11 Best Torrent Sites Still Working In 2023

Best Torrent Sites

These days, finding trustworthy and clean torrent sites can be pretty difficult. Many of them are removed nearly immediately as a result of copyright concerns. Or, just when you discover a perfect torrenting website, it turns out to be cluttered with spyware and advertisements.

Additionally, if you utilize piracy websites carelessly, issues could arise. The largest one is that downloading copyrighted content is strongly discouraged in many nations, including the US. As a result, downloading these materials inadvertently could result in serious penalties.

The 11 best torrent sites that are operational in 2023 are included in this article. We’ll also provide you with some advice on how to enjoy P2P file sharing without any problems. Not to mention, we’ll suggest some of the best VPNs to help you stay safe while downloading torrents.

Is using torrent sites legal?

It depends on the nation and the shared content if using torrenting websites is lawful. It is not always illegal to share files over P2P. However, a lot of pirate websites distribute protected content without the owner’s consent.

And in many nations, like the US, Germany, and the UK, that is seen as unlawful. Taking part in such acts may have legal repercussions.

We advise choosing legal alternatives, such as streaming services, online marketplaces, or platforms that provide permitted downloads if you don’t want to run into difficulties using torrenting websites. To avoid risks and enjoy complete peace of mind while torrenting, you can also utilize a P2P VPN.

11 Best Torrent Sites: Overview

In order to determine whether they are functional, have no or little malware, and offer a range of content, we investigated and tested more than 50 top free torrent sites. So let’s explore the top torrent sites that are still functional.

Again, for your safety, to prevent ISP bandwidth restriction, and to protect yourself from other online dangers, we advise only utilizing the top VPNs for P2P.

1. The Pirate Bay: the most content-rich torrenting website

The Pirate Bay

Features include:

  • Plenty of seeders.
  • The largest and most established sites.
  • Easily navigable.

The Pirate Bay is reportedly one of the most reputable and well-established torrenting websites. There are numerous trustworthy mirror sites, despite the fact that it is blocked in many nations.

In terms of content, not many pirate websites can compete with TPB. Software, TV shows, novels, video games, adult movies, and much more are all available on this website.

You may anticipate quick download rates because The Pirate Bay has a large number of seeders as a result of its popularity. Additionally, a lot of files are verified to make sure they are safe and free of malware.

Furthermore, TPB offers a straightforward layout, so utilizing it shouldn’t be too challenging even if you’re new to torrenting websites. Ads are the sole drawback, but you can simply avoid them by using a VPN together with Adblock.

The mirror site – https://pirate-proxy.mov/ or https://piratebay.live/

2. 1337x: a flexible torrent search engine with a huge file library



  • Uses cryptocurrency donations to get around advertisements
  • Numerous active users.
  • A stylish website design.

The top torrent engine for searching, sometimes compared to The Pirate Bay, is 1337x. It will rank as the second-most popular piracy website in 2023, according to TorrentFreak.

Because 1337x has such a wide variety of content, whether you’re looking to stream a TV show or play a classic game, you will probably find it there. Additionally, there are many seeders, so poor download rates won’t be a problem.

The site should be simple to navigate and look much nicer than TPB. Ads are few because 1337x relies on cryptocurrency donations for funding. Although it is fairly secure, you might still require a no-logs VPN to safeguard your privacy. You must also register in order to download files of any kind.

Mirror link: https://www.1337x.tw/ or https://www.1377x.to/

3. Torrent Downloads: optimum torrent search engine


Torrent Downloads
  • Unique website.
  • Millions of viewers.
  • Best for forgotten titles.

One of the pioneers of the scene is Torrent Downloads. However, because of the Pirate Bay’s and other torrent sites’ far larger libraries, their traffic has gradually reduced over time (it currently stands at about five million users per month).

Furthermore, it’s not offered in many places because it’s been the subject of government investigations. When we tested the site, the average torrent download speed was between 2 and 3 MB/s, and the ad incursion was occasionally annoying.

We included it in our selection of the top torrent sites since it is an excellent alternative for more unknown titles in all genres.

Therefore, you can attempt a brief search on Torrent Downloads if you’ve been hunting for a vintage video game on some of the greatest game torrent sites and you can’t locate it or are seeking a rare book. Particularly Asian games appear to use a significant portion of their servers.

