Want to Know Everything About 9Anime? A Detailed Overview (2023)

Know Everything About 9Anime

Anime has become such a huge sensation nowadays, mostly among teens. Nowadays, anime has successfully built an empire in the entertainment industry.

Are you a die-hard otaku and looking for a site with every anime? Look no further, cause 9Anime is all you are going to need. Here, you are going to find everything about 9Anime.

Currently, 9Anime is a leading domain that provides all the anime straight from Japan for absolutely no cost. Though there are so many questions that come to mind before entering such a domain, such as, “Is it legal?”, “Is it safe?”

Luckily for your benefit, we are going to spill all the secrets about 9Anime and so many other things that you need to know before using it.

In a hurry? Follow the below quick steps to access 9anime from anywhere.

Quick Steps: Access 9anime safely from anywhere

  • Subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN
  • Download and install the VPN app for your device.
  • Connect to an appropriate VPN server in a suitable server in the US.
  • Go to 9anime and start streaming your favorite movies for free from anywhere without having to worry about your safety and security.

What is Anime?

We understand if you are new to the anime world. But before diving into the ocean of anime empire, such as 9Anime, we have to know about anime first. Well, simply put, anime is a special art form, formed in specifically Japan.

What is 9Anime?

Being an otaku and not being able to find all of your favorite shows on one platform really is an awful feeling. And, sadly we all know how much less domains are there that provide all the anime, especially the recent ones. But, guess what?

9Anime has each and every episode of all the anime and even the latest ones! Also, everything in here is free of cost.

Basically, 9Anime is a free streaming platform for all the anime available out there. It’s a really useful site for all anime lovers.

Is 9Anime Safe to Use?

When something offers really amazing content and is eye-catching and you don’t have to pay a single penny for it, in that instant a question always comes to mind and that is, “Is it safe to use?” Well, knowing before using is always a smart idea.

So here’s the astonishing truth! No, though this website offers excellent content, it’s not safe to use. Furthermore, the video player of 9Anime makes use of HTML technology. So there are no fixed URLs for this website. However, your computer will work without issue regardless of its specifications.

On a PC or even a phone, this website’s user interface is incredibly clear and easy to use. This website is ideal for newbies because it is simple to navigate and well-organized.

Additionally, there could be some anime that are explicit and could contain nudity on 9Anime. It is strongly advised to use parental controls on your preferred browser before looking at any of those series!

So, if you like anime and wandering from site to site, 9Anime has got to be your one-stop solution. But, using VPN would be a wise choice. This is the perfect website that won’t let you feel disappointed.

Is 9Anime Legal to Use?

Now that you know it is not safe to use you might be wondering if watching anime on 9Anime is legal or not. Well, the truth is, it is illegal. You should be aware that numerous websites similar to these have been shut down in the past due to copyright violations and other factors, including the usage of pirated content from other websites.

However, 9Anime does not have any fixed URL so the authorities won’t be able to shut it down. However, use of this is fine, as long as you use a VPN! If you don’t create an account, there are some advertisements here but they won’t annoy you at all if you are using a VPN!

Therefore, we can tell that, watching any of the episodes on this site using a VPN won’t get your IP address into any kind of problems with the law even though this site uses content that is somehow pirated.

Watch Anime on 9Anime Without Worry

The flawless compatibility of 9Anime with browsers like Firefox and Chrome, which most other websites struggle with, is one of its best features. However, 9Anime does not require you to install extensions. Therefore, even if it’s your first time utilizing a streaming service, everything will function without a pitfall!

Also, if you were seeking a site where you could quickly find new stuff, look nowhere else than this place as you won’t have to deal with bothersome commercials either! The information is updated on a daily basis automatically, so you can check back every day or every week to see what has changed.

Furthermore, all anime episodes are available in a variety of languages, which makes sense considering that there are fans of anime all over the world who want to watch their favorite series online.

Why 9Anime is Better Than Others?

9Anime performs better than some others that could appear to be more reliable in the beginning┬ábut proceeds to offer you the opposite as you start watching something because there isn’t any malware or spyware on it. Use this one right away if you want to connect with anime fans all across the world because it doesn’t do that!

