Is OnlyFans Safe? How to Stay Safe & Protect Your Privacy?

Is OnlyFans Safe? How to Stay Safe & Protect Your Privacy?

You must take certain important precautions in order to maintain your safety and privacy on OnlyFans. Whether you’re interested in creating material for OnlyFans or just want to follow your favorite content providers on the well-known social media platform, this is relevant to you.

With more than 1 million producers and more than 80 million users, OnlyFans is a huge platform. In recent years, a large number of creators—including fitness instructors, athletes, celebrities, and adult performers have flocked to OnlyFans because of the direct access it provides for them to communicate with and receive payment from their followers.

Regretfully, using OnlyFans carries a number of hazards. Funds have been taken from the accounts of creators and subscribers, typically via fraudulent accounts that trick users into installing malware, divulging personal information, or having their accounts compromised by dubious third-party websites.

Additionally, creators have experienced content theft and public sharing of their paywalled works (more than a terabyte of adult content was made available to the public in 2021). Even worse, some creators have lost their jobs as a result of their employers discovering that they had uploaded explicit content to OnlyFans.

By using reasonably priced internet security measures and exercising caution, the majority of these scenarios may be avoided; it is far too dangerous to rely solely on the useless and inattentive OnlyFans customer service team.

I therefore created this guide to assist both new and existing users in securely utilizing all that OnlyFans has to offer

In A Hurry? Quick safety tips for OnlyFans subscribers and creators

  • Subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN which has advanced security features
  • Download the VPN app and install it on your device.
  • Connect the VPN server to the US.
  • Open OnlyFans and enjoy the content safely.

OnlyFans Safety: A Brief Examination

A worrisome issue was brought to light in 2021 by a former OnlyFans employee: certain former employees were still able to access Zendesk, the customer support tool that OnlyFans utilizes to respond to questions from creators and users.

With this access, former staff members were able to keep an eye on and reply to customer support tickets containing potentially sensitive data, such as bank statements, driver’s licenses, passports, credit card numbers, full names, addresses, and KYC selfies—which are photos of creators holding up IDs to their faces for verification—as well as model release forms.

This raises serious security issues regarding OnlyFans and raises doubts about the platform’s general security. Let’s examine OnlyFans’ content protection in more detail as well as the other safety precautions that are in place.

What is OnlyFans?

Influencers and celebrities can contribute exclusive content with their paying fan base on OnlyFans. Supporters have two options: they can view the free content that influencers provide, or they can pay a set fee per post to “unlock” content.

Porn celebrities and amateur porn stars who wanted to charge their fans for access to special NSFW content showed a lot of interest in this platform. The bulk of the content on OnlyFans is adult in nature, which is what the site is most known for.

That is not the entirety of OnlyFans, though. Many celebrities and influencers use it to offer non-sexually suggestive content and unique information. Fans can use it to obtain a glimpse into the life of the star they like. Nevertheless, OnlyFans has significantly more sexual stuff than nonsexual content.

Because of the nature of the site, users and authors may choose to take precautions to safeguard their privacy when using OnlyFans.

How user-safe is OnlyFans?

The security of both producers and subscribers is the OnlyFans’ first responsibility, and they make every effort to live up to this commitment by providing a variety of safety precautions.

Strict guidelines on what kind of content can be shared and how its users interact with one another are in place on OnlyFans. In fact, if any of the conditions specified in the policy are broken, the account may be suspended.

While OnlyFans is, in our opinion, safe to use, we also advise users and producers to take certain additional safety precautions.

Protection and Stability for Creators

OnlyFans provides several safeguards to ensure the safety of creators utilizing the site.

In order to protect their account information, authors can first use two-factor authentication and keep an eye on their log-in sessions to determine whether or not their account has been accessed.

Go to Settings > Account > Login Sessions to find out when an account was last visited.
Next, users can watermark posts on the platform to safeguard the authenticity of content that has been shared.

Simply navigate to Settings > Privacy and Safety to activate this, and if the content is ever posted without permission, get in touch with the OnlyFans staff.

Finally, OnlyFans content creators may choose what visitors see on their profile pages, such as a buddy list or activity status, and limit access to specific users in order to protect their profiles.

Subscriber security and safety

Because OnlyFans frequently monetizes sexually explicit content, users should legitimately worry about their privacy and safety online.

Protective procedures are in place to secure internet accounts when you sign up with OnlyFans. The platform secures the payment process using a 3D secure checkout as well.

Subscribers must, however, agree to the collecting of personal data, including name, address, and government identification. According to the privacy policy, OnlyFans may disclose this data to affiliate partners and, in the event of a court order, law enforcement.

Subscribers should be aware that when they make a payment, the transaction shows up as “OnlyFans” on their financial statements. In other words, transactions aren’t always private.

Risks of OnlyFans

OnlyFans creators and customers aren’t immune to danger. Whether you use OnlyFans to purchase or submit content, there are a few hazards you should be aware of when you create an account.

The hazards aren’t as negligible as you would believe. OnlyFans subscriptions have occasionally even been known to cause issues when applying for a mortgage in the future.

