How To Fix Disney Plus 401 Error: Easy Solution

Fix Disney Plus 401 Error

Even with the best streaming platforms present all across the internet, there might be several issues that one must have encountered while streaming through different platforms. Similarly, if you are searching on how to resolve the Disney Plus 401 error, then follow the article below to resolve the issue with easy methods. 

Such issues of Disney Plus 401 error can easily be solved through the support of updated device and malware protections. Such methods optimize the use of your device and let it work more efficiently. 

There are several other issues which are faced by about 10 million subscribers of Disney Plus every year. Some of such issues might be like error code 21, error code 30, error code 40, error code 73 and error code 142. But among all of them, the most common error which many people faced was the Disney Plus 401 error. 

With the article given below, people can easily understand different methods through which one can easily resolve the Disney Plus 401 error. 

What is Disney Plus 401 Error? 

Disney Plus 401 error mainly suggests that you no longer are allowed to stream through their platform. Currently, there is no specific answer which states the reason for this issue and the company of Disney Plus has never issued an official statement regarding the same. 

The error code 401 generally occurs when you try to stream through their platform and mainly functions as a method to stop you from streaming through the platform of Disney Plus through any means. 

Although, the audience have made speculations that this issue might occur due to a large amount of audience viewing the same thing over the platform which eventually puts heavy loads on their streaming systems. 

Even without a solid reason behind this issue, there are still different methods which are available through which these issues can be resolved easily. One can read about different methods to encounter such issues in the article below. 

Methods to Resolve Disney Plus 401 Error Easily 

There are a few methods which can be followed to resolve the error code of 401 which is displayed over the Disney Plus app while streaming through their service. One can follow the methods below to resolve the issue with easy methods. 

1. Opt for the Use of a Compatible Device

One should always use an updated and compatible device while trying to stream through different OTT platforms like the Disney Plus. Issues in streaming occur when your device is not advanced enough to support your streaming service and eventually makes them shut off. 

Apart from the 401 error code, one might encounter the display of error code 83 at some point as well if their device is out of date to support the streaming of movies or series through the platform of Disney Plus. 

2. Appropriate Internet Connection 

One should always make a proper internet connection to stream through different OTT platforms like Disney Plus. If the internet connection over your device interrupts then the platform of Disney Plus eventually lags your streaming and hence displays the 401 error code. 

People can restart their device and their internet connection for it to function properly if their connection starts to lag all of a sudden. After opting for such steps, one can easily restart the platform of and stream without the issue of error code 401. 

3. Restarting Devices

At times due to random issues like slow working of the device which you stream upon there is the display of 401 error. In such conditions, one should opt to restart their devices and should try out clearing unnecessary data through their phones. 

By following such methods the error code 401 of Disney Plus resolves easily. 

4. Update the App and Log Out of Other Profiles 

One should always keep their Disney Plus app updated to stream in a peaceful manner. When you keep the app out of date for a long period of time, the streaming process stops. For a smooth streaming process, one should always keep their Disney Plus app updated. 

Apart from keeping the app updated, one should try logging out of other different profiles and should try refreshing the app on different devices as well. After doing this process, one can log back into the devices to solve the Disney Plus 401 error. 

5. Contact Support

After opting out of all the possible methods, one can try contacting the customer support of the Disney Plus apps which actively helps their audience for a smooth streaming process.

If the error is from their side then the support ensures to resolve the issue or else if the issue is from your side then they make sure to instruct you to resolve the issue from your end. 

Other Error Codes on Disney Plus

Apart from the Disney Plus 401 error, there are several other issues that people might come across. One should always have an idea what these codes stand for and why the issues might be occurring through the display of such codes.

Some of the codes which are commonly displayed on the platform of Disney Plus are mentioned below.

  • Code 39 occurs due to your data being corrupted or due to support issues.
  • Error code 73 arises due to Disney Plus being unavailable in your region. For such issues people can opt for the use of VPN networks.
  • Error code 83 generally is displayed due to your device being incompatible or browser being out of date.
  • Code 90 occurs when there is a connectivity or log in issue on the platform of Disney Plus.
  • Code 93 is displayed when some suspicious activity occurs over your Disney Plus profile and the platform becomes skeptical about your use of the platform.

These are some of the codes that people have noticed being displayed on the platform of Disney Plus app which can be resolved easily with some of the steps which are mentioned above in the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can the steps mentioned above resolve the error 401 of Disney Plus? 

One should surely opt for following the methods mentioned above to resolve the error 401 issue. All of the methods are bound to resolve the 401 issue or else the customer support of the Disney Plus app would ultimately help you to resolve any hindrance over their platform. 

Q2. Do such methods work on other OTT platforms?

Yes, the methods mentioned above are harmless and people can easily opt for these methods to resolve issues in the other streaming platforms. Moreover, such methods might actually turn out to make your streaming app work just fine. 

Q3. What are some other errors present on Disney Plus?

There are several other error codes which might occur for different possible reasons. Some of such errors which can come up are error 41, error 37, error 21 and error code 142. 


Disney Plus is one of the most renowned platforms that people can opt for streaming one of the best possible series and movies through different genres and categories.

Although, for such error code issues like the Disney Plus 401 error, people can easily opt the methods mentioned above to clear out such issues. 

With the methods mentioned, we hope to have resolved your queries and help you to achieve happy streaming.