8 Best FlixTor Alternatives That Actually Work In 2023

Best FlixTor Alternatives

In this article, you will be revealed FlixTor alternatives and you will be able to watch uninterrupted movies and TV shows. There are many versions of FlixTor that you can use to watch your best show. All of these mentioned FlixTor alternatives have their own merits and demerits, let’s discuss them in detail.

No Doubt that these services are totally free of charge which is why these alternative versions of FlicTor are open to more risk of data leakage to third parties and revealing of true IP addresses may lead to serious consequences. This is where VPN comes into action. it will help you to stream risk-free without changing the location.

Let’s dive into the article and learn more about the best Flixtor alternatives.

8 Best FlixTor Alternatives

Now, it’s time to discuss in detail 8 versions of FlixTor. In detail, we will learn about these websites:

1. PopcornFlix


It offers a trip down memory lane to the golden era of Hollywood. Additionally, the video quality is excellent, and I encountered no streaming delays. However, it’s worth noting that you may encounter occasional interruptions from ads during your viewing experience.

What enhances the user experience is its straightforward interface, which simplifies content discovery. Popcornflix categorizes its content into various sections such as animation, trending, spotlight, new releases, and more.

The search feature proves handy, but you can also explore content by genre. Notably, there’s a wide array of genres available, including action, sci-fi, comedy, drama, horror, health and fitness, documentaries, children’s shows, and more.

2. MoviesJoy


MoviesJoy is a remarkable free HD streaming platform that stands out for its ad-free experience. It consistently delivered reliable performance during my trials, devoid of those annoying pop-ups that can disrupt your viewing pleasure.

The best part is that it offers worldwide accessibility, not restricted to any specific country, and there’s no need to go through a registration process.

Its user-friendly interface and well-defined categories make it a breeze to discover the content you’re looking for. You have the flexibility to filter by genre, country, and content type (movies or TV shows), and there’s even a dedicated Top IMDB category for film enthusiasts.

Additionally, android users can take advantage of the dedicated app, allowing them to enjoy their favorite titles on their smartphones.

3. Subsmovies


Subsmovies offers a sleek user interface that simplifies the streaming experience. While it resembles a basic video index, it distinguishes itself by playing your selected video directly on the website, eliminating the need to venture into unfamiliar third-party streaming sites.

The platform conveniently arranges videos by quality and source, enabling you to swiftly locate the optimal version of the title you’re seeking.

True to its name, Subsmovies places a strong emphasis on delivering content with subtitles. This feature proves invaluable for individuals with hearing impairments or those struggling to find movies in their native language.

With Subsmovies, you can conveniently pause the video at any moment to access a translation of the subtitles, enhancing accessibility and viewing pleasure.

4. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Crackle offers an extensive collection of Hollywood, BBC, and other premium production movies and shows, along with its own original content to keep you thoroughly entertained. Whether you’re in the mood for popular comedies, non-English horror films, or enlightening science documentaries, Crackle has you covered.

The majority of its content maintains a high standard and originates from well-respected film studios, all available at no expense to the viewer.

The platform provides convenient filtering options, allowing you to sort content by movies or TV shows, release dates, genres, age ratings, IMDb ratings, or the latest releases.

5. TubiTV (Tubi)


Much like Popconflix, Tubi provides native apps that are highly user-friendly and compatible with a wide range of popular operating systems. It extends its accessibility to Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Samsung, Sony smart TVs, and PlayStation, making it an excellent FlixTor alternative for those who enjoy watching free movies and series on diverse devices.

Tubi’s content library is notably impressive and thoughtfully organized into three major categories: movies/TV shows, Tubi Kids, and Live TV.

Additionally, the website stands out for its remarkable speed and responsiveness. Users can even customize their viewing experience by adjusting the size of subtitles or opting to remove them if they find them distracting.

6. Putlocker


Putlocker, a household name among streaming enthusiasts, has been visited by millions of fans worldwide. This website stands out as one of the top Flixtor alternatives. Its standout feature is the robust search bar that efficiently scours the site to deliver precisely what you’re looking for.

Furthermore, Putlocker hosts its own blog, which keeps visitors updated on the latest website developments, including new additions and recently released movies and TV shows.

It’s crucial to note that Putlocker has had associations with security concerns and data breaches in the past. To safeguard against potential cyber threats, it is highly recommended to utilize Ivacy VPN.

7. Torrent TV

Torrent TV

Much like Popcorn Time, Torrent TV requires you to install its specific media player or application in order to access movies and shows. Once you’ve completed this setup, you gain access to the website’s extensive content library.

Among the myriad Flixtor alternatives available, Torrent TV distinguishes itself with its exceptional website design. It boasts a sleek, minimalist, and intuitive interface, making it an ideal starting point for those new to the world of online torrenting and streaming.

What sets this platform apart from other Flixtor alternatives is its unique capability to allow users to both download and stream content simultaneously, offering a versatile and convenient streaming experience.

8. YMovies


Ymovies offers online streaming, and akin to the majority of online streaming platforms, it doesn’t allow users to download content.

This straightforward and conventional website is hassle-free and serves as an excellent choice, especially when other Flixtor alternatives may not meet your requirements.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best for FlixTor Alternatives

Among the VPNs I examined for FlixTor alternatives, ExpressVPN emerged as the fastest. TV shows and movies loaded instantly and played smoothly without any buffering issues. While most VPNs typically result in a 20-30% reduction in speed, ExpressVPN, thanks to its proprietary Lightway protocol, maintained video quality without noticeable degradation.

When connecting to ExpressVPN’s US and Canada servers, I achieved an average download speed of 46.08 Mbps. This represents only a 16.6% decrease from my initial speed of 55.24 Mbps, comfortably surpassing the 25 Mbps requirement for UHD streaming.

Boasting a vast network of 3,000 servers worldwide, ExpressVPN excels at bypassing geo-restrictions. In the United States, it offers 24 server locations, ensuring seamless access to FlixTor alternatives such as Sony Crackle and Tubi.

ExpressVPN further simplifies the process by automatically selecting the fastest server within your chosen country, enhancing the user experience.

Is it legal and safe to use FlixTor alternatives?

The legality of free streaming services hinges on the specific websites you’re using and your geographical location. It’s important to note that the permissibility of services like FlixTor can differ from one country to another.

Can I use a free VPN with FlixTor alternatives?

While it’s possible to come across free VPN services that promise access to websites like FlixTor, it’s essential to be cautious. These free options often lack robust security and privacy features, potentially exposing your data to risks

Can I get a virus or malware from a free streaming site?

Indeed, a common characteristic of free streaming sites such as Flixtor is the abundance of ads.

To Conclude

Our comprehensive list of Flixtor alternatives equips you with a range of choices to continue enjoying online streaming whenever you wish. However, considering the diversity of options available, and the potential security concerns associated with some, it’s crucial to make informed decisions and exercise prudence in your online activities.

As you stream content on any of these Flixtor alternatives, prioritize the security of your data and communications by using Express VPN.