Many find this platform to be appealing, yet there are risks involved. Let’s examine the hazards in more detail, as well as ways to reduce them.

risks to privacy

In general, sex labor and OnlyFans are viewed as taboo. As much as many people would have you believe otherwise, the truth is that being associated with OnlyFans can harm your reputation in some groups. Because of this, a lot of individuals would object to the fact that they interact with the outside world through OnlyFans.

It’s challenging for OnlyFans creators to stay totally anonymous on the website. As a creator, you will be required to provide the platform with some personal information in order to get compensated. In the event of a breach, you have no control over this information. Additionally, some users make a special effort to expose sex workers on the website.

Both customers and frequent users may find this difficult. Your identity can be exposed without the necessity for a hack or security breach. Any personal information you enter on your account, such as your name, location, or a photograph of your face, could be used against you.

Furthermore, your loaded apps, browsing history on the internet, and bank records could reveal to friends and family what you have been up to. A tarnished reputation could arise from any of those situations.

When you’re a well-known person with a fan base that disagrees with OnlyFans, for instance, this could have terrible consequences. Using OnlyFans as a “basis” for harassment and discrimination at work is another possibility.

Hacks into OnlyFans accounts

Paying clients have complained about account hacks on multiple occasions, according to sources. A Reddit member reported that their card displayed bogus purchases and that their email and password had been altered.

A worse scenario is that after a hack, creators might even be blackmailed. It is still possible, even though OnlyFans and its cybersecurity precautions are rarely the target of these kinds of hacks.

The majority of the company’s dubious business strategies and the breaches we’ve recorded typically have a greater impact on content creators than on their paying fans. Recurring issues of this nature do indicate that a platform might not be secure.

Breach of privacy and security

Many of the unique content from OnlyFans became public knowledge when 1.4 gigabytes of content were released on a cloud storage platform back in March 2020. In the event of security lapses and disclosures, an organization’s position is crucial.

Most businesses will apologize after a breach and provide a strategy for preventing similar incidents in the future. This demonstrates to platform users that security is the company’s top priority and that it is ready to keep users safe. Regretfully, such was not the situation with OnlyFans.

The business released a statement claiming that there had been no breach and that individual users had stolen stuff from behind the paywall and posted it online. This is improbable given the massive volume of data that was exposed: 1.4 terabytes of data that were exposed is hardly likely to have come from a single person.

This is dangerous even if OnlyFans is telling the truth and there was never a breach. Assume that this was a concerted attempt by people to obtain content hidden behind a paywall and subsequently release it to the public.

This would demonstrate the weakness in OnlyFans’ paywall and the availability of other ways for users to obtain the performers’ exclusive content. This adds even more urgency to the previously discussed concerns over doxing and disclosing users.

Why do you need a VPN to access OnlyFans?

Considering OnlyFans’ history of data and security breaches, we advise using a VPN service when accessing the website. You never know when a security breach can expose an OnlyFans user’s personal data.

By rerouting your internet connection through servers located all over the world, a VPN modifies your IP address. This implies that other internet users cannot see where you are.

ExpressVPN: Cheap and Reliable

One of the least expensive VPN alternatives available is ExpressVPN if you want to avoid spending a lot of money on one. All of your online activity, including whatever you do on OnlyFans, will be safeguarded for a mere few bucks per month.

Despite its pricing, ExpressVPN is not a poor-quality provider. It actually boasts numerous lightning-fast servers, military-grade security, and extremely user-friendly software.

Most of the ExpressVPN features are probably not necessary for anonymously navigating OnlyFans. However, there are a ton of other uses for VPNs outside secure browsing. If you want to use a VPN but aren’t sure you can trust ExpressVPN blindly.

Important: Keep in mind that sharing personal information on your OnlyFans account with a VPN won’t erase it. Using a VPN won’t make your first and last name vanish if you utilize them on your profile.

The only things a VPN can do are conceal your IP address so that the platform and other parties cannot know where you are in the world and encrypt your data so that only you and the platform can read it.


Is it possible to stay private on OnlyFans?

By not revealing personal information, OnlyFans preserves your privacy while enabling you to stay anonymous. In addition to allowing you to operate behind a stage name and identity, the platform offers anonymity-enhancing features like geoblocking and location disable.

Can I control who sees My OnlyFans?

The creators of OnlyFans have complete control over who can interact with their postings, view their content, visit their profiles, and send them direct messages.

Does OnlyFans protect your content?

Indeed. To assist OnlyFans Creators in safeguarding their content, OnlyFans offers a complimentary digital “watermarking” service.

Wrap Up

As a platform for content sharing that connects producers and fans and lets them get revenue, OnlyFans is still growing in popularity. Compared to many other websites, networks, or social media platforms you use, OnlyFans is most likely just as safe.

We’ve found that utilizing a VPN, like ExpressVPN, to safeguard your personal data is the best approach to staying safe online. In addition to protecting your online accounts, you should also take precautions to ensure that your data doesn’t get lost or misused online.