How to Bypass Netflix VPN Ban? Essential Tips for 2023

Bypass Netflix VPN Ban

Are you trying to bypass Netflix VPN ban? Since Netflix and other streaming providers started cracking down on VPN use, it has been more challenging for customers to watch material from other regions.

Simple copyright rules and license agreements, which streaming services must enforce to stay out of legal trouble, differ from nation to country.

Due to the decision of Netflix to ban VPNs, customers frequently get error warnings while attempting to access content from different countries. Looking for a way to bypass Netflix VPN ban? You should use this manual.

To access region-locked services, use a VPN to spoof your location. Streaming platforms employ VPN-detection features to counter this. This guide offers tips to bypass these blocks and restore content access. It also suggests Express VPN as a top choice for Netflix.

How to Bypass Netflix VPN ban (VPN restriction)

  • Join a trustworthy Netflix VPN. Our top pick is ExpressVPN, which is now 49% off.
  • Install the proper VPN program for your device after downloading it.
  • Connect to the server of your choice after logging into your VPN account. Choose an access point in Britain if you wish to explore UK Netflix.
  • Reload Netflix after clearing the cookie cache in your browser. Get unrestricted enjoyment of all the fresh content!

How Netflix Recognizes Users of VPNs

In 2017, Netflix essentially banned a number of VPNs. Numerous consumers suddenly discovered that their Netflix VPN was not functioning.

Platforms like Netflix have the ability to identify sequences of identical IP addresses and block them, thus taking down all of a VPN’s servers at once.

Additionally, some specialized businesses gather all the VPN users’ IP addresses and sell their data to services like Netflix, significantly simplifying the process of user screening. However, it’s not the most accurate method of traffic filtering.

Netflix initially presents itself as if it is available in your nation. As a result, it can read the next IP address’s country code. Netflix runs a different server where it keeps the video content in addition to the website. Prior to granting accessibility to the server hosting the video content, a stringent protocol is employed to verify whether someone is using a VPN.

Netflix does not always successfully detect VPN use, though. They occasionally commit errors and penalize completely innocent users. They frequently miss individuals who utilize the top VPNs for streaming. No matter how stringent their security procedures are, it’s unlikely that Netflix will ever completely ban VPN services.

What Makes a VPN Good to Bypass Netflix VPN Ban?

Accessing streaming content from different countries is the main purpose of using a VPN to access the Netflix service, so any acceptable VPN should also offer a big server list. The ideal VPN compatibility ranges from desktops, laptops, smartphones, smart TVs (such as Android TV), devices that stream (such as Chromecast or Playstation), and routers.

A wonderful bonus would be if the service was immune to VPN bans generally, like with Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and other streaming services. In addition to Netflix, it should have DNS leak prevention (which eliminates leaks during DNS requests).

Cheaper is preferable because you presumably don’t want to spend a fortune only to utilize a VPN with Netflix. For testing purposes, a full refund within thirty days is also acceptable.

You should always check the real server lists to make sure your desired location is adequately represented if you intend to use a VPN for accessing Netflix libraries in certain countries,

How to Bypass Netflix VPN ban effectively?

Here are some processes to bypass Netflix VPN ban:

1. Change the VPN Server

Changing servers is one of the best methods to get around Netflix VPN restrictions. It will not function if the server you are using right now is banned, regardless of what you try. You must go into your VPN account and choose a new server location in order to change servers.

The best option is to pick a server that is situated in a nation where Netflix is accessible. You may explore various Netflix content libraries by changing Netflix regions by switching between different servers.

If you’re unsure which server to select, ask the customer care team of your VPN service for advice. Connect to the new server you’ve chosen and attempt to view Netflix once more.

2. Clear the browser cookies and cache

The Netflix proxy problem can occasionally be brought on by the cookies and cache on your device interfering with your VPN connection. Your cookies and cache can be cleared to deal with the issue.

Go to the settings or options menu on your browser when it has opened. Locate and click on the privacy or security area. Choose the option to delete your browsing history or cache. Click the clean data or clear history button after checking the boxes for cookies and cache.

3. On your device, disable IPv6

Your true IP address may occasionally leak over IPv6 and result in the Netflix proxy issue. You may turn off IPv6 on your device to prevent this.

  1. Go to the network or internet area of your device’s settings.
  2. Then locate and choose the network connection management option.
  3. Locate the IPv6 option and disable it.

