How to Watch Jio Cinema in the UK (Easy Solution 2023)

Watch Jio Cinema in the UK

Are you too want to visit the streaming library of Jio cinema in the UK but are not able to, that’s why we are here for. Jio Cinema is bound by licensing and distribution agreements that mandate geo-restriction of its content outside India. An error message indicating its unavailability is displayed when attempting to access Jio Cinema from a different country.

This situation can be particularly irritating for individuals aiming to stay updated on their beloved Jio Cinema live matches, movies and shows. Nevertheless, a straightforward remedy exists for this issue!

Through the use of a VPN, one can effortlessly circumvent these limitations and enjoy Jio Cinema content from any location. You can also enjoy shows like Bigg Boss OTT 2 on Jio Cinema from anywhere.

In A Hurry? Quick Steps to Watch Jio Cinema in the UK

  1. Subscribe to a good VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN which is one of the best VPNs.
  2. Download and Install the VPN app that works with your device.
  3. Connect to an Indian VPN server from the list.
  4. Visit the Jio Cinema website or app and enjoy watching in the UK.

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Why You Can’t Access Jio Cinema in the UK?

The practice of geographic restrictions is commonplace among many streaming services, primarily to adhere to licensing and copyright agreements. Jio Cinema is no exception to this trend. Operating as an Indian platform, it remains accessible solely within the confines of India while being subject to geographic limitations in other nations.

Jio Cinema not accessible outside india

Jio Cinema employs a mechanism to detect the specific location of the accessing device. This is accomplished by tracking the device’s IP address, which is indicative of its physical whereabouts. Only devices possessing an Indian IP address can gain entry to Jio Cinema in the UK.

The IP address assigned to a device is contingent upon its actual location. For instance, a device situated in India will be associated with an Indian IP address, while a device located in the UK will possess a United Kingdom IP address.

Consequently, Jio Cinema utilizes this IP-based method to ascertain the user’s physical location, thereby determining whether the user is within India or not. As a result of this methodology, Jio Cinema’s functionality ceases once the user ventures beyond the geographical confines of India.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Jio Cinema in the UK?

The challenge posed by geo-restrictions stems from the device’s IP address, whereby a non-Indian IP address renders access to the platform unattainable.

A VPN addresses this dilemma by establishing a connection to an Indian server, thereby endowing the device with an Indian IP address, regardless of its physical location. Simultaneously, the VPN conceals the original IP address of the device, preventing the platform from discerning the actual location.

Jio Cinema Outside India

Consequently, utilizing a VPN empowers you to bypass these constraints and gain entry to Jio Cinema from any location. This VPN-enabled approach not only enables access to Jio Cinema in the UK but also extends to other Indian streaming platforms, rendering them accessible even when outside of India.

Detailed Steps: How to Use a VPN to Watch Jio Cinema in the UK?

Step 1: Begin by choosing a well-established and reliable ExpressVPN service. ExpressVPN has servers in India to facilitate the connection.

ExpressVPN Subscription

Step 2: Sign up for a subscription plan that suits your needs and download the ExpressVPN app compatible with your device. ExpressVPN providers offer apps for various platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Download VPN App

Step 3: Install the VPN app on your chosen device and launch it. Open the app and log in using your credentials.

Step 4: Once logged in, locate the server list or map within the app. Select a server located in India. This step is crucial as it assigns your device an Indian IP address.

Connect ExpressVPN India

Step 5: Initiate the connection to the Indian server by clicking a “Connect” or “Start” button within the app. Once connected, your internet traffic will be routed through the chosen Indian server.

Step 6: Confirm that your ExpressVPN is active by checking for a connected status on the app. You should now have an Indian IP address.

Step 7: Visit the Jio Cinema website or launch the app.

Step 8: With the VPN in place, you should be able to access and enjoy Jio Cinema’s content as if you were in India. Browse through Jio Cinema’s library, select your desired movie or show, and start streaming.

Step 9: When you’re finished watching, you can disconnect from the VPN server and revert to your original IP address by closing the VPN app or selecting a different server location.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Jio Cinema in the UK?

Effortless Jio Cinema Unlocking in the UK:

ExpressVPN Product Imge

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ExpressVPN proudly boasts a network of over 3,000 servers scattered across 94 countries, granting you unrestricted global content access.

Notably, ExpressVPN introduces MediaStreamer, a Smart DNS service. This innovative feature extends VPN-like benefits to devices that traditionally lack VPN compatibility, such as gaming consoles and smart TVs.

