How to Unblock International Netflix in Your Region (Updated 2023)?

Unblock International Netflix

Using a VPN to connect to a server in the area you are interested in viewing Netflix is the most effective method. We advise utilizing a VPN if you want to unblock international Netflix in your region. This article will show different methods to alter your Netflix library and billing country.

Netflix’s selection of films, documentaries, and television programs varies by country. As a result, where you are geographically affects what you can stream.

The streaming service uses your IP address to select the appropriate material library to display. The fact is that some nations have much more extensive media collections than elsewhere. You can get the greatest value from your Netflix membership if you know how to switch your area.

A fast and trustworthy Netflix VPN is the most common and straightforward method for changing your Netflix zone.

Follow the below quick steps to unblock International Netflix from any location.

In A Hurry? Follow Steps to Unblock International Netflix in Your Region

  • Subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app for your device.
  • Connect to a VPN server in the country you want to access the Netflix library.
  • Go to the official website of Netflix. Now access Netflix library of any country in your location.

Why does Netflix restrict viewing to certain regions?

Netflix acquires and licenses a great deal of its content from other sources. Because of licensing limitations imposed by copyright holders, Netflix is prohibited from streaming certain episodes and movies in some countries.

You’ll likely be able to access the complete catalog you’re accustomed to back home for a brief period, based on where you reside and where you visit.

If you can access your home network or another huge Netflix library from anywhere in the world, the previous statement loses some of its force.

A Detailed Walkthrough for Unblocking Your Netflix Region Using a VPN

Follow the below detailed steps to unblock International Netflix from anywhere.

Step 1: Get a VPN application, then set it up on your gadget. For access from different countries, we advise ExpressVPN.

Subscribe ExpressVPN

Step 2: Join a VPN in the location of your choice. For instance, to watch Netflix US, connect to a VPN server in the US.

Connect ExpressVPN US

Step 3: Launch the Netflix program. Select “New & Popular” at the top of the Netflix screen to ensure you’re in the correct area. Choose a nation that has a VPN server in the same location as you. When your VPN has no countries listed, Netflix won’t operate with it.

Step 4: A stream may be started by clicking the play button. All previously region-locked content is now accessible.

Step 5: Changing Netflix regions requires going back to step (2). To view the updated selection, reload the Netflix website or app.

Step 6: Different VPNs allow you to view Netflix from a different number of countries. Up to 32 more Netflix libraries may be accessed using the best VPNs.

Top 3 Virtual Private Networks for Changing Netflix Regions

Here, we’ll take a closer look at the three best VPNs for streaming Netflix from other countries. ExpressVPN is the best of the best, so we’ll start there.


ExpressVPN is one of the best virtual private networks (VPNs) for accessing Netflix. Each of its 94 server locations offers unrivaled geo block-skipping potential.

The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada are all represented here, so you won’t have to switch servers to access the Netflix library of your choice.


When altering your Netflix region location, NordVPN is another streaming powerhouse you can rely on. It boasts over 5,000 servers in 59 countries, notably the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and Japan, all popular Netflix viewing areas.

Even though NordVPN’s servers aren’t as powerful as ExpressVPN’s, you can still easily switch your Netflix region with them.


Surfshark has the most servers out of all the VPNs here. Having access to servers in 100 countries expands your Netflix region-switching possibilities significantly. According to our Surfshark review, the VPN service bypassed Netflix’s geo-restriction on all our devices.

How to Switch Netflix Regions on Multiple Devices?

  • Using a virtual private network (VPN) is the most reliable way to alter your Netflix location across all devices. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Yet, the optimal choice depends on the streaming device(s) in question.
  • To access Netflix from a different country, you’ll need a virtual private network (VPN) that is compatible with your device. You may watch Netflix from any of several countries with a single application, and you can easily move between VPN sites.
  • Xbox and PlayStation consoles, Smart TVs, and certain media players like Apple TV all benefit from Smart DNS since they do not have built-in VPN functionality.
  • Gadgets like Roku don’t allow you to alter the default DNS settings & don’t support native VPN applications. A virtual private network (VPN) setup on the router is an option here.

