Detailed ExpressVPN Review 2024 | Is It Worth the Price?

ExpressVPN Review

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There are countless excellent evaluations of ExpressVPN online, but they all just seem too wonderful to be true. Real evidence, not just marketing speak, was what I needed.

How much more superior than its competitors could ExpressVPN possibly be, especially to support its more expensive subscription plans?

With so many restrictions on OTT services and threats to internet privacy, I want to ensure that this service will be able to keep its promise by delivering detailed information:

  • Is it safe to use ExpressVPN?
  • Is ExpressVPN able to unblock Netflix and other OTT services?
  • Do the features live up to the price?
  • How is the speed?

Honestly speaking, yes the service lives up to the hype. For further details, keep on reading further!

ExpressVPN Overview

NordVPN Product Imge
Number of VPN servers3000+ server locations in 105 countries
Data collectionNo-log policy
Online protectionThreat Manager which blocks sites or apps from communicating with trackers and other malicious third parties.
Devices per account8
Money-back guarantee30 days and 100% risk-free
Advanced featuresNetwork Lock kill switch, Split Tunneling
Support24/7 live chat, email


ExpressVPN is the No. #1 rated VPN overall. It has the best security features and use latest technology. We have described the features in detail below.

Speed and Performance

One of the quickest VPNs I’ve ever tested is ExpressVPN; occasionally, I even lose track of my connection! Additionally, switching between servers only takes a few seconds, and I’ve never had a connectivity issue.

All of my speed tests were conducted from India, and I was astonished to see that ExpressVPN’s servers are consistently quick everywhere. In general, servers that are farther from your actual location have a slower response time.

However, there wasn’t much of a difference in server speeds across ExpressVPN’s adjacent and distant locations.

I repeatedly tested the servers in each nation, and the results were consistently consistent with little variation. Even though my ISP speed was slightly slower than usual, I was still able to surf the internet and download large files from any server address.

To investigate if ExpressVPN’s Lightway and OpenVPN protocols could increase my speed, I also put them to the test. ExpressVPN’s own VPN technology, called Lightway, is made to use fewer resources while yet providing top security and performance.

My speeds with Lightway were excellent, coming in at 104Mbps. The 101Mbps UDP protocol of OpenVPN is built for speed. I had quicker speeds using both of these protocols than I did with ExpressVPN’s default option.

Servers and their locations

It’s hard to find a better server list than the one offered by ExpressVPN. It enables the business to offer trustworthy connections and genuinely global coverage everywhere.

It can choose the optimal server for you based on load and distance even if you don’t have a specific location in mind.

Currently, It has 3000+ server locations spread over 105 nations, all over the world. Virtual servers can be placed anywhere. These can be grouped like this:

  • Standard servers: are simple servers designed for everyday tasks like secure online browsing.
  • Non-standard servers: Particular servers set aside for particular purposes like torrenting, getting around VPN restrictions, Double VPN, etc.

Additionally, each time the server restarts or goes down, all data is immediately erased. The likelihood of someone tampering with user information in data centers is drastically decreased by this technology.

Speaking of the locations of the servers, with the exception of Antarctica, it’s server network spans the entire world.

There are also specialty servers in addition to the normal ones that are tailored to meet certain user needs.

Not all server types are accessible in all countries, therefore you might want to visit their website for the most recent coverage changes.

Maximum Security and Privacy

Because of how it handles the security and privacy of its users, It is one of our top VPNs. To start, it encrypts internet traffic using 256-bit AES encryption.

Due to the fact that the U.S. military uses 256-bit AES, you may be familiar with the term “military-grade encryption.”

By using the VPN, you are essentially encrypting your traffic in a similar way to how the military does it.

Few reliable VPN services that offer:

  • Kill-Switch
  • Minimal logging
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Privacy-friendly jurisdiction

Is using ExpressVPN actually safe? Yes, it is among the safest VPN service providers available. It makes use of AES-256 encryption, RAM-only, industry-standard servers with frequent data deletions, and a number of protocols to keep you concealed.

What’s another benefit of ExpressVPN? Lightway. The VPN protocol Lightway was created by ExpressVPN. Lightway is a lightweight VPN protocol that can operate smoothly on mobile devices as compared to other VPN protocols.

Additionally, it is agile in that it can keep a VPN connection going even when your signal breaks or you transfer networks, ensuring that your VPN protection is consistent.

Simply by locating its corporate headquarters in the British Virgin Islands, a nation outside of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes monitoring networks, ExpressVPN is legally preserving the privacy of its users.

In essence, this means that ExpressVPN cannot be compelled to hand over any of its client information by the government.

However, It also adheres to a stringent logging policy. It never keeps a record of our online activity. It doesn’t record timestamps, IP addresses, or browsing histories, and it never sells our information to outside companies.


AES-256 encryption, which is used by banks and other governmental organizations to protect sensitive information.

It is a very strong cipher, so strong that it would take billions of years for a hacker to break it using a brute force assault (where they try many different combinations to unlock encryption keys).

It offered us a variety of protocols, including OpenVPN and its own own Lightway protocol. When we weren’t sure which to use, the VPN selected the best protocol for our particular circumstance.

Tunneling Protocols

Split tunneling is a feature that not many VPNs offer, and those that do usually only make it available on one or two apps, mainly Android.

However, all of ExpressVPN’s native Android, Windows, Mac, and router apps support split tunneling (iOS is currently unavailable).

A genuinely underestimated VPN feature is split tunneling. Split tunneling’s key benefit is the freedom to pick and choose which apps don’t use the VPN. Consider a scenario in which you want to visit a foreign website while also checking the local news in your nation.

You may set up one browser to remain connected to ExpressVPN while your default web browser does not use the VPN by turning on split tunneling.