User-friendliness defines ExpressVPN’s apps – installing and configuring the VPN on my phone and Windows took under a minute. A simple “connect” click promptly activates the VPN, initiating seamless protection.

Within the app’s settings, you can opt for the speedy Lightway protocol or allow the VPN to intuitively select the optimal protocol for your network. Additional options include OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPsec.

Security is in tandem with speed and usability. ExpressVPN excels with essential features like a kill switch, robust encryption, P2P servers, and zero DNS leakage, ensuring comprehensive cybersecurity.

Should any queries arise, the remarkably responsive customer service is poised to provide swift assistance. With this arsenal of advantages, ExpressVPN reigns supreme and is a formidable contender to dethrone.

What can you watch at the Jio cinema?

Jio Cinema offers a diverse range of content across various genres, making it a comprehensive entertainment platform.

Live TV: Depending on availability and subscriptions, JioCinema might offer live streaming of certain TV channels, including news, sports, and entertainment.

Sports: JioCinema occasionally provides live streaming of sporting events, including cricket matches and other popular sports in India.

Movies: JioCinema features a wide selection of Bollywood and regional Indian films, spanning different eras and genres. You can find popular releases, classics, and even exclusive premieres.

Popular Movies on Jio Cinema

Here are some of the popular movies on Jio Cinema in 2023:

  • The Kerala Story – A coming-of-age drama film set in Kerala, India.
  • Lust Stories 2 – A sequel to the 2018 anthology film, Lust Stories.
  • Fast X – The tenth installment in the Fast & Furious franchise.
  • The Flash – A superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name.
  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – The sequel to the 2018 animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
  • Kaalkoot – A horror film about a group of friends who go on a road trip and get stranded in a haunted forest.
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – The first film in the Harry Potter franchise.
  • Assur: Welcome to Your Dark Side – A crime thriller series based on the novel of the same name.

These are just a few of the many popular movies on Jio Cinema in 2023. There are sure to be many more great films to come out this year, so be sure to check out Jio Cinema regularly to see what’s new.

Popular TV Shows on Jio Cinema

Here are some of the popular TV shows on Jio Cinema in 2023:

  • Inspector Avinash – A crime thriller series based on the life of real-life police officer Avinash Mishra.
  • Asur – A supernatural crime thriller series about a cop who investigates a series of murders that seem to be linked to the occult.
  • Crackdown – A political thriller series about a team of undercover agents who are tasked with taking down a corrupt politician.
  • Tandoor – A crime drama series about a group of friends who get involved in a murder.
  • Apaharan – A crime thriller series about a gangster who kidnaps the son of a wealthy businessman.
  • Udaariyaan – A romantic drama series about two sisters who fall in love with the same man.
  • Bandon Mein Tha Dum! – A sports drama series about a group of women who form a cricket team.
  • London Files – A crime thriller series about a cop who investigates a series of murders in London.
  • The Great Weddings of Munnes – A comedy series about a group of friends who are planning their weddings.


in which countries jio cinema is available?

JioCinema was primarily available in India. JioCinema is a streaming platform provided by Reliance Jio, an Indian telecommunications company.

can I use a free VPN to watch Jio Cinema in the UK?

Free VPNs might not always provide the best quality of service or security. They could be slower, have limitations on data usage, or even potentially compromise your online privacy.

Which VPN is best for watching Jio cinema in the UK?

ExpressV[PN is the genuine and best Tech VPN of all.


Jio Cinema stands as one of India’s premier streaming platforms, boasting an impressive array of content and even live sports broadcasts. However, its reach is confined by geographical limitations. Once you step beyond India’s borders, Jio Cinema’s services abruptly halt.

To counter this obstacle and continue enjoying Jio Cinema’s offerings while abroad, the deployment of a VPN emerges as the solution. Through the clever manipulation of your virtual location, a VPN affords you an Indian IP address, effectively masking your international presence and positioning you within India’s digital realm.

When embarking on this VPN-aided endeavor, it’s paramount to exercise prudence in your choice of VPN. Opting for a reputable and thoroughly vetted VPN is crucial. ExpressVPN, having undergone rigorous assessment, emerges as the prime contender for surmounting geographical constraints seamlessly.

Elevate your streaming experience by embracing ExpressVPN today. Liberate Jio Cinema from its territorial confines, and relish uninterrupted content, no matter your global coordinates. Unleash the world of entertainment with ExpressVPN – your gateway to boundaryless streaming on Jio Cinema, no matter where you wander.