7 Best Milly Alock Movies and TV Shows to Watch In 2024

Best Milly Alock Movies and TV Shows

Are you too a fan of Milly Alock? Milly Alcock has quickly become a noteworthy figure for a variety of reasons. She’s gained significant recognition for her remarkable portrayal of Rhaenyra Targaryen in HBO‘s highly anticipated series, “House of the Dragon,” which is a prequel to the immensely popular “Game of Thrones”.

Critics have showered the show with praise, and it’s evident that Alcock’s acting prowess has played a pivotal role in its success.

However, for those eager to explore her filmography, it’s important to note that her career is still in its infancy. While you may need to do some thorough research to discover her previous projects, hidden gems are undoubtedly waiting to be uncovered. Here, we will provide a comprehensive list of Milly Alcock’s television and movie credits.

List of 7 Best Milly Alock Movies and TV Shows

1. House of the Dragon (2022)

DirectorMatthew Saville, Mirrah Foulkes, Tim Minchin
GenreFantasy, Adventure
CastTim Minchin, Milly Alcock, Ella Scott Lynch, Heather Mitchell
IMDB ratings8.4

This show has truly left an indelible mark! The Game of Thrones prequel masterfully captures the same epic scale and grandeur that characterized the earlier seasons while infusing it with a fresh and distinctive identity of its own.

And of course, it’s impossible to overlook the remarkable contribution of Milly Alcock in the initial episodes of the series.

Her portrayal of Rhaenyra Targaryen has earned well-deserved acclaim, standing out as one of the standout aspects of the entire show thus far. Alcock grants us a window into the Targaryens’ world before Robert Baratheon and his family’s reign brought about their downfall.

Fans even expressed their disappointment when it was revealed she would be recast for the second part of the show, a testament to her immense talent and the connection viewers had formed with her character.

2. Pine Gap (2018)

DirectorMark Leonard twin, Jason Chong
GenreMystery, Thriller
CastTess Haubrich, Mark Leonard,Sachin joab
IMDB ratings7.2

The series unfolds in the fictional setting of Pine Gap, a secretive military base jointly operated by the United States and Australian military.

The show delves into the complexities and tensions that arise between these two nations as they strive to maintain the facility’s operations at their peak.

Gripping and consistently entertaining, “Pine Gap” is one of those series that keeps viewers engaged with every episode.

If you haven’t had the chance to watch “Pine Gap” yet, it’s definitely a show worth considering. While it may not reach the same heights as some other political dramas, “Pine Gap” still offers an enjoyable viewing experience, and Milly Alcock’s performance is a standout.

3. Reckoning (2020)

DirectorShawn Seet, Jennifer Leacey, Peter Andrikidis
CastAden Young, Sam Trammell, Simone Kessell, Milly Alcock
IMDB ratings6.6

“Reckoning” takes viewers on a chilling journey into the psyches of two individuals, unveiling the horrors hidden in the deepest recesses of the human mind. This series delves into darkness and disturbance, presenting a terrifyingly realistic portrayal.

However, amidst its intricate character development and intense drama, “Reckoning” grapples with a notably slow pacing.

If you’re seeking a more straightforward narrative, this series may not align with your preferences. While the first season drew mixed reviews from critics, some did commend the show for its distinctive and unique style.

4. The School (2018)

DirectorMegan Drury, Texas Watterson, Milly Alcock
CastMegan Drury, Texas Watterson, Milly Alcock
IMDB ratings4

At the very least, “The School” can be acknowledged as Milly Alcock’s initial venture into the world of movies. Perhaps, with her newfound recognition from “House of the Dragon,” this film might garner a fresh perspective among Alcock’s fans.

Some enthusiasts may even appreciate seeing Rhaenyra take on a role in a campy horror flick rather than the gritty fantasy drama they are accustomed to.

It’s somewhat reminiscent of Kit Harington’s appearance in a cheesy horror film inspired by a video game franchise – a reference to his role in “Silent Hill: Revelation.”

5. High Life

DirectorLuke Eve
CastOdessa Young, Paul Gleeson, Milly Alcock
IMDB ratings5.8

In the Australian comedy-drama film “High Life,” we follow the narrative of Dick, a drug dealer on a quest to transform his life and rebuild his bond with his estranged daughter, portrayed by Milly Alcock.

Sal, a troubled teenager grappling with her inner demons, is at the center of the story. Her relationship with her father is strained, and she’s coping with the aftermath of her mother’s passing.

For Milly’s fans looking to watch the film in Canada, Hotstar is the platform of choice to embark on the journey. As Sal and Dick gradually rekindle their connection, the film unfolds into a heartwarming and emotionally charged tale of self-discovery and redemption.

6. The Gloaming

DirectorGreg McLean, Sian Davies, Michael Rymer
PlatformDisney +
CastEmma Booth, Milly Alcock, Aaron Pedersen, Rena Owen
IMDB ratings6.6

Milly Alcock’s best work to date now is “The Gloaming”. After watching it, you will surely agree that she would turn out to be one of the most skilled actors.

Set against a backdrop of intrigue and mystery, the show centers on a detective’s relentless investigation into a series of murders that bear an enigmatic connection to a haunting event from the past.

7. Janet King

DirectorPeter Andrikidis, Grant Brown, Ian Watson, Catherine Millar
GenreLegal Drama
CastMarta Dusseldorp, Damian Walshe-Howling, Hamish Michael, Christopher Morris, Milly Alcock
IMDB ratings7.7

Janet King is one of the most talked about political drama series available on Acorn TV, revolves around the life of a senior prosecutor who is caught in a crime for which he is accused but he has not done anything unfair.

Milly Alock has not appeared in the entire series but only in a few episodes but her character took the heart of people and fell in love with her and her work.

How old is Millie’s Game of Thrones?

She was 22 years old when she played the character sketch of Rhaenyra Targaryen.

How many awards has Milly Alcock won in total?

Up Till now, she has won 1 award.

Where was Milly Alcock born?

She was born in Sydney, Australia.

To conclude

As we are now at the termination of this article and have read about the work of Milly Alock and the top 7 Best releases. Milly Alcock is a phenomenal actress who has emerged as a graceful standout for Australians.

Australian audiences appreciated as well criticized her work as well. Milly Alock became one of the chief TV screen Artists for her country and people.

As she made her debut in the movie “Upright’ and proceeded with “House of the Dragon” Alock played heart-winning roles and earned her fame.

Now her career is what the coming generation would be proud of and look forward to her. Hope all the above-mentioned movies and TV shows will be worth your time.