How to Watch Austrian TV Channels Online Abroad In 2024

Watch Austrian TV Channels Online Abroad

Are you a fan of Austrian TV channels? Austrian TV channels are unavailable to watch abroad due to broadcasting restrictions. Before you can start streaming, they use your IP address to verify if you are in Austria or not.

Although using a VPN to obtain an Austrian IP address could allow you to watch Austrian TV from anywhere, however, doing so might be considered copyright infringement. But we are here to give you an ultimate solution for a problem like this.

Using a VPN to safeguard your personal information when streaming is possible if you’re already in Austria. After testing a lot of VPNs to watch Austrian TV channels, we found the best one for safely accessing Austrian TV. Additionally, there is no danger in trying because of its 30-day money-back guarantee.

A quick guide on how to watch Austrian TV channels online

Here’s how you can watch Austrian TV via the internet from any location:

  • Prior to anything else, you need to sign up with a VPN service provider having Austrian servers. You can see from our reviews that we highly recommend ExpressVPN.ExpressVPN Subscription
  • Next, download the appropriate VPN app to the device you wish to use to watch Austrian TV. There might be available browser extensions.
  • Launch the VPN application (or add-on for your browser) from your device and connect to a server located in Austria. After that, you can use an Austrian IP address to watch Austrian TV from abroad.Connect ExpressVPN Austria
  • Open your browser and go to a television network in Austria (such as ORF or ZDF). Now that the content has been unblocked, select what you want to watch.

In case the content is still geo-restricted, just delete the cookies before restarting your browser. You could also think about contacting the customer support team of your VPN.

How Can You Watch Austrian TV Abroad Using a VPN?

Austrian TV channels are available only in Austria but they can be accessible through a VPN. However, not all VPNs can handle the job.

You must choose a VPN service that has Austrian servers and is skilled at granting access to Austrian television. You’re in luck because I am aware of the top VPN service supplier for this purpose.

Why Do Foreign Viewers Get Banned From Austrian TV Channel Services?

You might believe that you could watch from anywhere if you had a subscription to an Austrian video streaming service, but that is not possible.

Austrian TV is exclusively available domestically, which means its availability is limited in Austria only. This is due to the fact that streaming services must enter into contracts with TV and film producers in order to be granted the privilege of airing their productions, and these agreements include conditions.

The catch is that content from streaming providers cannot be viewed by people outside of Austria; only those within Austria may do so.

Financially speaking, this makes sense. TV and film studios make more money by selling and reselling their content to streaming providers in other countries rather than selling it once in a single nation and letting everyone view it there.

As a result, international consumers must make an effort to locate the content they desire in the nation they are currently in, even if this necessitates signing up with several providers there.

It is also necessary to consider governments that impose restrictions. Restricting access to users within their country allows streaming companies to avoid legal concerns with regimes that may not want their citizens to see potentially “subversive” content from other countries.

How can you choose the best VPN for your device to watch Austrian TV Channels?

With so many services (both paid and free) available, how are you expected to choose the VPN which is best for you? To begin with, you should think about internet security standards, server location, and speed.

The following is a comprehensive list of the requirements that every VPN needs to fulfill to be considered among the top VPNs for watching Austrian TV overseas:

  • Austrian servers for international streaming of Austrian TV
  • Quick speeds and limitless bandwidth
  • A high degree of encryption security
  • Protection of privacy through a no-logs policy
  • Introductory-level desktop and mobile applications
  • Knowledgeable Live chat and email assistance available around the clock

A VPN should be able to protect your privacy, give you buffer-free streaming and

Why should you choose ExpressVPN?

While choosing VPNs for Austrian TV Channels, we came to notice that not all the VPN services were providing what we were actually looking for. But when we tried ExpressVPN, it was an awesome experience. Let’s get into that.

