Is PrimeWire Safe? The Best PrimeWire Alternatives In 2024

Is PrimeWire Safe? The Best PrimeWire Alternatives

Thousands of TV shows and films are available for free streaming on PrimeWire, a well-known website. LetMetWatchThis, and then 1Channel, were the names of PrimeWire when it was first introduced in 2014/2015.

PrimeWire offers access to content that would otherwise require payment, much like Putlocker, 123Movies, and Popcorn Time. The site administrators at PrimeWire were forced to switch domains as a result of multiple copyright infringement lawsuits that they faced over time.

There are therefore a number of PrimeWire mirrors; however, some of them, such as and primewire.ig, are no longer in operation.

Attackers can also disseminate malware using fake PrimeWire websites. Your security may be jeopardized if you click on the incorrect link on these websites. Pop-up advertisements, some of which contain porn, are another feature of the majority of PrimeWire websites.

When accessing PrimeWire or the PrimeWire alternatives we provide below, we highly advise utilizing a VPN.

What is PrimeWire?

On the well-known website PrimeWire, viewers may stream a wide range of TV series and films for nothing. It is renowned for having a larger library than other platforms like Filmy4wap, Mkvcinemas, Himovies, etc.

Its current moniker is the result of multiple name changes; it was formerly known as LetMeWatchThis and 1Channel. However, the website frequently runs into legal issues and is subject to regional restrictions because of the copyrighted nature of the material it hosts.

As a result, people frequently use VPNs or other domains to get around these restrictions and access the platform.

Is Using PrimeWire Safe?

PrimeWire is a popular movie and TV show streaming service that offers subscribers a vast library of content. But “Is primewire safe?” is one of the main worries of the users. On the website, a lot of obtrusive adverts and maybe dangerous connections were found.

These links and adverts run the risk of infecting your device with malicious software or unapproved tracking techniques, jeopardizing the security of your data and system.

The existence of copyrighted content on Prime Wire is an additional issue. Streaming copyrighted content without the required license or authority is illegal in several countries.

PrimeWire: Is It Down?

Regretfully, harmful adverts have taken over the former domain The website used to allow millions of users to watch and download free movies, but that feature has been discontinued.

But because of their passion and the experience they’ve gained from managing the website for five years, they are officially returning under the domain. The platform’s only active domain at the moment is, and the new PrimeWire website is even better than the old one!

Top 12 PrimeWire Alternatives In 2024

On Primewire, there are numerous pop-up ads, which can occasionally be bothersome. You’ll need multiple websites, such as Primewire, in this situation so that you can stream your preferred TV series and films.

These alternatives to PrimeWire offer a safe and cost-effective way to stream movies and TV series. Among these choices are:

1. Peacock TV

NBC-owned Peacock TV is among the greatest choices for inexpensive on-demand streaming. Popular shows including The Office all nine seasons, Bel Air, Real Housewives, and Downton Abbey are available. Not to add, the WWE uses it as their preferred streaming service.

You can keep your free Peacock account and continue to watch movies online for free but this is only available for those who have registered there before January 30, 2023. On the other hand, the $4.99 Premium plan is reasonably priced if you don’t have an account.

The only drawback is that, unless you want to pay $9.99 a month for Premium Plus, you will have to put up with advertisements.

Remember that not everyone can access Peacock TV. To use the platform, you have to be in the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, or Italy. If any of these nations aren’t where you are right now, you can use a VPN to alter your IP address and access Peacock TV content.

We were able to get around geo-restrictions and watch Peacock TV from all around the world with ExpressVPN.

2. Vumoo

If you want to view your favorite movies and TV series for free without having to download anything, Vumoo is a fantastic substitute for PrimeWire. Since the content is often updated, you should have no trouble finding the newest films and television series to love.

The two categories that Vumoo offers—TV series and movies—are its lone drawback. The lack of genre classification makes it challenging to locate content.

3. Crackle

Sony owns the free on-demand streaming service Crackle. With a vast collection of films and TV series, it is operational in the United States. A few well-known games are momentarily accessible on the platform.

We didn’t even need to register an account to view Midsomer Murders since it was free to watch when we visited Crackle.

Crackle has certain drawbacks. Its video broadcasts are of poor quality, and its advertisements can be rather bothersome. The majority of the shows we watched could only be found in 720p quality. Furthermore, Crackle is exclusive to the United States.

4. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is an excellent substitute for Primewire that offers a pop-up and ad-free movie and TV show viewing experience. You won’t even need to download the stuff in advance or register for an account in this scenario.

In addition, MoviesJoy offers distinct categories such as TV shows, top IMDB, nation, genre, most popular, most liked, and most recent. Since the majority of the films in this part are of high quality, you will especially like their IMDB section.

