How to Get Fox TV Free Trial [Updated 2023]

Get Fox TV Free Trial

Fox TV is an all-around entertainment service that has caught the eyes of more and more viewers across the globe. If you are not sure about Fox TV, we suggest that you try the Fox TV Free trial first.

Fox TV does not technically provide a free trial to its users but if you know the right way of doing so, you can avail of a free trial. That we’re going to teach you through this article.

There is a possibility that Fox TV or one of the platforms on which you can avail it is inaccessible to you due to geographical restrictions. If you are interested in enjoying Fox TV from anywhere, you should make use of a VPN.

We recommend that you use a reliable VPN, preferably ExpressVPN.

In a Hurry? A quick guide to getting a Fox TV free trial

  • Subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app for your device.
  • Connect to a VPN server in the US.
  • Subscribe to your preferred live TV service provider offering a free Fox TV trial.
  • Install Fox TV and sign in using the credentials of your chosen live tv service provider.
  • Start enjoying the Fox TV free trial!

Is Fox TV available outside the USA?

Fox TV is an American streaming service that offers unlimited movies, web series, TV shows, etc through any subscription plan out of the three it offers.

Fox TV, like most of the streaming services at present, is geographically restricted and is thus not available outside the USA.

Need for a VPN to Watch Fox TV Outside the USA

As already mentioned, Fox TV is American streaming with geographical restrictions on it.

Fox TV service is capable of identifying the location of the user accessing it by tracing the IP address of the device. In this way, it can find out if you are in the USA or not.

If you are not in the USA, you will not get access to the service. But, employing a VPN on your device will provide you access to the service from any country of your choice.

A VPN will make sure that Fox TV cannot identify the original non-American IP address of your device as it provides your device with a fake IP address by connecting to a server in the USA.

In this manner, using a VPN will allow you to stream on Fox TV from anywhere.

How to get a free trial on Fox TV?

Technically, Fox TV does not offer any free trials to any of its users regardless of where they are located. However, you can get a free trial indirectly through several streaming servers that are compatible with and offer Fox TV.

Since Fox TV does not have a free trial of its own, getting the right streaming server for a free trial becomes essential. So, you have to be well educated about which streaming services allow free trials of Fox TV. 

Note that your free trial could differ depending on the streaming service that you choose.

There are quite a good number of top-notch streaming services that you can use to get a free trial on Fox TV. The table below mentions the best ones:

Sling TV7-day free trialwith Sling Blue package 
Hulu30-day free trialwith Hulu + Live TV package 
YouTube TV7-day free trialwith Live and on-demand service
TubiUnlimited free trialselective on-demand Fox shows and films
Amazon Prime Video 30-day free trialselective on-demand Fox shows and films

Steps by step guide to get a Fox TV free trial

The steps for getting a free trial of Fox TV are as follows:

Step 1: First, since there is no free trial of Fox TV of its own, you need to start off by choosing a live TV streaming service in order to get an indirect free trial.

Step 2: Sign up for your preferred live TV service.

Step 3: Choose a plan that suits your needs and budget and proceed to make the payment. After you finish making the payment, you will be done registering your account.

Step 4: Download and install the Fox Now app on the device where you would be streaming Fox TV.

Step 5: Sign in to the Fox Now app using the same credentials that you used while registering for your chosen live TV service provider.

Step 6: After you finish signing in, your free trial will start from that moment itself.

If you do not want to continue with one of the Fox TV plans any further, make sure you are withdrawing before the free trial ends. 

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How to cancel a subscription to Fox TV?

Fox TV allows you to cancel your subscription plan whenever you want to.

All you need to do is follow the easy steps below, and your plan will be canceled.

Step 1: Use your credentials to log in to your account.

Step 2: Open the drop-down menu on the right side at the top of the page and choose My Account.

Step 3: In the options given on the My Account screen, choose Cancel Plan.

Step 4: Give a reason to cancel the plan and confirm it by clicking on Cancel My Subscription.

Subscription Plans

Fox TV offers 3 subscription plans with reasonable prices and you can choose any of them to stream unlimited content. The plans are:

Monthly Plan$5.99
Annual Plan$64.99
2-year Plan$99.00

Automatic renewal of the Fox TV plan

Fox TV offers you a free trial, which if not terminated by you automatically gets renewed and uses the remaining part of the subscription plan to a complete subscription package.

In case you do not want to continue using Fox TV after the free trial then you must cancel the plan before it expires.

The automatic renewal of the free trial on Fox TV is determined by the Fox live-stream service you opt for.

In case the service you opted for automatically renews after a free trial, it is either renewed on a monthly basis or an annual basis.

When the free trial period gets terminated, Fox TV charges for a subscription plan either on the last day of the period or the next day.

Therefore, in case you do not wish to continue with your subscription plan to Fox TV then you must cancel the plan before your free trial ends.

What to do if VPN doesn’t work?

If you use VPN properly as explained in the previous sections and still you cannot watch Fox TV from wherever you are located, you should try the following easy and quick hacks to fix some simple things which might be causing the problem:

  • Remove browser cookies from your browser.
  • Change to a different US server.
  • Try a different VPN.

Popular content available on Fox TV

Fox TV offers unlimited content for streaming. It covers movies, series, and shows of all genres and thus you will get anything and everything you want to stream.

Some of them are Family Guy, The Simpsons, Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, Hell’s Kitchen, Bob’s Burgers, The Cleaning Lady, Fantasy Island, Lego Masters, Alert: Missing Persons Unit, Gordon, Gino & Fred’s Road Trip, etc.


What is Fox TV?

Fox TV is an American streaming service that has a huge collection of movies, web series, TV shows, and sports content.

How long is Fox Now free trial?

Fox TV has 3 subscription plans and all the plans offer a 7-day free trial of Fox Now.

How to access Fox TV outside the USA?

As Fox TV is an American streaming service it is not available outside the USA. But you can get access to it from any country by employing a VPN on your device.

Can I get a free trial on Fox TV?

There are several streaming services through which you can get a free trial for Fox TV. Some of these streaming services are; Youtube TV, Sling TV, Hulu, etc.


If you have recently been attracted to Fox TV and are dicey about subscribing to one of its plans, you should go for a free trial first.

Fox TV does not provide any free trials on its own but you could avail of a free trial by subscribing to one of the live TV service providers that offer Fox TV like Sling TV, Tubi, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

If you are outside the United States, you would not be able to access Fox TV. If you wish to do so, you would require a VPN. 

We suggest that you make use of a good VPN, preferably ExpressVPN as it has been thoroughly tested.