How to Watch Hulu Outside the US In 2024

watch hulu outside the us

Seeking for a way to watch Hulu outside of the United States as well? Stay with us and don’t worry; we have a simple way for you to access Hulu from where.

Audiences have placed entertainment in such a high position in their lives that it is almost impossible to imagine our weekends without media entertainment.

Along with the rise of the entertainment industry came the rise of the race to deliver it to the audience in the best manner possible. You might be able to tell that we are referring to only entertainment platforms here.

As much as we like to say that there have emerged innumerable online platforms, we also recognize the exclusivity and constraints that come with these platforms.

We talk here about Hulu which delivers its services only within the political/geographical boundaries of the United States.

It seems almost unfair on the part of the viewers outside the US that they cannot enjoy the excellent services that this platform has to offer to its viewers.

So, is there absolutely no solution to enjoying Hulu outside the US? There definitely is a solution and we are here to educate you about the same in the most detailed manner.

After reading the article, you will be ready to start streaming on Hulu from anywhere you are.

In a Hurry! Quick Steps to Watch Hulu Outside the US

  • Subscribe to a VPN like NordVPN which is the best VPN to access Hulu outside the US.NordVPN Order
  • Download and install the VPN app for your device.
  • Connect to a VPN server in the US.Connect ExpressVPN US
  • Visit Hulu and stream your favorite movies and tv shows outside the US.

About the platform Hulu

Hulu is an online on-demand video streaming platform that has been providing a lot of entertainment content to the audience for more than 10 years now.

This is known to be one of the largest and most popular streaming platforms in the US having approximately 40 million subscribers.

The content collection of Hulu includes more than 25,00 movies as well as 40,000 TV show episodes making sure that the content is diverse and covers all genres content so that any user accessing the website finds the content of their choice for streaming.

The platform is designed in a way that does not make the users face any kind of inconvenience in using it and ensures that they have the best possible experience here.

Its subscription plans are also quite reasonable and offer good services which makes it a popular choice.

Why is it not possible to access Hulu Abroad?

It definitely is very heartbreaking to see that the platform that can be enjoyed by everybody in the US is not accessible to you just because you have happened to live in a country that is not the US. But wouldn’t you want to know why this happens?

The reason why you are unable to access Hulu outside the US is that the platform does not have the license to deliver its service outside the United States. What this means is that the platform is geographically restricted.

Due to geographical restrictions, the platform is designed in a manner that detects the IP address of any connection that tries to connect to the platform server.

Since IP addresses carry information regarding your location, the platform blocks your connection immediately and refuses to let you access the services that it offers.

This means that the Hulu platform delivers its services exclusively to the people who are inside the boundaries of the United States. It is due to this geographical restriction that you are unable to access Hulu from your country.

What is the solution for not being able to Watch Hulu?

Now that you are aware of the reason why you are not being able to stream on Hulu, you must be wondering if there is any solution at all that will help you in bypassing the geographical restrictions and access the platform.

The reason for not being able to stream on Hulu is that the platform is strong enough to identify the IP address of the device and if the IP address is from outside of the USA then access to the platform is blocked. This leads us to the conclusion that hiding the IP address from the platform will allow access to it.

The best way to do the same is by employing a VPN. VPN is a Virtual Private Network that when used, hides the original IP address of the device and gives it a fake IP address by connecting to a server from a place where the platform is not blocked.

As Hulu is accessible in the USA, connecting to VPN will provide your device with a fake IP address from the USA which will allow you to stream from anywhere.

A VPN is the best solution as with providing access to the platform, it also makes sure that your personal information is kept completely safe.

The Best VPNs for Watching Hulu Outside India

Here are the top 3 VPNs for unblocking Hulu outside the US from anywhere.

NordVPN: Overall best VPN for Security, Speed and Reliability)

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ExpressVPN: Budget-friendly VPN with good security features

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Cyberghost: Optimized Servers for Streaming sites

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What should you do if problems persist even after using a VPN?

In case there is some problem that you are facing even after following the earlier given step of using a VPN to access Hulu from outside the US properly, then you should try using the simple yet crucial factors which are mentioned below.

  • Remove browser cookies from your browser.
  • Change to a different US server.
  • Try a different VPN.

However, it is advisable that you contact your VPN support staff first before deciding to switch services, as they might be able to help with the issue.

Nevertheless, you can always switch to a top-notch VPN service like NordVPN if you are not using it already.

Why is it recommended against using free VPNs?

Free VPNs definitely sound so good because what could be better than receiving free services? Why would you want to pay for something that the free VPNs claim they deliver, right?

If you are someone whose thought process goes that way, then this section is very important for you. Even though free VPNs sound very attractive, you must know that almost always do not fulfill the promises that they claim.

Free VPNs not only log your information but have also been known to sell or share your information with some third party.

Moreover, most free VPNs are not even strong enough to help you bypass geographical restrictions in the first place. So, it is not advised that you keep your personal data at risk just for the sake of giving a free VPN a try.

Even if free VPNs do succeed in bypassing geographical restrictions, it is not guaranteed that your connection would be safe and encrypted. Due to this reason, you might end up in an unwanted situation.

This is why it is important that you give proper consideration to your choice of VPN. This is why we always recommend NordVPN as it has been tested on several parameters and it has performed exceptionally well on each.

Subscription plans for Hulu

There are several options for you to personalize your Hulu content and services. This makes the experience a lot better as there are options for you to pick your best fit from.

There are 2 base plans which are as follows:

  1. Hulu (With Ads) -$7. 99 per month
  2. Gold Plan – $14.99 per month

With both the base plans, you get a free trial of 30 days!

Apart from these, there are 3 more bundle plans for Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ which are as follows:

  1. Hulu (With Ads) – $13.99 per month
  2. Hulu (No Ads) – $19.99 per month
  3. Hulu + Live TV – $69.99 per month

The availability of options for subscription plans to the viewers is the icing on the cake and it is immensely appreciated by them because it gives the viewers some control over the platform. Moreover, they can choose which plan suits them best.

So, choose your plan in accordance with your needs.


How can I use A VPN?

All you need to do is get a suitable subscription plan for the VPN you use for streaming and then download its app, log in, and start streaming. The steps for the same are explained in detail above in the article.

Where can I access Hulu without a VPN?

Hulu can be accessed in the USA without using a VPN as the service is not blocked there.

are paid VPNs worth spending money on them?

Definitely yes! Free VPNs are not at all safe to use as they may leak your personal information and they are not strong enough to ensure peaceful streaming without any inconvenience thus you must use the paid VPNs only as they are safe and are designed in a way that they ensure safe and excellent streaming experience.

Is NordVPN good for Hulu?

YES! NordVPN has proved to be an amazing VPN by performing exceptionally well every time it is tested with any streaming service. And thus you must choose it for streaming on Hulu.


Hulu is one of the finest sources of entertainment that delivers all sorts of entertainment media and therefore has a niche for every group of audiences. It is a platform that one would want to have easy access to.

As much as the platform is appreciation-worthy for its excellent services and quality content, the not-so-likable part is that the platform has been geographically restricted to deliver its services only to those within the boundaries of the United States.

Nevertheless, there are always solutions to problems like these and yet again VPN has proven to be a savior. Yes, a VPN can help you access Hulu from anywhere.