Where to Watch Prison Break (5 Seasons) On Hulu From Anywhere

Watch Prison Break

Wondering where to watch Prison Break? Fox Network’s Prison Break is an enduring series about a clever, adventurous, and action-packed sibling who escapes from jail. It is understandable why this series has a large following.

Sadly, it is only available in the US on Hulu. However, we can assure you that anyone can watch all 5 seasons of Prison Break on Hulu from anywhere after reading this blog and taking the steps we’ve outlined here. The five seasons of Prison Break, which began with an exciting premiere in 2005, ran until 2017.

The best and most efficient way to get around geo-restrictions is with a VPN. It enables you to watch Hulu outside the US and guarantees a consistent, safe, and reliable connection. You must use a top-notch VPN service, and for the greatest results, we strongly suggest that our viewers use ExpressVPN.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Guide to Watching Prison Break

  • Get a VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  • Install the VPN app on your smartphone after downloading it.
  • Connect to a suitable US-based VPN server.
  • Download the Hulu app. Prepare to access the best selection of programs without worrying about your geographic location.

Why Prison Break is Not Available Outside the US?

Due to geographical limitations, the Prison Break on Hulu service is only available in particular regions of the world or in particular countries. This limitation prevents Prison Break from being watched outside of the United States.

You can only watch Prison Break in the US right now if you want to see all the seasons. This is due to the fact that only Hulu in the US offers the entire series’ seasons for streaming.

But do you want to quickly access it from the US or any other nation you are residing in on Hulu? It is exactly what I am going to explain to you below because I know you desire it.

Why VPN is Needed to Watch Prison Break?

Because Prison Break is blocked outside of the US and a workaround is needed to access the platform abroad, a VPN is needed to watch Prison Break.

Due to geo-restrictions, Prison Break is available in the United States. If you tried to access it from another nation without a VPN, you might not be able to watch it.

By connecting a VPN to the US changing your IP address and circumventing geo-restrictions, you can access Prison Break as if you were in the US.

Watch Prison Break

Steps in Detail to Watch Prison Break

There is only one way to watch Prison Break that is using a US-based VPN. Let’s clear the air by getting right to the details of how to watch Prison Break for free outside the US.

Step 1: Sign up for a VPN in order to watch Prison Break on Hulu outside of the US. We suggest using ExpressVPN due to the extensive server network it offers.

ExpressVPN Subscription

Step 2: After downloading, permit installation on your device. It can take a minute or two, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Step 3: After it has been installed, open the application and register using your email address and the preferred payment method. Since all top-tier VPN services globally are premium ones, this is the time to sign up.

Step 4: Pick a plan that suits your preferences and all of your requirements, and then pay for it. Open the VPN software and log in. The same login information from when you registered is required.

Step 5: Once you’ve taken all the required actions, all you have to do is utilize the app to connect to a US server.

Connect ExpressVPN US

Step 6: Lastly, launch any browser on your device, navigate to Hulu, and then look for “Prison Break” there. You can now start streaming.

Trailer of Prison Break

Here is a trailer for Prison Break.

Plot Summary of Prison Break

Prison Break is a unique story of two brothers, Lincoln Burrows and his younger one Michael Scofield. Lincoln was framed for murder falsely and set to a death sentence, whereas his younger one knows his brother was not at fault.

He, Michael Scofield, dedicates himself to freeing his brother from prison before the execution.

The Cast of Prison Break

Here is the list of the cast of Prison Break:

  • Wentworth Miller
  • Dominic Purcell
  • Amaury Nolasco
  • Wade Williams
  • Sarah Wayne Callies
  • Robert Knepper
  • Marshall Allman
  • Robin Tunney
  • Peter Stormare
  • Stacy Keach
  • Muse Watson
  • Paul Adelstein
  • Danny McCarthy
  • Frank Grillo
  • Christian Stolte
  • Rockmond Dunbar
  • Phillip Edward Van Lear
  • Mac Brandt
  • Anthony Starke
  • Camille Guaty

What Benefits ExpressVPN Offer?

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What if I Use a Free VPN to Watch Prison Break Outside the US?

Free VPNs provide affordable access to some geo-restricted content and do not require confidential information like debit and credit cards, but they are unable to guarantee the security of your device or your private data.

Data breaches and risks to online security are likely to be the result of this. Another concern is that your data can be taken or covertly sold to third parties.

Overall, paid VPNs have more servers than free VPNs do. It even interferes with consumers’ ability to stream smoothly. They have a substandard internet connection, little available margin, and little to no customer or technical assistance.

These are all the reasons why we strongly recommend using a paid VPN, like ExpressVPN.

Are VPN Uses Legal?

Almost anywhere in the world allows using a VPN, with a few notable exceptions. There are also no restrictions on how you may use your VPN. Most VPN services offer a range of identity protection measures to guarantee your security and anonymity when connected.

Although it is legal to utilize a VPN, it is illegal to engage in any illegal activity online while doing so. A reliable provider will protect your anonymity and offer top-notch security features to prevent online disasters.

Typically, encryption standards of the highest military strength are utilized, making it practically hard for hackers to attack you. Therefore, it is always advisable to use a strong, dependable VPN like ExpressVPN.

What is the subscription cost of Hulu?

Hulu comes with two types of subscription plans: one costs $7.99 per month and includes Hulu and Disney with advertisements and a 30-day free trial, while the other costs $14.99 per month and includes Hulu, Disney, and ESPN+ without ads.

Some More Content Available on Hulu

On Hulu, you may find a variety of content in every imaginable category. like as:

  • To Catch A Killer
  • The Sopranos
  • Solar Opposites
  • Only Murders in the Building
  • American Horror Stories
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2

and countless others. These are just a few examples of the content available on Hulu.

Best TV Shows to Watch on Hulu

There are several enticing and worthwhile TV series on Hulu, including:

Name of the TV ShowGenre
The Handmaid’s TaleFantasy
Only Murders in the BuildingMystery, Comedy
Prison BreakCrime, Drama
The GreatHistorical Fiction
Castle RockSci-Fi, Thriller
Reservation DogsDrama, Romance
The KardashiansReality TV
Killing EveThriller, Dark Comedy
American Horror StoryHorror
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Best Movies to Watch on Hulu

There are several enticing and worthwhile movies on Hulu, including:

Name of the MovieGenre
Triangle of SadnessComedy, Drama
Prey Action, Sci-Fi
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Evil DeadHorror
ParasiteThriller, Drama
AkiraAnimation, Action, Sci-Fi
The Lego MovieAnimation, Comedy, Adventure
A Knight’s TaleAdventure, Action
The Devil Wears PradaComedy, Drama
The MenuHorror, Thriller


Where to watch Prison Break outside the US?

You can watch Prison Break on Hulu but it is a geo-blocked content.

Does prison break have a happy ending?

Yes, Prison Break does include a happy ending at the end of season 5.

How to watch Prison Break for free?

You can simply install a VPN, such as ExpressVPN, and watch it for free from everywhere at any time.

What is the IMDB rating of Prison Break?

Prison Break has an IMDb rating of 8.3 out of 10.

To Conclude

Hulu is making every effort to prevent VPNs from breaking in and accessing Hulu content from abroad in this high-tech era. Yes, some VPNs have struggled with this process and have been unable to get around geo-restrictions.

But thanks to ExpressVPN, which has consistently shown itself to be the best despite being tested and run on the most difficult systems to exploit.

ExpressVPN is the ideal option because it will enable you to get around all the limitations with a simple user interface. Simply connect it to the server of the nation you want to stream from. There you go after the server has connected! Enjoy uninterrupted streaming without moving.