Mirror site: https://www.torrentdownloads.pro/

4. YTS: reputable torrent sites for movies



  • Excellent choice of English and international content
  • Quick download times
  • Simple to use

The top movie piracy website is frequently named YTS or YIFY. Although it has been the subject of a few litigation in the United States, it is still active. It has around 40,000 movies and over 70 million subscribers, according to various sources.

Additionally, you have a choice over the content’s quality and subtitles. Even though you’ll find a few advertisements, you can remove them using an effective ad blocker.

YTS’s website is excellent in terms of utilization. You have the option of downloading or watching a movie online when you click on a title. The website also shows cast, summary, reviews, ratings, and other information.

Reading the user comments will help you determine whether the content is authentic. Finally, in order to fully enjoy YTS, you’ll need an account.

Mirror Site: https://yts.mx/ or https://www.yts.homes/

5. EZTV: best TV program torrent site



  • A sizable TV series database.
  • Countdown list for new material.
  • Ability to download full seasons at once.

The best torrent site for TV episodes, animation, and anime is EZTV. You won’t find any games or applications here because it only features particular types of content.

However, given that the site receives over 20 million visitors each month, there should be enough number of seeders. Additionally, you can download complete seasons and shows at once.

For new releases, it has a helpful countdown tool. Additionally, you may sort files to make it simpler to discover the information you need. However, there are a lot of issues with the interface. The website as a whole appears dated, to start.

Additionally, there are no photographs or reviews to aid in identifying the shows. Additionally, there is no feedback from others, and if you don’t use a trustworthy VPN with an ad blocker, you can be inundated with advertisements.

Mirror site: https://eztv1.xyz/ or https://eztv.wf/

6. AnimeK: convenient anime torrenting website



  • Excellent for both new and classic anime
  • Fantastic user interface
  • A large number of seeders

AnimeK remains one of the most dependable anime torrent sites despite being less well-known. It provides a ton of shows in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. The anime is orderly organized, and both recent and older episodes are available. You won’t find other forms of content on AnimeK because it only features television shows, including EZTV and YTS.

The most frequently requested titles with photographs are displayed on the home page. There is a wealth of important information available when you click on a certain anime, including descriptions, ratings, the amount of episodes, and tags.

In addition, AnimeK offers links to official streaming providers that offer the specific anime, unlike numerous other torrenting websites. Even though this site is not as well-known as the other one, it nevertheless has lots of seeders for fast downloads.

Mirror site: https://animek.fun/

7. FitGirl Repack: for games and emulators, the finest torrent site

FitGirl Repack


  • Full of the most recent games 
  • Useful troubleshooting section
  • Zero ads, backed by crypto

FitGirl Repacks is one of the top game piracy websites. Games developed for those with sluggish or meager internet speed are available on the website and are significantly compressed.

FitGirl advertises that their software is 100% lossless & MD5 Perfect and all files are exactly to originals after installation. One can choose where to download a game from the website because there are several download mirrors there.

There are now more than 70 pages of video game content. FitGirl Repacks also provides PS3 and Switch emulators. There is a helpful troubleshooting section if your torrent game isn’t installed for you.

Additionally, as the website is supported by cryptocurrency donations, there are no adverts. There is one small issue: there are many dangerous imitation websites. So be cautious and confirm that you are on the genuine page.

Mirror site: https://fitgirl-repacks.site/

8. AudioBook Bay: largest torrent site for audiobooks

AudioBook Bay


  • Language-specific content
  • Effective search filters
  • Requests function

If you like listening to books rather than reading them, AudioBook Bay is the best torrenting website. You won’t find any games or TV shows here because it only offers certain stuff.

However, it offers audiobooks in a variety of languages, including English, German, and Spanish. Additionally, there is also a “request feature” if you can’t find the information you need.

You can also use a variety of criteria to select and hone in on specific audiobooks. If you’re unsure about the security of the mirror download, you can always look in the forum.

Although we had incredibly random results, the search option may use some improvement. Additionally, there were numerous adverts that were very annoying.

Mirror Site: https://audiobookbay.is/

9. MyAnonaMouse: excellent book torrent database



  • More than 60,000 torrents
  • Outstanding in terms of seeders
  • Provides both audiobooks and ebooks.

