How to Watch Home Run Derby 2023 Live Stream Anywhere?

Watch Home Run Derby 2023 Live Stream

Home run derby is an annual home run hitting competition in Major League Baseball (MLB) which will be held before the MLB all-star game.

Home run derby is one of the most watched entertainment sports for baseball by the citizens of the US on NBC Sports. The event will take place on July 10, 2023 at T- Mobile park.

The people who love to watch home run derby within the US also want their friends or mates to watch the same for a good discussion who live outside the country.

Therefore, the people who want to watch Home Run Derby on NBC Sports should be well aware of the procedure.

When people try to watch NBC sports outside the US, it is mainly restricted by geographical things which becomes an important factor for the people living outside the country. So, to be away from all such restrictions people are probably required to use VPN.

Another thing which is important to be discussed for you all is to make a very wise and proper choice of choosing the type of VPN. We strongly recommend ExpressVPN.

In a Hurry? How to Watch Home Run Derby on NBC Sports Live Stream Online?

  • Subscribe to VPN  like ExpressVPN(get 49% discount + 3 months free).
  • Download or install the VPN app for any of your devices to watch baseball live streaming.
  • Connect to the VPN server in the US  on your VPN app.
  • Go to the official website NBC Sports and get ready to delve deep into binge-watching and have fun with family and friends, especially on the weekends.

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You can also watch the home run derby live for free on direct TV stream or Fubo TV from anywhere.

Why can’t I watch Home Run Derby on NBC Sports outside the US?

As we all are aware of the fact that Home Run Derby is a very popular sport which will be broadcast on the NBC Sport platform for people who love to binge-watch baseball shows especially.

But the platform has some of its geographical restrictions which do not allow the platform to stream live in any other country except US. Geographical restrictions are put on the services to comply with the copyright and licensing agreement signed by the platform.

The geographical restrictions, copyright issues and licensing becomes the major issue for the platform to stream live in any other countries of the world.

The NBC Sport is a platform that is basically designed in such a manner that it can easily locate the exact location of the person who has been accessing to it which is done through the IP address of the device.

What is IP address?

It stands for internet protocol address, which is a set of rules and regulations for communication over the internet, such as sending mail, streaming video, or connecting to a website. It identifies a device on the internet.

Like a person who has been streaming live on the internet from outside the territory of U.S on NBC Sports will easily be noticeable through the IP address who and from where the person is getting access to the platform.

In simple words stated that IP address uniquely identifies the data sent from one computer to another.

What happens when I try to watch NBC Sport outside the US?

When you try to get access to the platform outside the country then the geographical restriction may come into existence as the location of the person is easily detected by the platform which will immediately block the connection of the person with the platform.

When the connection has been blocked by the platform then it is shown as the given content or the site is not available in your country.

NBC Error

How can I watch NBC Sport outside the US?

When you have a great interest in watching NBC sports live stream but could not do as it is not available in our country but there comes a VPN which is basically a VPN that helps the person to watch their favorite show without any restrictions as it does not allow the person identities to be leaked in any form.

NBC Working

A VPN is to be considered as the safest and most convenient way of accessing to such platforms but there are also several numbers of VPN available on the internet but the VPN which is highly recommended by us is ExpressVPN.

How does VPN help to watch Home Run Derby?

After attaining a lot of information about the platform and its uses, one should also be aware that how VPN can help you in getting access to such platforms. VPN is the be considered legal and the safest virtual private network as its name only describes itself.

Another help that VPN provides to its user is breaking geo–restrictions as it allows its users to go beyond the geo-restrictions and surf the internet from any part of the world through its remote servers.

The use of a VPN is that it provides the maximum level of safety and security for the people who are watching the platform as it doesn’t allow the site to leak someone‘s personal identification to some other country‘s platform as they can even misuse the same.

How to subscribe to NBC Sports for watching Home Run Derby outside the US?

There are few steps which have to be fulfilled before watching live-streaming shows are:

Step 1: As it is already talked about the most trustworthy VPN which is ExpressVPN at $6.67/month, therefore sign up for it.

Subscribe ExpressVPN

Step 2: Install VPN software for your device.

Step 3: Link to a US server. Thus you will get US IP address to access NBC Sports.

Connect ExpressVPN US

Step 4: Now get access to NBC Sports and search home run derby.

Step 5: Subscribe to establish an account on NBC Sports.

Step 6: Enter the necessary information and credentials to begin with the site.

Step 7: Simply adhere to the on screen instructions to watch home run derby now.

Can I watch NBC Sports for free?

Yes, yes absolutely yes you can watch the home run derby live for free only on direct TV stream or with Fubo TV.

As we all know that home run derby is one of the most famous and popular events at MLB all–star platforms for people who to love to watch live-stream NBC sports.

You can also follow along with the latest live updates and see more live streaming and TV options for these games.

Are as follows :

  • Pete Alonso +210
  • Kyle Schwarber +320
  • Juan Soto +475
  • Ronald Acuna Jr. +650
  • Julio Rodriguez +850

There are more several ways to watch the home run derby online – Verizon Fios , AT$T U- verse, Comcast / Xfinity, Spectrum/charter, optimum / Altice, cox, Directv, dish.


Does NBC Sports offer international content?

Due to broadcasting regulations, NBC Sport is only allowed on the internet in the united states and U.S. territories.

Is NBC Sport available everywhere?

Due to geographical restrictions, NBC sports cannot stream everywhere in the world. It is available only in the US.

How to bypass geographical restrictions?

The restrictions which are been imposed on the platform can be bypassed through a VPN, to watch all the content with all the safety without leakage of any of the identities.


Let’s conclude with the topic stating that home run derby is one of the most watched sports around the world. There are huge numbers of NBC sports fan and we have also attained the information that there won’t be any problem regarding the use of the platform.

It is been found because of VPN which helps people to be past away from all the restrictions like geographical, licensing and copyright issues won’t make any problem for the users to disrupt their enjoyment.