As a result, utilizing 9Anime to stream anime episodes is easier, as can be seen from the reasons made above. We also know what distinguishes it from its rivals:

  • A user-friendly interface,
  • Quick uploading times,
  • A wide range of languages,
  • A lack of malware.

Guide to Use 9Anime Safely and Securely

Looking for a safe way to browse and stream anime on 9Anime? Here are some tips and tricks.

  • Never ever use a torrent downloader. Even though they could seem like a useful way to free up some space on your computer, once you cancel your site subscription, you won’t be able to stream or watch them afterward.
  • If you aren’t using a VPN, utilize incognito mode in your browser or erase all cookies and history after each visit to the site for optimal privacy protection.
  • Make sure to select Japan as your location if you’re using a VPN service. This is due to the fact that some anime websites only allow access from Japan.
  • It’s crucial to make sure you have access to a solid VPN service with unlimited bandwidth and fast connection speeds.
  • Be cautious. There are a lot of websites out there that resemble legitimate websites for streaming anime in an effort to trick you into giving them your login information.
  • Unless they are directly from an approved website of an official distributor, do not download any software supplied on the website.
  • Although HD as well as Ultra HD alternatives are typically available on streaming platforms for anime, not all of these will function flawlessly in incognito mode because it is more difficult for the program to function effectively when there are already active extensions. However, you can try utilizing one, if you want to experience higher-quality video streaming at the expense of security dangers related to non-incognito usage, such as the installation of third-party monitoring cookies on your computer or device.

Mirror Sites of 9Anime

Sites of 9Anime available to watch anime:

Website URLSpeedStatus
https://9anime-tv.com MediumOnline

You won’t have a different experience on any of these websites, and they all function exactly like any other typical website, so there are no issues either. Select any of them you want to use by clicking on one of them. Try another one if it isn’t functioning because your internet connection may be having problems or there may be another problem.

Are there any Legal Alternatives Available for 9Anime?

You have to verify that these websites are either approved by the original Japanese distributors or originate from recognized sources in America if you wish to view anime legally.

Crunchyroll and Funimation are two legal options; each offers a variety of genres for users to choose from, such as action-oriented programs, comedies, romantic themes, etc. Similar to how it functions on the OTT platforms, these two also have monthly subscription plans but can also be accessed for free with a few limited advertisements. Furthermore, unlike the expensive subscription options, neither of these websites charges membership fees. We definitely recommend you watch anime from legal sites so that you or your device won’t get in any trouble.

If anonymity is a priority for you, keep in mind that many streaming websites may be able to identify and ban VPN services. If choosing a service provider before signing up with any of them, you should keep this in mind.

Also, nowadays, YouTube has some channels open to watch a lot of anime. Even some new ones are getting released on this platform. So, we recommend you watch anime there too.

Best Anime to Watch on 9Anime

There are several anime that could be of your liking. Here is a list.

Name of The AnimeGenre
Dr. StoneAdventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
BerserkGore, Horror, Mythology
BleachAction, Adventure, Fantasy
My Hero AcademiaAction, School, Superpower
One PieceAction, Adventure, Fantasy
BorutoAction, Adventure, Fantasy
Jujutsu KaisenAction, Fantasy, School
Spy x FamilyAction, Comedy
Detective ConanAdventure, Comedy, Detective
Tokyo Revengers Action, Fantasy, Drama


Is 9Anime Safe and virus-free?

Yes, 9Anime is not quite safe to use and not completely malware-free.

Is 9Anime compatible with every device?

Yes, 9Anime is compatible with every device

Do I need an account to watch anime on 9Anime?

Not necessarily. You can watch anime without making an account.

Final Words

Now that you know everything about 9Anime, you can watch any anime of your preference here. But, it’s always better to do some research before diving deep, and using a VPN is also a safe and secure option for sites like this. Also, if you come across anything that could have been better in your opinion, you can share your valuable feedback on 9Anime because it is a community that is still growing.

So, watch anime and enjoy it. Happy watching!