Disabling IPv6 on your device is one way to get around the Netflix VPN limitation even if you’re using a VPN. The more recent IPv6 internet protocol can get around VPNs, exposing your real IP address to Netflix. You may make sure that your device only utilizes IPv4, which is appropriate for VPNs, by deactivating IPv6.

Depending on the operating system, different procedures may need to be taken to disable IPv6 on your device. The basic procedures for a few popular devices are as follows:

  • Windows: Select Change adapter settings under Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel. Uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) by clicking the Properties button when you right-click on your VPN connection.
  • Mac: Select your VPN connection under Network in System Preferences. In the TCP/IP tab, click Advanced, then choose “Link-local only” from the Configure IPv6 dropdown menu.
  • iOS: Open Settings, select Wi-Fi, and then tap the blue “i” next to the Wi-Fi network you want to access. When you get to the IPv6 area, choose “Off.”
  • Android: These users should navigate to Settings, select Network & Internet, and then select Advanced. Enter a DNS service that only supports IPv4 after choosing Private DNS, such as DNS. Google or

Best VPN to Bypass Netflix VPN Ban

The sophisticated features of ExpressVPN are made to regularly get around VPN restrictions. You can always discover a Netflix connection because of its vast network of obscured servers and changing IPs.

I was finally able to access every Netflix library I tried throughout my tests, including those from everywhere. I never encountered irritating issues when accessing my favorite shows on Netflix because I never noticed that I had installed a VPN.

Its consistent server upkeep and IP upgrades can be partly blamed for its unblocking powers. ExpressVPN already has a large number of functional IPs available for you in case Netflix or another streaming provider discovers and blocks an ExpressVPN IP.

Additionally, because of its strong leak prevention and Private DNS, you’ll be less likely to experience a block as a result of your genuine IP being disclosed.

The VPN’s tiny price premium over the other services on this list is its sole minor drawback. However, ExpressVPN frequently provides year-round, sizable savings. I received a three-month period of services for free and a 49% discount on my membership when I chose the yearly plan.

A thirty-day money-back assurance is offered on all plans. I contacted customer service via the available 24/7 chat service and canceled my subscription to check how dependable the refund policy is. The agent just enquired as to why, and then swiftly approved my request. After three days, I received my money returned to my bank account.

Positive Qualities:

  • The Lightway Protocol. In comparison to OpenVPN, ExpressVPN’s unique Lightway protocol is quicker and as effective in unblocking platforms. My testing of its US servers revealed an average downloading speed of 99.43Mbps, which is only 9% slower than my primary connection of 109.83Mbps.
  • ExpressVPN offers unlimited amounts of bandwidth. Without any data limitations, you are free to explore, stream, or download as many files as you like.
  • 8 connections are active at once. You may use ExpressVPN on every one of your devices with a single account. I streamed Crunchyroll simultaneously from multiple devices with no lag.
  • A wide range of device compatibility. On gadgets like FireStick, Apple TV, gaming consoles, and smart TVs, you can unblock Netflix with ease. It offers a native client for Fire devices, and you can access US Netflix on devices that aren’t typically compatible with VPNs thanks to its MediaStreamer (Smart DNS) service.


Does Netflix block users of VPNs?

No, using a VPN is not prohibited on Netflix. However, if Netflix determines that you’re utilizing a VPN, you won’t be able to watch anything.

How do I get Netflix to stop censoring my VPN?

The use of a dedicated IP is the most effective approach to get around Netflix’s VPN banning. Your IP address won’t be used by anybody else in this situation, making it more unlikely to be found and blacklisted. The top VPN for streaming, NordVPN, has a unique IP option.

Which nation should I choose for my Netflix VPN?

The Netflix collection you want to access should determine which country you choose for your VPN. You can connect to any US server using a VPN or similar technology if you wish to access Netflix material from the US. ExpressVPN is the best option. It has extensive global coverage, top-notch security, and anonymity, and seamlessly integrates with Netflix.

Bottom Line

You should now be somewhat familiar with how to bypass Netflix VPN ban. It is really quite straightforward. Find a VPN provider you can trust to keep their infrastructure and software up to date in order to keep up with Netflix.

That might sound easy, but it’s simple to get locked into a VPN subscription that prevents you from accessing Netflix. For this reason, you need to carefully consider your VPN provider and ensure that it has an excellent record of unblocking well-known streaming services.

ExpressVPN is the best option for Netflix. Thanks to SmartPlay, it is quick, dependable, has a large server network, and works with practically any streaming accessory. Additionally, you can get around Netflix’s prohibitions against password sharing by using a special tool called Meshnet.