5. Tubi

Similar to Crackle, Tubi is an ad-supported free on-demand streaming service. Despite having a very small TV series library, Tubi is still among the greatest PrimeWire substitutes because of its vast movie catalog.

On the platform, you can view well-known films. Sadly, not many contemporary games are available on it, and much of the content is only available in 720p.

Only a few nations—the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia—have access to Tubi. However, we could quickly use ExpressVPN to unblock Tubi material. In addition, streaming movies didn’t require account creation.

6. Cmovies

Cmovies is a great option if you enjoy Primewire. Even users who enjoy Solarmovies and 123Movies will find Cmovies to be fairly user-friendly because of the interface’s similarity to those two websites.

It truly has a simple UI, albeit there are sporadically one or two advertisements. If you use an ad blocker, you don’t need to worry about the advertisements. Here, the films and television series are arranged by nation and genre.

7. Spacemov

Among the PrimeWire substitutes on our list, Spacemov could feature the greatest user interface. It’s simple to use, has easily navigable advertising, and has easily filterable information.

Spacemov is a fantastic option for movie enthusiasts who like to see the newest films and television series because it keeps up with fresh releases.

Spacemov is risky, even though it lacks intrusive advertisements—especially given that it is an unapproved platform. When accessing Spacemov, we advise using an adblocker, an antivirus program, and a dependable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

8. WatchFree

Being among the first services to stream movies online, WatchFree has a substantial following of devoted users. Although the website may have a green “register” button, you can access the content without registering.

The issue is that some of the movies may show a registration pop-up, but even after registering, you won’t be able to watch such movies. Thus, try searching for such films on other websites that are listed above.

9. Solarmovie

A vast array of films and TV series are available on Solarmovie. Its catalog may be viewed by nation, premiere date, genre, IMDb rating, and more. Solarmovie is simple to use, regardless of whether you’re seeking a certain movie or you’re having trouble deciding what to watch online.

One of the greatest LookMovie substitutes is this streaming service, as LookMovie was, as far as we know, taken down last year.

Regretfully, as Solarmovie is an unlicensed streaming platform, using it from your country may be prohibited. The website’s advertisements might also be annoying. It’s crucial to browse this website with a VPN.

10. Popcorn Time

Your doorway to a huge, varied collection of films and TV series is Popcorn Time. Its extraordinarily user-friendly UI is what makes it unique. With only one click, you may get interesting entertainment, which makes it a popular option among viewers.

Popcorn Time offers a special function that lets you download your favorite movies and TV series for amusement while you’re on the go. With effortless Netflix-like access, the real-time material availability guarantees you’re constantly up to date with the newest releases.

Popcorn Time provides a smooth and hassle-free streaming experience.

11. Putlocker

Putlocker is a well-known online movie streaming icon, renowned for its vast library of films and TV shows.

Its user-first strategy, which eliminates the need for registration and lets you access the material immediately, is its most notable feature. Putlocker stands out due to its regular updates, which guarantee you’re never far from the newest releases.

Putlocker has everything you’re looking for, whether it’s the newest blockbuster or a timeless classic. Putlocker is the right platform for you if you appreciate variety and ease of use.

12. 123Movies

The 123Movies interface is quite simple, albeit there are sporadically one or two advertisements. If you use an adblocker, you shouldn’t be concerned about the advertisements. Here, the films and television series are arranged by nation and genre.

Don’t let its name fool you—it also boasts an incredible library of TV shows. Everything is available in high definition, therefore the video quality is excellent. Here, signing up is not required.

How to Use PrimeWire Safely?

For personal use, PrimeWire and other unlicensed sites allow streaming in some areas. It follows that you most likely won’t be fined.

However, PrimeWire is not the only danger that could result from legal action. The website may contain malware and viruses that infect your device. Therefore, even if PrimeWire is allowed in your nation, we advise using an antivirus program when accessing the website.

We highly recommend using a VPN, like ExpressVPN, in addition to an antivirus program when accessing PrimeWire. By masking your IP address, ExpressVPN enables anonymous website access and prevents tracking. To safeguard your identity and your data, this is essential.


What happened to Primewire 2023?

Due to various problems, including safety concerns, certain Primewire domains are unavailable in numerous regions via numerous ISPs. ISPs have fully prohibited it in several countries. Nevertheless, consumers can continue to view their preferred TV series and films by utilizing the Primewire substitutes mentioned above.

What happened to Primewire ID?

Several nations have restricted Primewire due to copyright issues. ISPs have been instructed by the governments of many nations to block the website. Because their ISPs have blocked the website, people are no longer able to access it.

Wrap Up

In the event that Primewire stops working, you now have access to some of the greatest Primewire substitute websites. You shouldn’t ever have to postpone movie night because your favorite streaming website is unavailable, after all. Use ExpressVPN service just in case any of the primewire alternatives listed above don’t function.