Where And How To Watch Heartland Season 16 From Anywhere?

How To Watch Heartland Season 16 From Anywhere

Heartland is without a doubt the most well-liked drama series amongst horse fans today after 15 great seasons. Fans have been excitedly awaiting the return of their beloved show ever since Season 15 ended in December of last year. Fortunately, the show is back with brand-new episodes and stories to lift our spirits.

But the new season is currently available on CBC channel in Canada only. CBC channel is geo-restricted outside Canada. And if you want to stream on Netflix, you will have to wait 4 month just like season 15 was uploaded four months later.

But if you want to watch Heartland season 16 right away, we will tell you just how to do that in this article. All you need is a good VPN and an internet connection.

In a hurry? Quick Guide to Watching Heartland Season 16 From Anywhere!

  1. Select a premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN as it is one of the best in the field.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device and make an account or log in.
  3. Link to a server in Canada, as you can only watch Heartland Season 16 there.
  4. On your browser, open the CBC website.
  5. Now, look up Heartland. You can enjoy the latest season!

Why can I not watch heartland season 16? Why do I need to use a VPN?

Heartland is only available for watching to the residents of Canada on CBC channel. This means people not living in Canada cannot view the latest season. CBC, who owns the rights to this show, does this due to geo-restrictions and licensing issues.

CBC will check your IP address if it is not in Canada, you will not be able to access Heartland season 16. The easiest solution to bypass these geo-blocks is using a high-quality VPN.

A VPN basically gives you a fake IP address of your choice and allows you to go pass geo-blocks without any issue. If you want to watch Heartland season 16, a good VPN will give you a faux Canadian IP address and you can enjoy they latest season!

Steps to watch heartland season 16 on CBC From Anywhere?

If you want to access Heartland season 16 from your country, just simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Subscribe to a high-quality VPN service like ExpressVPN. We recommend going for Express VPN because it is very reliable and feature-packed.

Subscribe ExpressVPN

Step 2: Once you have downloaded the app onto your device, make an account and sign in.

Download VPN App

Step 3: After you have signed in, connect to a server in Canada. You have to link to a Canadian server because Heartland season 16 is only available there.

Connect ExpressVPN Canada

Step 4: Open the web and go to the CBC website.

Step 5: Make an account or log in if you happen to have one. After you have signed in, you can enjoy Heartland season 16 from anywhere in the world.

The Best VPNs to View Heartland season 16 on CBC Outside Canada

To determine which VPNs could assist in unblocking Heartland season 16, we examined a large number of VPNs. We’ve chosen three of the best VPNs from among these.

ExpressVPN: Great features and incredible speeds!

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With its more than 3,000 servers, ExpressVPN offers content from 90+ various countries.

Its app is really simple to instal and use; even a layperson may do it with no problems. You can set up your phone and PC in less than a minute.  Just clicking on ‘connect’ starts the the VPN right away.

If you are unclear of which protocol will work best for you, you can make the decision yourself or have the VPN do it.  IKEv2,  L2TP/IPsec, and OpenVPN are other security solutions.

The user experience, security, and speed are all excellent.

ExpressVPN is suitable for every circumstance because it provides industry-standard tools such as a kill switch, zero DNS leak, solid encryption, and P2P servers.

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NordVPN: Immensely strong security and a large fleet of servers!

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Cyberghost: Multiple device connections and servers in rare spots

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WireGuard has developed a reputation as a reliable solution because to more advanced encryption and enhanced connectivity.

In nations with totalitarian governments, like China and the UAE, VPN servers are uncommon. However, servers for Cyberghost are located in both nations.

The range of watching and entertainment choices is expanded by the simultaneous connection.

Some Other Advantages of Using a VPN

A VPN is a useful and significant service in current times. Listed below are a few benefits of using one.


One of the main reasons why so many individuals use a VPN is because it respects and protects their anonymity. When online, VPN users can connect to several different geographical servers. By sending all data to and from the server, this technique hides your identity and location from the host website.

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Makes sure your information is encrypted

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Using Public Wi-Fi Without any risks

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If you are aware of the cheaper prices in that country or state, you can choose a server and save both money and time.

Cast Updates

Here is a list of all the major cast appearing in Heartland season 16!

Shaun JohnsonJack Bartlett
Michelle MorganSamantha Louise ‘Lou’ Fleming
Amber MarshallAmy Fleming
Graham WardleTy Borden
Kerry JamesCaleb Odell
Chris PotterTim Fleming
Alisha NewtonGeorgie
Nathaniel ArcandScot Cardinal
Jessica AmleeMallory Wells
Jessica SteenLisa Stillman
Julia Maren BakerKatie Fleming Morris
Gabriel HoganPeter Morris

Heartland Season 1-15 synopsis

Season 1

Amy is at the centre of the story. After a tragic event that drastically altered the characters’ life, she inherited her mother’s ability to heal abused and damaged horses.

In the course of saving the mistreated horse Spartan, Amy and her mom Marion Fleming are engaged in a car accident. Marion passes away immediately, Amy awakens in the intensive care unit, and the family is left to manage a difficult ranch if they wish to carry on Marion’s legacy.

Season 2

The second season of Heartland follows sixteen-year-old horse whisperer Amy and her older sister Lou as they navigate the highs and lows of life on a family-run horse farm.

