Vudu Free Trial: How to Access VUDU Outside the US (2024)

Get Vudu Free Trial

Every streaming platform is under a race to get the most audience and hence they tend to offer people with different attractive schemes. Hence, here in this article we will know how to get Vudu free trial

Vudu is another streaming platform which provides people with different movies, series and video clips to watch through their website. What makes this platform popular among people is the fact that unlike popular streaming platforms, they do not charge you for streaming contents from their library over the internet. 

Vudu lets people stream content on their platform for free until one buys or rents a movie through their platform. Hence, as of free trial, everything present under Vudu for free can be availed by you without having to subscribe specially to their streaming service. 

Let us further know more on the topic of Vudu free trial and explore their streaming services.

Vudu Free Trial

As mentioned Vudu has a different method of working which is unlike the other streaming platforms. Hence as of the Vudu free trial, one can sign on to their streaming services completely for free since Vudu does not provide a free trial as such. 

One can select the free movies or series to watch on their platform without having to sign up or to subscribe to their streaming services. One can have access to their platform without a Vudu free trial since they do not provide any schemes like these to their audience. 

Although, it might be beneficial to create an account on the platform of Vudu since many movies become unrestricted on their platform once you create an account. 

Moreover, making an account on their platform does not costs a single penny and hence one does not requires to worry about the free trial on the platform of Vudu streaming services. 

Vudu: Streaming Platform

Vudu is an American streaming platform which lets you stream different movies and series on their website. It is owned by a company known as Fandango. Although, Vudu has a different working as compared to the legendary streaming platforms like Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Videos. 

Vudu allows the streaming of movies and series for free to their audience and one does not have to subscribe to their platform mandatorily. People are not required to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. 

Vudu can be considered as a rental or movie buying platform and people have to pay only if they select to purchase a movie or series. Hence, one has lucrative options available on the platform of Vudu unlike other different streaming platforms, making it one of the unique streaming services. 

Do You Need a VPN to Stream on Vudu? 

Vudu is an American streaming platform and at some places you might not be able to access their platform due to issues like geographical restrictions. The only method to get through their platform is to use a VPN if such conditions arise. 

A VPN changes the IP address of your device to a new region through the servers placed by the company’s to allow people to access different websites without having any issue.

Hence, one can opt for the use of a VPN network from reputed companies to make an access to VUDU outside the US.

Moreover, VPN networks also provide you with safety and security against any issues present over the internet. In conditions like hacking and malware, a VPN ensures to keep your device protected at any time. 

Thus, opting for a VPN network which streams on the website of Vudu is actually a good aspect which can protect you from any kind of risks. 

How to Access Vudu Outside the US with the Help of VPN Network? 

There are a few steps that one has to follow to get their website work with the help of a VPN network and by following the steps mentioned below, one can easily and safely make an access to the platform of Vudu. 

Step 1: Select for an appropriate VPN network from reputed companies like NordVPN to get through the platform of Vudu.

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Step 2: Download and install VPN app for your device.

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Step 3: One can now select the servers of different regions like the US where the streaming platform of Vudu is active. 

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Step 4: One has to go to the on the device which they wish to stream upon and choose for the free trial option displayed on their website. 

Step 5: Now one has to create an account on the platform of Vudu streaming services with appropriate credentials to have access to their free trial.

By following the steps given above, people will be able to stream on the platform of Vudu without having to worry about their safety and security while streaming on the internet. 

Contents Available on Platform of Vudu

Vudu is a lesser known platform but still provides some of the best movies and series to watch through their website. One can call it a gold mine of streaming content available for people throughout the world to watch it!

Vudu also presents their audience with different categories and genres of movies to choose from. With these features it becomes easier for people to choose for the selective movies and series according to their own wish and will. 

Apart from the movies and series available, Vudu also allows connection of multiple devices for their users to stream with a sense of ease. One can connect multiple devices to get stream through their platform as required. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are some options of movies and series available on Vudu?

Vudu provides some of the best movies and series that one can find to stream over the internet. Some of the options which are available on their platform are The Bad Guys, Spiderman movies, Minions, Ghostbusters, Dead Zone and Naruto. 

Q2. Does Vudu offer a 30-day free trial on their platform?

No, Vudu is more like a rental or buying streaming service. It does not offer any kind of free trial or even subscriptions on their platform. People can access the movies and series for free through their platform. 

Q3. Are you required to download the app of Vudu?

Vudu is a user-friendly and interactive platform, people do not require to download the app specifically to go through their streaming service. One can access to their platform through their website over the internet in various devices. 


Vudu is indeed one of the best platforms which people can opt to for streaming different movies and series for free. One can even rent or buy movies through their platform without having to subscribe to their service. 

Hence, one does not have to worry about the Vudu free trial and people can access their website to stream for free. Although, opting to use a VPN network from reputed companies to ensure the safety and security of their device is a good idea while streaming over the internet.