How to Watch NCIS: Sydney (Season 1) on CBS Outside the US?

Watch NCIS: Sydney (Season 1) on CBS

Have no idea where to watch NCIS: Sydney? The series is available on the CBS platform which is only accessible for American viewers. So, how will you watch it if you are not in the US? We have a solution for you.

The television industry is excitedly awaiting CBS’s latest initiative, “NCIS: Sydney,” which will take it into uncharted territory. The well-known network ventures down under for the first time, bringing new stories and an exciting new setting to our televisions.

This spin-off, which is set against the stunning background of Australia’s most famous city, promises a mix of mystery, action, and drama wrapped in the cozy embrace of the NCIS heritage.

If you are in a hurry, you can follow the below quick guide to access CBS outside the US to watch NCIS: Sydney (Season 1) from around the world.

Quick Guide on How to Watch NCIS: Sydney (Season 1) on CBS Outside the US

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  • Download the VPN app on your device and log in with registered details.
  • To access CBS abroad, connect to a US VPN server.
  • Visit CBS and register for a free account. Search for NCIS: Sydney (Season 1) and enjoy it from anywhere.
NCIS: Sydney with VPN

What is CBS?

With CBS, you can instantly view the most recent episodes of your favorite shows on any device, at any time, and without having to log in. To view entire seasons and stream live TV from your neighborhood CBS station, including news, sports, entertainment, and must-see live events like the NFL on CBS, Grammy Awards, NCAA March Madness, and more, you may also log in with your cable provider.

Everything is free; no monthly or supplementary subscription fees are needed. But as this platform is not available in every country, you can easily access it by downloading a VPN. Thanks to ExpressVPN’s blazingly fast connection, we can now watch NCIS: Sydney (Season 1) from anywhere.

Reasons a VPN Is Necessary to Watch NCIS: Sydney (Season 1) on CBS outside of the US:

Geo-restrictions may present a challenge for those outside of the USA attempting to access this masterpiece because CBS platform is not accessible outside the US. It shows and error while accessing it outside the US.

We suggest you to subscribe to a VPN. Connect it to US VPN server to get an American IP address because platform blocks your IP address if you try it outside the US. A VPN unblocks the geo-restrictions imposed on it by the firm.

Detailed Steps to Set up a VPN Watch NCIS: Sydney (Season 1) outside of the US

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN. For you to bypass those annoying location limitations, you’ll need a VPN service like ExpressVPN. You’ll be able to use CBS’s streaming service and have your IP address changed to a US IP address.

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Step 2: Set up ExpressVPN on the streaming media player you own. You’re covered whether you want to watch NCIS: Sydney (Season 1) on any of your devices.

Step 3: With your new login information, access your ExpressVPN account.

Step 4: Establish a VPN connection with a US server. It will appear as though you are based in the US as a result.

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Step 5: Visit the CBS website.

Step 6: With just your email address, create a free account. Additionally, a US server is required; you can obtain one from Google.

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Plot summary:

“The Harbor Mystery” in Episode 1 The season of intense suspense begins when the squad is thrust into a high-stakes case involving a missing naval officer and a covert transaction.

“Shadows in the Outback,” the second episode An apparently simple investigation becomes complicated when links to long-forgotten truths come to light, leading the crew into unfamiliar territory both geographically and emotionally.

“Echoes of the Opera House” is the third episode. The group puts their mettle and unity to the test as they race against time to foil a diabolical conspiracy against the backdrop of Sydney’s renowned Opera House.

In the fourth episode, “Tides of Treachery,” the agents discover a conspiracy that targets close to home while navigating interpersonal tensions and betrayals, which puts their mutual trust to the test.

“The Forgotten Wreck” in Episode 5 In a suspenseful storyline that blends the past and now, the crew delves into history to investigate a navy wreckage that may contain the answers to a contemporary mystery.

In 6th episode, “Heroes of the Past”, during a dangerous mission that honors their commitment and the legacy of those who came before them, the squad is inspired by the resurfacing of old wounds and heroic tales.

“Requiem for a Soldier” in Episode 7 As the group struggles with a setback, emotions run high, and they find comfort in their unwavering resolve and unseen relationships as they work toward justice.

In the 8th episode, “Resolve’s Dawn”, the agents face the mastermind in a dramatic denouement that seals their destiny and brings their trip full circle.


  • Michelle Mackey, NCIS Special Agent-in-Charge, played by Olivia Swann
  • Jim “JD” Dempsey, Australian Federal Police (AFP) Second-in-Command, played by Todd Lasance
  • Sean Sagar portrays NCIS Special Agent (SA) DeShawn Jackson.
  • Narkle Tuuli as the Constable Officer of AFP Liaison, Evie Cooper
  • Mavournee Hazel portrays AFP forensic scientist Bluebird “Blue” Gleeson.
  • Roy “Rosie” Penrose, AFP forensic pathologist, played by William McInnes


Why is “NCIS: Sydney” only available within the United States?

Viewers are limited to content available within their geographic location as “NCIS: Sydney” isn’t immediately accessible outside of the US due to licensing agreements and regional restrictions.

Can I watch “NCIS: Sydney” somewhere else? 

Viewers throughout the world frequently turn to different streaming sources in addition to CBS. However, availability may vary by location, so unfettered access may require a dependable VPN.

if “NCIS: Sydney” isn’t accessible outside of the US, how can I view it?

Don’t worry! By using ExpressVPN to change your virtual location, you can get around geo-blocks and enjoy uninterrupted access to CBS’s “NCIS: Sydney,” regardless of where you actually live.

For streaming from outside of the US, which VPN is the best?

Because of its extremely quick speeds, ExpressVPN is the best option for streaming outside of the US.

Wrap Up

NCIS: Sydney is only available on CBS if you use a VPN; it cannot be viewed outside of the US. NCIS: Sydney is available to view from any country as long as you use a VPN like ExpressVPN to fool the streaming service into believing you are in the US.

The show may be seen on CBS; however, doing so requires a VPN because the service is geo-blocked outside of that country.