How to Avail the Discovery Plus Student Discount In 2024

Discovery Plus Student Discount

Every streaming platform has different offers to attract a larger audience to win the race of being the best streaming platform present over the internet. Hence, here in this article we will learn about Discovery Plus student discount and every information related to it. 

Most of the streaming platforms which present their users with movies, web series or even music, provide different prices and plannings for their service. Similarly many platforms provide students with lucrative discounts towards using their platforms. One such interactive platform is Discovery Plus. 

One does not have to worry about the methods through which people can access their student discount and price & planning of packs over Discovery Plus. People can read the article further to know all about the Discovery Plus student discount. 

About the Platform of Discovery Plus

With a perfect streaming platform available in the market, one such stage working is Discovery Plus. In addition to which will in general give different data and different proficient real-time recordings like motion pictures and series on their foundation.

There are various choices with highlights accessible on the foundation of Discovery Plus which individuals can get to. They even will quite often give 7 days free preliminary to the intrigued crowd prior to buying into their administration.

Additionally, various plans as per the spending plan and pockets are accessible on their foundation which can be picked by the intrigued crowd to see contents present on their site and application.

The foundation of Revelation In addition to is solely accessible just in the districts of UK, US and India. One dwelling beyond these districts probably won’t have the option to make an entrance. Nonetheless, one doesn’t need to stress over this in the event that they have a VPN organization.

Learn About Discovery Plus Student Discount 

As mentioned, the platform of Discovery Plus provides several packs and plans with various pricing to their users to choose for the one which they are most comfortable with. These prices and plans come for several different features that people wish to opt for. 

Similarly, a special discount is provided to people who are students over the platform of Discovery Plus. Students who are trying to save money and want to avail such interactive features should surely opt for Discovery Plus Student Discount

There are two options for people to select under the Discovery Plus students’ accessible price and planning. One of the packs available is advertising support which comes for a price of about $2.99 per month. 

Discovery Plus does not present student plans without advertisements. Hence, people trying to opt for add-free plans have to access the usual add-free plan which comes for a price of $6.99 per month. 

How to Avail the Discovery Plus Student Discount 

People interested in the Discovery Plus student discount have to follow certain steps to avail offer through their website. One can easily follow the steps given below to access the student discount over Discovery Plus. 

Step 1: Visit the official website of Discovery Plus in the region you reside in. One can use a VPN like NordVPN to access the platform of Discovery Plus if they live outside the regions of India, UK or the US

Step 2: Provide all the credentials needed to subscribe or to login to their platform if you already have signed up for their service. 

Step 3: Make sure to describe your status as a student and provide all the authentic student information which website asks you since they verify the details. Hence, try not to make any possible mistake. 

Step 4: Further select the option to verify your student status. After this, you would get a promo code in your email which can be applied in the redeem page of the Discovery Plus platform. 

After redeeming through your promo code, one has actually availed their Discovery Plus student discount. 

Eligibility for Discovery Plus Student Discount 

To ensure that you actually are a student, the platform of Discovery Plus would request a copy of your actual and authentic documents while redeeming your promo code

This method is adopted by streaming platforms to ensure that the feature is available through the right set of people and no one is trying to misuse their discounts. 

One should keep a track of their official student IDs, tuition receipt or the class schedules such that the platform can actually ensure your identity or else would not redeem your promo code and would ask you to choose from a normal plan or the default plan. 

Moreover, students in the age bracket of 18- 24 can only avail this student discount and to keep their discount exclusive, one has to verify their age bracket with every year of their subscription. 

At times to verify your age, the platform might demand for the proofs such as birth certificate or your passport. 

Hence, if you fulfil all the above-given requirements, one would easily be able to get the Discovery Plus student discount by following the steps mentioned above and by providing official proof of you being a student. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

Are the documents necessary to present to avail the student’s discount?

Yes, the documents are needed mandatorily as and when required to prove to the platform that you actually are a student and can avail this feature of their platform.

Is a subscription necessary to stream on the platform of Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus is not a free streaming platform and people wanting to watch and stream movies or series present on their platform necessarily have to subscribe to their service.

Can you stream Discovery Plus through different platforms?

Yes, there are several other platforms such as Apple or Samsung TV through which people can opt to stream the platform of Discovery Plus. One can also opt to stream through the platform of Sling TV.


Discovery Plus is one of the best streaming platforms which is available with interactive features for students and provides lucrative student discounts. Hence, people wanting to stream qualitative movies and series can opt to stream on the platform of Discovery Plus. 

Although, to maintain safety and security over the internet, one should surely opt for streaming through the support of a VPN network such that you don’t have to compromise with your privacy.