!

NordVPN offer September 2023: For a limited time, you can save up to 55% at 3.69/month on 2-year subscription plan + 3 months free.

Owing to its 5,500+ servers spread over 59+ countries, this VPN can adapt to each user’s server requirements.

Communication is made possible through NordVPN’s exclusive NordLynx protocol. It also exhibits elements that are leading edge for the industry.

Additionally, it offers a double VPN, which sends your data via two VPN filters to boost your online security.

A stringent no-log policy that further guarantees that no session records are ever kept protects you online.

Every day of the year, professional customer care is offered 24/7 to help you with any issue, no matter whether big or small.

Cyberghost: Multiple device connections and servers in rare places

Cyberghost Product Image

✔ 7,000+ servers in 90 countries so you can effortlessly access regional content.

✔ Connect Up to 7 devices simultaneously with one account.

✔ Unblock platforms like Netflix, VUDU, HBO Max, ESPN Plus, Sky TV, and more.

✔ App is available for Android, Windows, iPhone, Mac, Apple, Smart TV, Chrome, Router, etc.

✔ 45-day money-back guarantee!

CyberGhost VPN Exclusive Deal September 2023: For a limited time, you can save up to 84% at $2.03/month on a 2 Years subscription plan + 4 Months FREE

If speed is more important to you than the quantity of servers available, we advise choosing CyberGhost. No matter which server you select, you will always experience lightning-fast speeds. It offers specialized gaming and torrenting servers and is skilled at getting around annoying geo-restrictions.

Protection against risks like hacking is provided by effective security measures. The integration of kill switches, 256-bit absolute forward secrecy, and the prevention of DNS/IP leaks.

OpenVPN and WireGuard are two widely used security protocols that CyberGhost offers.

OpenVPN, which works with various programmes and strikes a decent mix between speed and security, is the most widely used component.

Due to its improved connectivity and more sophisticated encryption, WireGuard has developed a reputation as a reliable service.

In countries where it is typically challenging to set up servers, such as the UAE and China, CyberGhost has servers.

The simultaneous connection broadens the range of viewing and entertainment choices.

What Content Is Available On ESPN Plus in Australia?

You get accessibility to live streams and significant sporting events with ESPN+. ESPN+ excels at covering niche sports and offers a ton of live games and other programming. Currently, some of ESPN Plus’s top programs include:

  • Man In The Arena
  • 30 for 30
  • NBA Rooks
  • Quest For The Stanley Cup
  • More Than an Athlete
  • America’s Caddie
  • Inside the College Playoff
  • Why We Fight
  • Bettor Days

This is just a small list the service provides a lot more!

How to watch ESPN Plus in Australia without a cable provider?

The main streaming providers that include ESPN+ are listed below:

  • Hotstar
  • Live TV on Hulu
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV
  • ThreeNow
  • Vidgo
  • TVision

To subscribe to any of the mentioned streaming platforms out of the US, you will require a VPN.

Supported devices for ESPN Plus in Australia

List of supported devices for ESPN Plus.

  • Amazon Fire tablets
  • Amazon Fire TV devices
  • Android mobiles and tablets (OS 5.0 and above)
  • Android TV devices
  • Apple TV devices
  • Chromecast
  • iOS devices (iOS 11. x and above)
  • LG’s WebOS
  • Oculus Go
  • PlayStation 4
  • Roku devices
  • Samsung connected devices
  • Vizio’s SmartCast
  • Xbox One


So, here is everything you need to know in order to access ESPN Plus in Australia from anywhere in the globe. If you carefully follow this guide you will have no issues accessing ESPN Plus in Australia.

The one and only thing we respectfully ask is that you consider your VPN choice carefully. To overcome the regional restriction and be reliable for your browsing activity, the VPN must be strong enough.

This is why we frequently suggest that you subscribe to ExpressVPN, which has been proven to work for any purpose you have in mind.

So, purchase ExpressVPN and start enjoying ESPN Plus in Australia.


is ESPN Plus Compatible with multiple devices?

Yes, it is compatible with many devices. For more details, please check out the section about compatible devices above.

is ESPN Plus blocked in my country?

ESPN Plus is only available in the USA as of now. If you live outside of the country, you will have to use a VPN to access ESPN Plus.

which VPN is suggested for ESPN Plus in Australia?

ExpressVPN is suggested for ESPN Plus in Australia as it is a strong VPN that is capable of ensuring safe streaming on this platform.

Is ESPN Plus free or subscription-based?

Although your cell operator may charge you for the internet you use on their network, ESPN Plus is a free service. Please get in touch with your network provider if you’re unsure about your data allocation or how much cellular data costs.