Without a VPN, is it possible to switch Netflix regions?

A virtual private network (VPN) is only one of several methods for changing your Netflix region location. However, these alternatives are not as trustworthy and do not provide the necessary confidentiality and safety protections against hackers and other hostile parties.

Like a virtual private network (VPN), a smart DNS may alter your IP address and make Netflix believe you are in a different country. Your DNS queries are sent to a server in another nation, and your true location is completely concealed.

Smart DNS services lack the privacy and security features of virtual private networks (VPNs). It does not conceal your IP address or encrypt your communication. The security of your data is potentially at the mercy of cybercriminals and your ISP.

You may also use a proxy server to access Netflix content that is otherwise restricted. The proxy acts as a middleman between your computer and Netflix, giving Netflix the impression that you are accessing the service from another location.

A proxy hides your IP address but does not encrypt your traffic as a smart DNS would. In addition, free proxies are often quite sluggish, making them unsuitable for streaming, while a VPN will go unnoticed.

Is There a Free Way to Switch Netflix Regions?

Using a free VPN service that also unblocks Netflix is the greatest option to change your Netflix location without paying a dime.

The free VPNs function poorly compared to the paid providers in our streaming testing. They don’t have access to Smart DNS and other cutting-edge streaming technologies.

The best free VPNs that can still access sure Netflix libraries are Windscribe and PrivadoVPN, which we identified despite these restrictions.

The current Windscribe region support list includes the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Switzerland, and Turkey.

However, Free VPN allows access to not just the UK library but also the very famous American library. Remember that paid VPNs for Netflix, like ExpressVPN, provide access to a wider variety of Netflix locations, do so at higher speeds, and work with a wider variety of devices.

You may switch your Netflix location for free with a proxy server, remote desktop programs, the Tor browser, or a home server.

However, as we discussed, these approaches have serious drawbacks and won’t help most individuals.


How about using a DNS proxy to switch Netflix regions?

Numerous DNS proxy service vendors brag about facilitating access to Netflix and other streaming services. You can access Netflix and watch movies and episodes online so long as the IP address they offer you isn’t on Netflix’s blacklist.

Yet, the main issue is that Netflix may easily disable DNS proxies, making them mostly ineffective. They often provide fewer nations, making it more difficult to locate the necessary library.

Can you watch Netflix with a proxy or a VPN?

As was previously noted, Netflix has begun to restrict users who access their service over a virtual private network (VPN). Traffic from an IP address identified as belonging to a VPN server will be denied, and a proxy error will be shown.

This implies that certain VPN companies will prevent you from using their services regardless of whether you connect via their local or international server.

How can I switch the country that Netflix bills me in?

Close your Netflix account and reopen it in your new country when you wish to switch your billing location. If you’re moving, switching to the currency used where you’ll be living makes sense.

Wait until the end of your current paying cycle to cancel your subscription. After moving your account, log in again.

Does Netflix allow simultaneous usage in many countries?

The answer is yes. Standard subscribers may use any two devices simultaneously without incurring additional fees. You may use a maximum of four devices simultaneously with a premium subscription and still get unlimited streaming.

When using a VPN, can Netflix tell?

Netflix’s ability to detect the most modest traces of VPN use has steadily improved over the years. It’s currently quite unusual for a VPN to operate consistently with this service since it blocks providers that don’t have the money or time to discover new workarounds continuously.

Many VPNs which boast of providing safe entry to Netflix only provide access to the US catalog.


If you wish to watch Netflix from another nation, you must alter your Netflix region location. A virtual private network (VPN) is the most secure and convenient way to mask your online location.

However, smart DNS and proxy servers are also viable options. It’s as simple as downloading a VPN client, connecting to your desired server location, and then watching Netflix from that country.

ExpressVPN’s network of fast servers in more than 94 countries makes it the best VPN for switching Netflix regions.

In addition to its speed, NordVPN’s server selection across 59 different countries is dependable. With servers in over a hundred countries and at a lower price, Surfshark is a viable option.