How to Watch SRF Outside Switzerland (Quick & Easy Tips 2023)

Watch SRF Outside Switzerland

How can I watch SRF outside of Switzerland is a common question from German-speaking Swiss ex-pats. Well, if you’ve had a streak of unsuccessful attempts that have left you dissatisfied, a high-quality VPN like ExpressVPN can unblock SRF TV outside of Switzerland and put an end to your problems.

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, also known as SRF, is a Swiss broadcasting organization that broadcasts radio stations, live TV, TV series, and movies. You may live watch television broadcasts of channels including SRF 1, SRF info, and SRF Zwei with its one-stop free online streaming service.

Unfortunately, because of licensing and copyright issues, SRF’s streaming service is not available outside of Switzerland. This implies that the content on Play SRF becomes geo-blocked when you relocate overseas.

Fortunately, you may get around these restrictions by changing your local IP address and using a Swiss IP address to access SRF. Let’s look at how to use a VPN to unblock SRF outside of Switzerland so you may watch your favorite shows and movies there.

Quick Steps: Watch SRF Outside of Switzerland

Note: It is important to note that you do not need to subscribe to the Play SRF streaming platform, it is completely free!

Why Is It Difficult To Watch SRF Outside Of Switzerland?

There are certain rules and regulations that consumers must follow when an application is introduced into a different region in order to protect the safety and security of the population residing in that particular region.

As a result, some adjustments are made to the content that is available for streaming in various regions, making it impossible for users to access the content that is available in some nations. One cannot watch SRF from anywhere for this reason.

Although one might be able to do so by choosing and utilizing VPN networks. You may learn how a VPN works and how to access and watch SRF from outside of Switzerland by reading the article below.

How Does A VPN Help Watch SRF From Outside Of Switzerland?

You’ll need a VPN app to obtain a Swiss IP address if you want to watch SRF on its Play SRF page from outside of Switzerland. The reason for this is that SRF is obligated to maintain its content geo-restrictions under content licensing agreements and copyright laws.

Your local IP address allows SRF to identify your location when you attempt to play any video from any other nation and bans your admission with an error as follows:

SRF Error

Fortunately, a top-notch VPN service like ExpressVPN can let you quickly get a Swiss IP address. Your internet traffic is transported via a secure connection that conceals your location and other private data when you connect to their VPN server in Switzerland.

SRF Working

Instead, your smartphone gives the impression that it is in Switzerland, enabling you to access SRF from any location.

How To Unblock And Watch SRF With A VPN?

The method of setting up a VPN to watch SRF is simple and does not require much of your time. People can follow the steps below to watch SRF. 

Step 1: Select a trustworthy VPN service. We advise using ExpressVPN.

Subscribe ExpressVPN

Step 2: On your device, download and install the application. Select a subscription plan. Make payment and complete the subscription process.

Download VPN App

Step 3: Log in to the VPN app with your credentials.

Step 4: Connect to a server in Switzerland afterward.

Connect ExpressVPN Switzerland

(It is advised to connect to a server in Switzerland as SRF is only available inside Switzerland and using a VPN will help you get a fake IP address and unblock SRF.)

Step 6: Visit the SRF website or the Play SRF streaming portal.

Step 7: Enter your login information on the SRF website or app. You can now easily stream SRF content from outside of Switzerland!

Devices Compatible With SRF

Let’s look at the devices that are compatible with SRF TV now that we’ve offered some suggestions for TV shows, movies, sports, and live TV to watch on SRF live. You have the following alternatives for watching SRF outside of Switzerland:

  1. iPhones and iPads
  2. Mac OS X (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)
  3. Windows (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)
  4. Android phones and tablets
  5. Android TV
  6. Apple TV
  7. Chromecast

Content To Enjoy When You Watch SRF

Here is what you can enjoy when you watch SRF from anywhere outside Switzerland.

Movies on SRF To Watch Outside Of Switzerland

Both domestic and foreign film titles can be found in the SRF Switzerland repertoire. The following is a list of the top films that may be viewed on SRF TV outside of Switzerland:

  1. Practice With A Sea View – Heart Palpitations
  2. Cruise To Happiness: Honeymoon In Normandy
  3. Schattenkinder
  4. Inga Lindström – Summer of decision
  5. A Friend, A Good Friend
  6. The Views Of Others
  7. Decision Of Heart
  8. The Whaler Boy
  9. Against The Current
  10. Rocco And His Brothers
  11. A Woman With Intoxicating Talents
  12. The 42nd Heaven
  13. Trace of Blood
  14. Risks With Side Effects
  15. The Two of Us

Shows on SRF To Watch Outside Of Switzerland

  1. Outlanders
  2. Transplant
  3. In All Friendship
  4. Flamingo
  5. The Net – Game on the Abyss
  6. Beyond the Spree
  7. A Case For Males
  8. Thin Ice
  9. Bianca – Ways to Happiness
  10. Meier & Mueller
  11. Peppino
  12. Lena – The Love Of My Life
  13. Day and night
  14. Luthi and Blanc
  15. The Undertaker

Sports Shows on SRF To Watch Outside Of Switzerland

  1. Sports Flash
  2. Stay Fit – Join In!
  3. Summer Challenge
  4. Keep On
  5. Sykora Gisler – The Football Talk
  6. The VAR’s
  7. “Ice Hockey – Inside” with John Fust
  8. Tomorrow We Are Champions
  9. Winter Challenge
  10. From Weirdo To The Winner

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enjoy SRF On Kodi?

Although the SRF channel isn’t supported by Kodi, you can stream it by installing the SRF Play TV add-on channel.

can SRF track my IP Address?

IP addresses are indeed tracked by SRF. By using geo-blocking, SRF. This protection mechanism determines where you actually dwell by looking at your IP address. When you try to watch any SRF content while you’re traveling, an error message will show up.

Are VPNs Blocked by SRF?

No, SRF is not likely to prohibit the use of a VPN on your account; rather, they are more likely to prohibit the IP address that the VPN provider employs. In the event that the streamer does block your IP address, simply connect to another VPN server in Switzerland to get a new one.


To view SRF outside of Switzerland, follow the simple instructions on our site in detail. Geo-restrictions are no longer an issue thanks to a VPN, and you may access SRF content from wherever.

Additionally, it is simple to keep oneself safe while using a premium VPN. Choosing a VPN might be challenging because there are so many options available.

ExpressVPN, however, stands out as the clear choice in terms of general speed, security, and trustworthiness. It offers military-grade encryption, a strict no-logs policy, and global coverage with more than 3,000 servers to protect your online activity.

Consequently, using a VPN service offers many advantages beyond only unblocking and enabling access to SRF and other geo-restricted websites from other nations, such as Hulu from the US and BBC iPlayer from the UK.