Features at a glance

  • Lightning-quick acceleration
  • 3,000 servers spread throughout 105 nations, with more than 100 in Austria
  • Eight device connections at once
  • Compatible with: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, ATV, Servus TV, ORF, and more
  • Compatible with every device such as routers, Apple TV, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, macOS, and more

Thanks to its fast connections that enable HD streaming, ExpressVPN is our top choice for safely watching Austrian TV. In contrast to the typical 21% internet connection slowdown caused by VPNs, ExpressVPN only displayed a 5% loss in speed during the tests.

It had an average speed of 26 Mbps when it was connected to an Austrian server. This was only a little bit slower than the 30 Mbps base speed.

We experienced no problems with connectivity or quality when watching a football game on ORF. You can stream an infinite amount of content because it also provides unlimited bandwidth.

Customer service informed us that it has more than 90 Austrian servers, which is more than enough when we logged in. This implies that there won’t be any disconnections brought on by crowding. How amazing is that?

Since ExpressVPN is generally the most dependable VPN, we all like to use it. I was able to stream Netflix Austria, ATV, ORF, Puls 4, and Servus TV while using it from Austria.

You may immediately connect to a server in Austria by using its simple and intuitive tools, which are easy to learn and use. It took me only three seconds to find a server; all I had to do was type “Austria” into the server list’s search area.

All you have to do is choose the server and press the large “Connect” button to establish a connection. The only thing left to do is connect to a server; no other settings need to be changed.

The most economical package offered by ExpressVPN is $6.67 per month, making its options somewhat pricey. That is, however, currently offering a fantastic deal with a 49% subscription discount. Although its long-term plan is the most popular, you can also pay monthly or every six months.

ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans, allowing you to test it out without any risk. I made a new account to try it out and make sure it functions as intended.

A few weeks later, I used the round-the-clock live chat feature to request a refund, and it was a really simple process. Without asking any questions, they processed my refund, and four days later, the money was back in my account.

After all these, who won’t choose ExpressVPN?

Can I use a free VPN to watch Austrian TV?

We strongly don’t recommend using free VPNs. Free VPNs are less dependable than paid VPNs, even if all of the aforementioned VPNs regularly unblock Austrian TV networks.

In actuality, free VPNs are a total waste of time when it comes to streaming services like Netflix. Even if a free VPN is able to unblock TV shows, it’s likely that the streaming experience will be sluggish with a lot of latency and buffering. This is worse. This is due to the fact that free VPNs may limit your bandwidth and have a small server count.

Security is another thing to be concerned about with free VPNs. The typical free VPN falls short in terms of privacy protection. To begin with, a few free VPNs record your internet activities and sell the information to outside parties.

If someone doesn’t encrypt your data, hackers and snoopers could access it. For these reasons, we advise against using a free VPN service in favor of the aforementioned premium VPNs when accessing Austrian TV.


Which Austrian TV channels are available for viewing outside of Austria?

The majority of Austrian TV stations are exclusive to the nation. If you attempt to watch from any other region, you will encounter issues because of broadcasting restrictions. Nonetheless, a few of its domestic platforms—like Vox and DAZN—have global counterparts.

When I go outside of Austria, is it possible for me to watch Austrian TV episodes on Netflix?

No, you cannot view Netflix’s Austrian content while traveling abroad. While using a VPN to obtain an Austrian IP address may allow you to access Netflix Austria from overseas, doing so is against the terms of service of Netflix and may even be illegal. However, you may use a VPN to safely and HD stream Netflix once you’re back in Austria.

Where Can I Watch Austrian TV Online?

You can only watch Austrian TV if you are physically present in Austria. That’s typically due to the license contracts they have with the producing firms. Viewers of the platform may be granted access in one or more locations, but not all, via these arrangements.

To Wrap Up

In Austria as well as the majority of other nations, using a VPN is permitted. Thus, you can stream video from overseas without worrying about breaching any laws.

So use ExpressVPN and watch any Austrian TV channels you prefer without worrying about privacy breaching or buffering.