Upon Ty’s arrival, Amy faces her own issues as she competes with Caleb, the new headstrong employee, for her affections while Lou adjusts to life in the country.

Season 3

In season three, Amy and Ty have become a couple, and Lou is as well developing a romance. Their father Tim is getting increasingly active in the lives of his girls.

Season 4

The fourth season of the Canadian drama Heartland features a surprise visitor returning. While the team tries to win prize money in a high-risk horse race, Amy gets ready to graduate.

Season 5

In this season, Amy masters a new skill related to horsemanship, which starts her down a liberating path. It’s all about getting back in touch with her roots and forging a stronger, more secure bond with horses.

Season 6

While attempting to navigate the unknown terrain, Amy, Ty, Lou, Tim, and Peter encounter new challenges. As the new season gets underway, Amy is confused, and in the climax, Amy is questioning why Ty hasn’t brought up the engagement ring she discovered in his pocket.

Season 7

Season 7 of Heartland focuses on rolling the dice and risking all for someone you trust. As the family struggles to adjust to recent ranch changes, Amy decides she must reclaim her “Miracle Girl” persona and concentrate on her abilities with animals and horses.

Season 8

After an unwelcome visitor to Heartland makes an unsettling revelation, Amy is forced to deal with tragic consequences. When Ty discovers that some things can’t be saved, his personal life mirrors a terrible animal tragedy at the Reserve.

Season 9

Tim is forced to reevaluate his current relationship as a result of the arrival of a former girlfriend, while Amy and Cass work together to rescue a horse racing with a condition that will ruin their profession.

Season 10

Tim is involved in a conflict with a brand-new, inexperienced bronc rider, Georgie gets immersed in her own conflict, Jack & Amy work with a star bronc who has lost his spark, Ty faces a challenge, and long-buried affections are reignited.

Season 11

When Ty’s mother unexpectedly visits in an effort to build a relationship with her granddaughter, Amy is left with little choice but to mediate as Ty battles with difficulties. Georgie is considering an unbelievable offer as Amy and Georgie deal with a damaged elite jumping horse.

Season 12

Lou went back to Heartland with a novel idea for how to draw people to the Dude Ranch. Ty and Amy work together to care for a drugged racehorse. Amy, though, turns to an unusual source for help when it turns into a sprint against the clock. After receiving devastating news, the family learns coping mechanisms for handling their feelings.

Season 13

In the Season 13 conclusion, “The Passing of the Torch,” Amy and Ty block a poacher’s unintentional shot. Ty’s brave actions made sure that Amy’s shoulder was the only one hurt by the gunshot. Ty rushes her to the hospital, where he is told by a nurse that he has also been shot.

Season 14

One year has passed since Ty’s tragic death when Season 14 starts. Although Amy is obviously in mourning, she will eventually find the strength to confront the truths and go forward. Heartland Season 14 shows Amy’s gradual recovery from Ty’s passing. She must be resilient for her child and give an explanation for her father’s absence.

Season 15

In this season of Heartland, they’ll apply everything they’ve learnt. Amy bid the previous season farewell. She is eager to begin a fresh chapter in her private and profession life, raise her child, and deal with the horses that try to heal her this season.

What to expect in season 16

With Ty’s demise in the previous season, the Fleming-Bartlett family gradually made peace with it. Amy is prepared to begin a new phase in her life now that she has dealt with his murderer personally.

Heartland Season 16 promises the promise of fresh starts for a number of characters, including Amy, as the official summary revealed.

Now that Lou and Peter are formally back together, it will be interesting to watch how they re-navigate  as a united family.

Lyndy is close to graduating from kindergarten, which will certainly be a challenging time for the whole family.

As Amy’s lovely kid becomes more interested with horses during the season, we’ll probably see more of her.

With Amy serving as the center’s head of operations and Logan serving as a permanent assistant, the equine treatment centre ought to rank among Season 16’s highlights.

Fans are obviously ecstatic about the possibility of Amy discovering a potential romantic partner. Last season, she had not yet considered getting a new friend, but she obviously warmed up to the idea.

A man in Ty’s situation would obviously need to have similar traits, love, and compassion.

Fans are also eager for Georgie & Quinn to be married if she’s going to make a comeback on the programme. There is still hope that the actress’ absence from the cast last season was just temporary, even if there has been no sign that she has returned.


Now that you know how to access Heartland season 16 using a VPN from anywhere, you can enjoy the latest season to your hearts content! Below are some quick answers to common questions, do check our FAQ section!


Can I use a free VPN to watch Heartland season 16?

While free VPNs may bypass geo-blocks and grant you access, they are not safe to use. You can be infected by a malicious virus, your security can be compromised, and a lot more.

Is it okay to access geo-blocked content with a VPN?

Using a VPN to stream video from legitimate providers that you have a subscription to is lawful. Even though using a VPN to access geo-restricted content is forbidden in some places, most nations permit it for a variety of reasons.

is season 16 heartland’s last season?

While there has been no talk of a season 17 yet, CBC has been very receptive to the fan’s requests so far. So season 17 is not completely out of option yet. But we never know.

Is Heartland available on Netflix?

Seasons 1-15 can be enjoyed on Netflix Canada, while seasons 1-14 are available to stream on Netflix USA.

when is the second part of season 16 airing?

The 2nd part of season 16 will begin airing on 8th Jan 2023. New episodes will be released every Sunday at 7pm ET.