How to Cancel Hulu Subscription On Your Device (Updated 2024)

Cancel Hulu Subscription

Yes! We know that you too are struggling to cancel Hulu subscription that’s why we got you a remedy. In this article, we will be explaining at length steps on how to cancel Hulu subscription.

Since there are countless streaming platforms running nowadays and it’s hard to keep track and select any one out of many. Streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Jio Cinema, Amazon and many more.

Some of the readers might think that Why people take the subscription in the first place. So, In this contemporary era, it’s quite common, especially with streaming platforms that they provide a free trial for the first month which allures the audience and the viewer falls into this trap.

And to get access to that free trial one has to get fill in the bank credentials so that in case that particular account remained logged in after the free trial autopay will happen and an automatic subscription will take place. So, to escape these kinds of faults and cancel Hulu subscription on your device read the below article.

How to cancel Hulu on Android

To cancel Hulu subscription one has to download the hulu first:

  1. Download the Hulu application.
  2. Sign in and Fill up the credentials which you used at the time of subscription.
  3. Now, Open Hulu app on your Android device, Click on the Profile button at the Bottom right corner of your application.
  4. Scroll down twice and Click on the Option which says ” Cancel your Subscription”.
  5. It might take a couple of Seconds to proceed further.
  6. Before they permanently cancel your subscription, they will ask the reason.
  7. Once you added the reason, you will be permanently free from your Hulu subscription.

How to cancel Hulu on iOS (Any device)

Take these below steps if you are wrestling with canceling your subscription of Hulu on iOS, be it any Apple device these steps will help you get out of Hulu subscription.s

  1. Download the Hulu application on your iOS gadget.
  2. Put in the credentials you used at the time of Subscribing to Hulu.
  3. Go to the settings of your Apple device.
  4. Now, Click on your Apple ID.
  5. After that, the option will appear to select subscriptions.
  6. Now you will see all the subscriptions which you have taken using this particular Apple ID.
  7. Choose a Hulu subscription.
  8. After selecting Hulu, Choose Cancel Subscription.
  9. You can also cancel the free trial subscription.
  10. Fill in the reason of cancellation of hulu subscription.
  11. Hurray! Finally, you got rid of your Hulu subscription.

How to Cancel Hulu on PlayStation 4

In this fast tech era gaming and streaming are growing at a rapid rate. And the boon is PlayStation where you can play games and stream all together.

If you have also unknowingly have subscribed Hulu on your PS4, Follow these steps and get rid of Hulu subscription on your PS4.

  1. Connect your PlayStation to your device.
  2. Go to the Settings on the home screen.
  3. Now, Select Account Management.
  4. Click on the Account Information.
  5. Choose PlayStation Subscriptions.
  6. Now you are able to see all the subscriptions you have unknowingly or knowingly taken.
  7. Select Hulu subscriptions.
  8. Lastly, they will ask the reason for the subscription.
  9. After you fill in the reason, you are permanently out of your Hulu subscription.

How to Cancel Hulu Subscription on Windows

To cancel a Hulu subscription on Hulu you need not download any application. Follow these steps and you will be directed:

  1. Visit the official website of
  2. Go to the login section and Login in the top-right corner of your page.
  3. Now login to your account by filling in the credentials used at the time of Subscription.
  4. Now go to the account section.
  5. Under the heading called Your Subscription, you will be able to see all your subscriptions you have enrolled till date.
  6. Click on the cancel and the Subscription will cancel from next month. You will be able to watch hulu for the current month.
  7. Finally, it will ask for the reason and the subscription will be cancelled permanently.

How to Cancel Hulu Subscription from the Hulu Website

Sure, here are the steps to cancel your Hulu subscription:

  1. Open your preferred web browser on your computer and visit the official Hulu website.
  2. Log in using the account credentials you use for the Hulu streaming service.
  3. After logging in, click on the profile icon located on the Hulu website.
  4. From the menu that appears, select the “Account” option.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the account page and find the “Cancel Your Subscription” link.
  6. Click on the “Cancel Your Subscription” link.
  7. Follow the prompts to select your reason for canceling the subscription.
  8. Once you’ve chosen your reason, click on the “Cancel Subscription” option.
  9. Your Hulu subscription has now been successfully canceled.

Remember, these are just instructions, and I can’t actually interact with websites or perform actions on them. If you have any specific questions or concerns about canceling your Hulu subscription, feel free to ask!

How to Cancel Hulu Subscription using a Roku Device

Follow the below quick steps to cancel Hulu subscription using on Roku device.

  1. To start, ensure your Roku device is powered on, and have your remote handy.
  2. Press the home button located on your Roku remote.
  3. Navigate to and highlight the Hulu channel on the home screen.
  4. Using your Roku remote, press the Star or Asterisk button.
  5. This action will bring up a list of options for the Hulu channel.
  6. Among the options, locate and select Manage Subscriptions.
  7. From the available choices, click on Cancel Subscription.
  8. Confirm your cancellation by choosing Cancel Subscription once more.
  9. By completing these steps, you have successfully canceled your Hulu subscription through your Roku device.

How to Cancel Your Hulu Subscription (Third-Party Billing)

Hulu might be accessed via a third-party subscription service, potentially as an add-on to a package. Such providers include Amazon, Disney+, iTunes, Roku, and Spotify. The procedures for canceling Hulu through these services differ.

Hulu conveniently provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for each third-party service provider to simplify the cancellation process. To proceed, navigate to Hulu’s support webpage, choose your billing provider, and follow the guidelines to cancel your subscription.

How can I get Hulu for free?

Like many other platforms, Hulu provides a free trial for a month. They will ask you to put in the bank credentials but it won’t deduct until you exceed the free trial month.

How do I change my Hulu subscription?

To cancel your Hulu subscription. Go to the profile of your application then click on the settings select manage subscription and finally cancel the subscription.

Why do streaming platforms use the autopay method?

To grab extra money and to loot customers.