Hulu Not Working on Apple TV: 5 Fixes

Hulu Not Working on Apple

Hulu is one of the popular streaming services that you can enjoy on any smart TV. You can watch original and licensed content with a Hulu+ Live TV subscription. The strong library allows access to various TV shows and movies.

Although Hulu works fine most of the time, it sometimes turns problematic, and watching content uninterruptedly becomes a challenge. In some cases, the app opens, but the video won’t play, or there is a problem with thumbnail loading. 

These issues put a halt to your entertainment. So, here we provide multiple troubleshooting tips to get the app working smoothly. 

Solutions to Hulu App Not Functioning

Start with checking your internet connection. 3 Mbps is the minimum recommended speed for Hulu. For unstable or slow connectivity, improve the Wi-Fi signals or internet speed. If the Hulu app is outdated, update it.

If Hulu is still not working, determine if Hulu is down. You can’t use the app on Apple TV if the app is down. Reach the Hulu Support X account or try to load Hulu on other devices. Also, make sure the app has a valid subscription. If these attempts fail, try the following fixes.

Update the OS to New Version

As we all know, an outdated operating system can result in poor or improper functioning. The same goes for the Apple TV. Sometimes, you may notice on macos some updates could not be installed, so try to reinstall the operating system from scratch.

So, try installing updates to fix the problem. Head to the Settings option on your device to start the update process and click System. Navigate to Software Updates and then click Update Software. Download and install the app if required.

Force-Quit the App

When the Hulu app doesn’t respond after trying the above-mentioned tricks, try closing or force-quitting it on your Apple TV. Now, open the app once again on your TV. This solution can sometimes prove helpful for resolving the issue.

Many people find it helpful when the Hulu app is not loading properly. To force quit or close this app on your Apple TV, click the Home button two times. Now, choose the Hulu app and touch the remote surface or swipe up on the clickpad.

Verify Login Credentials

It is important to ensure you input your username and password correctly on the Hulu app. Your account subscription must be on active status. So, verify your login credentials by logging into the Hulu official website using your computer or phone.

In case you can’t log in on other devices, see if you are entering the right password and email. If you can log in, try using the same email ID and password to log into the Hulu app on your Apple TV.

Switch to Another App

When Hulu is not working appropriately, Consider switching to other streaming apps on your Apple TV. Try another app and see if it is streaming properly. If it is streaming fine, then the problem might be with the Hulu app or service.

There might be a compatibility issue between the Apple TV operating system and the Hulu app. However, if another app is also not functioning, then you can suspect a connectivity issue with your Apple TV. In that case, work on the tip mentioned in the next point.

Check Apple TV’s Connectivity

When no other streaming app loads or works properly on your Apple TV, check the connectivity of your Apple TV. For this, directly determine the connection speed of a TV on your device. It should not be too slow.

To test your Apple TV’s internet connectivity, go to the Settings option on a device and then click on Test Network. Now, click on the Yes option and choose the download speed that you want to see based on the internet speed.

Reasons Hulu Not Working on Apple TV

Issues with your local network or problems in setting up internet connectivity on Apple TV may affect the working of the Hulu app. Sometimes, technical issues related to the Apple TV device itself can result in Hulu not functioning.

Compatibility issues between the devices, outdated firmware, and software glitches could be possible technical errors. Wrong login credentials could also be the cause. Outages or service disruptions happening due to any technical problem on the end of Hulu could also be a reason.


The Hulu app is a great streaming service on Apple TV. But you might come across some problems while using this app. For example, frozen loading screen, crashes or freezes during playback, loading or buffering issues, etc.

Such problems can hinder your entertainment and make the viewing experience frustrating. Try the above solutions to fix the issue. When all attempts fail, try deleting and reinstalling the app or factory reset Apple TV.