How to Watch Live Matches on Fancode In the USA (Updated 2024)

Fancode In the USA

Want to watch live matches on Fancode in the USA? You can go to it from everywhere in the world, but not directly. To bypass the restrictions on Fancode in the United States, you’ll need to sign up for a VPN service. Continue reading to find out how to watch Fancode in the United States.

If you are a diehard cricket fan, you must be aware of the Fancode live-streaming service. The platform works smoothly within Indian borders, but what happens if you’re looking to stream live sports on Fancode in the United States?

Although this streaming serviceĀ is geographically restricted outside of India, you may easily access all Fancode services provided you are familiar with how to use a VPN properly in order to circumvent any restrictions placed on these kinds of websites.

ExpressVPN comes highly recommended because it has been extensively evaluated in order to test whether it can deliver trustworthy outcomes. Simply follow the steps below to watch live matches on Fancode from anywhere.

In A Hurry? How to watch live matches on Fancode in the USA

  • Subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN which is capable of giving you access to Fancode outside India.
  • Download and Install the VPN app for your device.
  • Connect to one of the VPN servers in India.
  • Go to the official website of Fancode and watch your favorite sports and sporting events in real-time without any restrictions from the US or any location outside India.
Fancode with VPN

Why is Fancode inaccessible in the US?

The Fancode streaming service is native as well as exclusive to India, and geographical constraints prevent anybody from outside India from viewing live matches on it. The reason you are unable to view live matches on Fancode in the United States is that the service is Indian and is prohibited in other countries.

Any kind of platform is not accessible from restricted locations, and Fancode is no exception. It can not be relied on to directly stream live matches in the United States or any other country other than India.

Anyone attempting to access the site from outside India would get a notification on their screen alerting them that the Fancode services are unavailable from their region. The following message appears: “You can’t access this pass outside India”.

Fancode Error

How can a VPN help access Fancode in the USA?

As previously stated, Fancode is not available outside of India owing to geographical restrictions. Streaming on this platform from any country, guaranteeing that your physical location does not pose any issues would necessitate doing something to circumvent the geographical restrictions.

Using a VPN is the simplest and quickest way to get around these restrictions. When you use a VPN on your device, it connects to a server in a country like India that provides access to Fancode in the USA. Because IP addresses are based on the device’s actual location, when it connects to a server, it assigns your device an IP address for that location.

Fancode Working

Once you have achieved an IP address of India while actually being located in the USA, the platform will no longer be able to detect that you are located somewhere outside the boundaries of India. This way, the surveillance mechanism will let you access the services of Fancode.

Detailed steps to watch live matches on Fancode in the USA with a VPN

If you are located outside India in the US, in order for you to be able to watch live matches on Fancode and enjoy every moment of your favorite cricket series in real-time, you must make use of a VPN. Following are the steps you should follow to set up your VPN:

Step 1: First, since you need a VPN, start off by signing up for a strong and reliable VPN service. We strongly recommend that you use ExpressVPN.

Subscribe ExpressVPN

Step 2: Next you are required to download the app of your selected VPN and install it on your device.

Step 3: All top-notch VPNs require a subscription. So, select a VPN plan you find most suitable and proceed by paying.

Step 4: After you have successfully made the payment and registered on your chosen VPN, sign in to the VPN app by inputting the same credentials using which you have registered for your VPN.

Step 5: On your VPN app, connect to a VPN server in India.

Connect ExpressVPN India

Step 6: Go to the official website of Fancode on any of the browsers on your device or access it by launching the Fancode app once you it downloaded on your device/

Step 7: If you do not already have an account on Fancode, start off by registering on the platform. Input all required details and proceed to make payment for your selected subscription plan.

Step 8: After you finish the process by finishing the payment process, your account on Fancode will commence. You should log in to Fancode using the same credentials that you used while creating your Fancode account. 

Step 9: At this point, when you are logged into your newly created Fancode account, you will be ready to stream live matches on your device from anywhere you are located.

Sports you can watch on Fancode (other than Cricket)

On Fancode, you may watch live matches/games from a variety of sports in addition to live cricket events. The following are some of the most popular sports on Fancode:

  • Rugby
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Horse Racing
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Kabaddi

Fancode subscription plans

Fancode provides two subscription packages: a monthly package and an annual package.

Monthly plan$199 per month
Yearly plan$699 per year

Users of both plans are able to broadcast live games indefinitely. In addition, consumers have the option of only purchasing a pass for the specific match they want to broadcast rather than paying for limitless matches.

You can use UPI or a debit/credit card to pay on Fancode. As a result, this platform guarantees that you can stream and pay at your convenience.

How to watch Fancode on TV?

Fancode streaming app is designed in a manner that it is compatible with TVs. Its interface is designed in a way that it functions well with all kinds of devices including mobile phones, TVs, Chromecast, Roku, etc.

In order to watch Fancode on Android TV, you have to download its app on the TV. The app is available on Google Play Store and you can easily download it from there.

Follow the steps given below to log in Fancode app on your Android to start streaming:

  • Search the Fancode app on your Android TV from the app menu and open it.
  • After the app is opened, click on the login option.
  • Enter the login credentials of Fancode. In case you already have an account then enter the email address which is registered on the account and enter the password.
  • After entering the details, click on login and you are ready to stream any content available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fancode available in the USA?

Fancode is an Indian streaming service and is subject to geographical restrictions which makes it unavailable outside India, including the US. So, people present in the US cannot get access to the service if they do not use a VPN to bypass geographical restrictions.

Is the Fancode app free?

Some of the content offered on the app is free to stream. However, the Fancode app is not free to use if you want to stream the majority of its content. If you want to stream on this app you need to get one of its two subscription plans. It offers a monthly plan and an annual plan.

How to get a Fancode subscription for free?

You can a free subscription of Fancode if you follow the steps given below:
1. Open Plus Zone on Flipkart app
2. Opt for Supercoin category
3. Choose Fancode subscription
4. Confirm your selection
5. Open Fancode and redeem the unique code
6. Start streaming premium content for free of cost

Which VPN is recommended for streaming on Fancode in the USA?

There are many VPN options available to be used with any streaming service including Fancode. We recommend you to use ExpressVPN as it fulfills all the criterias of a reliable and good VPN.


Fancode is the platform for you if you enjoy watching cricket and prefer to view the games of your favorite teams live. It does not, however, provide services in the US because it is an Indian service.

If you want to watch Fancode in the USA, you can do so using a VPN. A VPN will allow you simple, direct, and unhindered access to the live games that are streamed on Fancode.

But in order for that process to go as planned, you must choose a reliable VPN provider from among the many VPN options that are currently accessible. ExpressVPN performed remarkably well across all of the metrics that we tested it on. Get ExpressVPN today to watch on Fancode from anywhere.