ExpressVPN Automatic Kill Switch (Network Lock)

Particularly when the VPN connection is unstable or you are switching among servers, ExpressVPN’s automatic kill switch, or “Network Lock,” guarantees that your device and internet activity stay hidden.

This function is available on Linux, Android (as of version 7.4), Windows, Mac, and router apps. I was sorry to learn that iOS doesn’t support this feature, though.

On my Macbook Pro, Windows computer, and Android version 9 smartphone (which I used to test the kill switch), my internet was effectively blocked each time I manually terminated the VPN connection. Since it is already enabled, there is no need to waste time turning it on.

Privacy–friendly jurisdiction

Express VPN International Limited, a privately held business in the British Virgin Islands, is the owner of ExpressVPN (BVI). The BVI location of ExpressVPN is significant because:

  1. No legislation requiring the storage of data: Unlike Australia and several European nations, ExpressVPN is not legally obligated to retain any information about its users’ online activities.
  2. There are no widespread surveillance programs: In comparison to the pervasive monitoring used in nations like the US and UK, the BVI has rigorous privacy rules to safeguard its citizens and companies like ExpressVPN.
  3. Self-governing and autonomous jurisdiction: It is not governed by the laws of any other nation; it is exclusively subject to BVI law.
  4. External to the 5, 9, and 14 Eyes: The US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, and Spain are all a part of the “Eyes” intelligence-sharing network, but the BVI is not.

No–Logs Policy

Several VPN services make the claim that they store no logs, however this isn’t always the case. Despite having a “no-logs policy,” well-known VPN services nonetheless keep track of the IP addresses, connection timestamps, and devices of their users.

The fact that ExpressVPN’s no-logs policy has been confirmed and established is important because of this.

Authorities in Turkey wanted user logs from ExpressVPN in 2017. However, due to the no-logs policy, there wasn’t any information to present.

Additionally, because ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, it was exempt from Turkish law. The Turkish government then physically took control of an ExpressVPN server in an effort to capture user data, but they eventually failed.

As you can see, because there were no logs available, the officials were unable to collect any information about ExpressVPN’s users.

You do have the choice to share data with ExpressVPN’s technical support team for troubleshooting. This information consists of speed test results, connection errors, and program crashes.

Your privacy is still protected because every piece of data is anonymous and cannot be linked to any specific people or objects. I still advise choosing not to as an added measure of safety.

ExpressVPN Price and Payment Methods

I’ve observed that ExpressVPN is slightly on the costlier side, so I’ll start by addressing the pricing issue. But I would like to mention that long-term plans will be more beneficial in the long run. The price ranges for the various subscription plans are listed below.

Plan TypePrice
1 Month$12.95/month
6 Months$9.99/month subscribing to 6 months plan
12 Months$6.67/month subscribing to one year plan + 3 months free

A variety of payment options are available when you subscribe. In actuality, It provides more payment choices than the majority of its rivals. You have a choice of:

  1. PayPal
  2. BitPay (Bitcoin)
  3. Credit Cards:  MasterCard, Discover, JCB, American Express, Visa, Visa Electron, and Diners Club International.

ExpressVPN’s availability of anonymous payment methods like Mint and cryptocurrencies is particularly appealing to me. You can just use a fictitious email address to join up for ExpressVPN using one of these payment options.

As a result, you may use it anonymously without sharing your name or billing information. This guarantees that no one will be able to connect your online behavior with your real identity when combined with the rigorous no-logs policy.

Is ExpressVPN Good For Streaming, Torrenting and Gaming?

The best VPN for streaming, torrenting, and gaming is ExpressVPN. It offers fantastic speeds and unblocks several services from around the globe.


Best VPN Streaming

This implies that you will be able to stream-free view your preferred UHD (4K) TV shows and movies. In 2022, the following content platforms will be accessible with ExpressVPN from anywhere:

  1. Netflix: US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, Australia
  2. BBC iPlayer
  3. Hulu + Live TV
  4. Amazon Prime Video
  5. Disney+
  6. HBO Max

To view your favorite movies or TV series on a big screen, It also offers apps for Android TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick. Additionally, you may use its unblocking features on a range of smart TVs, game consoles, and streaming devices like Roku by configuring it on a router.

Torrenting and Gaming

Best VPN for Gaming

The best VPN for torrenting and gaming is ExpressVPN. It even features industry-leading encryption, limitless bandwidth, and P2P-optimized servers in more than 50 nations.

You will benefit from the fastest P2P-sharing speeds imaginable, allowing you to quickly complete all downloads and no lagging while gaming.

ExpressVPN Customer Support

The majority of your questions will be answered by ExpressVPN’s exceptional customer care. You can get in touch them using the 24/7 live chat!


Is ExpressVPN free?

On certain mobile devices, It does provide some free trial choices. The service is not, however, generally provided at no cost.
Instead, This is a premium service that may be subscribed to for a month, six months, or a year. There isn’t a completely free version of ExpressVPN in the conventional sense; the 12-month package comes with three extra months.

However, It provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want to try the service first.

Does ExpressVPN work with geo-blocked Netflix content?

Netflix is compatible with ExpressVPN. This implies that you can access the streaming service from anywhere in the world. In fact, most popular OTTs are compatible with ExpressVPN.

Is ExpressVPN legal to use?

This is a perfectly legitimate business as well as a VPN. The business is renowned for not tracking any web traffic and operates more than 2,000 VPN servers in 160 different countries.
Additionally, because the British Virgin Islands are not a member of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or 14 Eyes international monitoring coalitions, the company’s location there makes it even more reliable.

In other words, It can not be compelled by the authorities to provide client information. With VPN providers, that isn’t always the situation.