The best location to hunt for free books is on the most popular torrenting website, MyAnonaMouse. It is a personal tracker that provides access to a variety of comic books, audiobooks, periodicals, and ebooks. The website is thought to have over 60,000 torrent files. To be admitted, you must, however, get through the interview procedure.

When you have access, the content list will be shown. There are many helpful filters that you may use to reduce the number of search results. The category, title of the material, size of the file, and seed/leech ratio are also displayed on the list.

Additionally, there is a helpful FAQ section and a forum. There is also a donation option if you want to contribute to the page.

Mirror site: https://www.myanonamouse.net

10. LimeTorrents: search engine for advanced torrent searches



  • Different types of content
  • One of the earliest websites
  • Domain files are open

LimeTorrents is another time-tested favorite that has improved significantly since its launch in 2009. This one is different from the majority of the other torrent websites on this list since it gathers search outcomes from other torrent websites rather than being a tracker for torrents. It does, however, provide practically everything, from TV series to porn.

Although LimeTorrents doesn’t have the most contemporary design, it is comparatively simple to use. It resembles TPB and 1337x in appearance. You can also use a voting mechanism to determine whether or not a file is secure.

Related torrents are a helpful tool that might aid in locating content that is comparable. The major drawback is that you are going to be inundated with advertisements and unwanted pop-up windows.

Mirror site: https://www.limetor.com/ or https://www.limetorrents.lol/

11. MacTorrents: the top Mac torrenting website



  • The most recent Mac software 
  • Responses section
  • Efficacious and simple interface

The finest torrenting website for macOS users is MacTorrents. It provides the most recent Apple computer software, games, and applications. On this torrent website, for instance, you can get Adobe Photoshop. However, utilize a VPN to prevent copyright violations.

There are only a few basic elements, thus the interface is really straightforward. You’ll get detailed information and download links when you click on a file.

Additionally, you can read the comments to determine whether the file is secure. Ads and pop-ups are a few of the issues. Adblockers can be used to block them, although the website will prompt you to do so periodically.

Mirror site: https://www.torrentmac.net/

How did we select and test the top torrent site?

We examined and tested more than 30 well-known torrenting websites to determine if they function and offer enough high-quality content. The following are the primary factors we considered:

  • To have a trouble-free torrenting experience, we selected websites that provide safety measures.
  • Upload and download speeds were our concerns to select the sites.
  • Movies, music, software, and games are just a few examples of the types of material that above mentioned websites may specialize in.
  • Many torrenting websites rely on advertising to make money, thus they are rife with malicious adverts and pop-ups that activate on their own. Therefore, websites with a higher percentage of donations or hardly any adverts were ranked better.
  • Another one of our top priorities was considering user opinions and suggestions.

Why utilize a VPN when using torrent sites?

Due to privacy and security concerns, utilizing a reliable VPN for torrenting websites is essentially required. Your data will be protected by encryption provided by a reputable virtual private.

Additionally, you won’t need to be concerned about the authorities, your ISP, or snoopers watching every move you make and download thanks to anonymity features.

Not to mention, you can access blocked torrenting websites that are unavailable in your country while getting over geo-blocks.

We suggest using ExpressVPN. Because it has every feature you could ask for. The features include:

  • Safeguarding from cyber threats.
  • 3000+ servers in 90+ countries.
  • Adblocking technology.
  • Fast upload and download speed.


Which Torrent sites should I stay away from?

One should avoid KickAssTorrents (KAT), RARGB, and TorrentGalaxy– these three sites.

How can torrenting websites be used safely?

Keep three points in mind. They are: always use a VPN like ExpressVPN, watch what files you are downloading, and avoid any pop-ups and suspicious links.

Are Torrent sites legal to use?

Torrenting websites are, in essence, legal. The files it includes ultimately determine how it works. Copyrighted content is widely available on torrenting websites, and downloading these shows, films, or video games is extremely prohibited in various nations.

Wrap Up

There are still many excellent torrenting websites, even though many are being closed down for violating copyright rules. There is an excellent chance that a specific torrent search engine will have the software or TV show you’re seeking. 1337x and TPB are among our favorites because they provide the most file options.

But keep in mind that downloading copyrighted music, movies, and software is against the law and could put you in debt. As a result, you should always confirm that the content you want is in the public domain.

We advise using a VPN, such as ExpressVPN, if you wish to prevent mishaps. It will make sure that you are not tracked down and penalized for unintentionally downloading unauthorized material.