How Can I Watch Caracol TV In the US: Easy Trick 2024

Watch Caracol TV In the US

Will you be able to watch Caracol TV in the US? While the traditional way of accessing the platform is unavailable in the US, fortunately, we are here to help you bypass any restrictions and watch Caracol TV in US.

As Caracol TV is a Columbian entertainment channel, it can be accessed only within the geographical boundaries of Columbia. This is technically termed as the geographical restriction of the service.

So, for you to be able to watch Caracol TV in the US, or anywhere outside Columbia for that matter, you will be required to bypass the geo-restrictions which hamper your process of accessing Caracol TV in the US.

While there are many ways you can bypass geo-restrictions to be able to watch Caracol TV outside Columbia, using a VPN is the best, most effective as well as safest option. Using a VPN, you will be able to watch Caracol TV from anywhere outside Columbia.

It is important that you only use a strong VPN for guaranteed results and a safe user experience. This is why we strongly recommend ExpressVPN.

Quick Steps: How to watch Caracol TV in the US?

  • Subscribe to a strong and reliable VPN service, like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and Install the VPN app on your device.
  • Open the VPN app and connect to a VPN server in Columbia as Caracol TV service is available there.
  • Go to the official website of Caracol TV and get ready to continue watching your favorite Columbian shows in the US.

Is Caracol TV available to people outside Columbia?

Caracol TV is a Columbian streaming platform and only available to people whose physical location is of anywhere inside Columbia. The platform is subject to geographical restrictions and the restricted countries are all other than Columbia.

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Caracol TV Not Working

Geographical restrictions are common among streaming platforms and are put to keep the content offered by the services exclusive to some areas or countries. Such restrictions decide the geographical areas in which the service will be available to people and where it will not be.

In case of Caracol TV, restrictions are imposed to keep the content offered on this platform exclusive to Columbia. The geographical restrictions make the platform unavailable to people who are outside Columbia, no matter in which country they are located.

If anyone from outside Columbia tries to access the streaming service, they receive the message given below on their screen. This message is to inform the users about the unavailability of the service in their region due to geographical restrictions.

Why is Caracol TV not accessible in countries other than Columbia?

Caracol TV service is not available to people whose physical location is outside Columbia. The reason for the same is geographical restrictions.

What the service does to follow these restrictions is that it checks the IP address of all the devices which try to have access to the platform.

While checking the IP address, it allows access to those devices which have an IP address of Columbia and on the opposite hand denies access to the devices which have an IP address of some other country.

This is because the IP address of devices is an indication of the physical location of the devices. And this is how it maintains the restrictions by only allowing access to devices which are physically inside Columbia.

How to get access to Caracol TV from outside Columbia?

Getting access to Caracol TV from outside Columbia is possible by circumventing geographical restrictions the service is subject to. Out of all the possible ways to deal with geographical restrictions, using a VPN has proven to be the ideal option.

VPNs are capable of easily and safely providing a fake IP address to your device of any country you want from wherever you are located.

What you are required to do is employ a VPN on your device and then connect the VPN with a server of Columbia because doing this will assign your device an IP address of Columbia.

Caracol TV Working

In this way, Caracol TV will assume that you are physically present inside Columbia so that your device gets access to the service from whichever country you are located in.

While assigning a fake IP address of Columbia to your device, it also masks up the original IP address of the device which is of some other country.

This is done to make sure that the Caracol TV cannot see your original IP address and thus can’t find out that your physical location is of outside Columbia.

Detailed steps to watch Caracol TV in the US with a VPN

Given below is a detailed step-by-step guide on using a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions to watch Caracol TV in the US.

Step 1: First, since you need a VPN, start off by signing up for a strong and reliable VPN service. We strongly recommend that you use ExpressVPN.

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Step 2: Next you are required to download the app of your selected VPN and install it on your device.

Download VPN App

Step 3: All top-notch VPNs require a subscription. So, select a VPN plan you find most suitable and proceed by paying.

Step 4: After you have successfully made the payment and registered on your chosen VPN, sign in to the VPN app by inputting the same credentials using which you have registered for your VPN.

Step 5: On your VPN app, connect to a VPN server in Columbia.

Step 6: Go to the official website of Caracol TV on any of the browsers on your device. You can also download the Caracol Television app from the app store of your device.

Step 7: If you do not already have an account on the Caracol TV platform, start off by registering on the platform. Free registration is available on this platform. Input all required details and proceed.

Step 8: You should log in to Caracol TV using the same credentials that you used while creating your Caracol TV account. 

Step 9: Once you are logged in, you can go through the vast and diverse content given on the Caracol TV platform and stream your favorites regardless of where you are located.

Popular shows on Caracol TV

Caracol TV has some of the most popular streaming content that you must give a try. Out of the many brilliant shows that are available on Caracol TV, here is a list of the some of the most popularly streamed shows:

  • The Queen of Flow
  • Griselda Blanco: The Black Widow
  • Arelys Henao: canto para no llorar
  • The Cartel
  • Bolívar
  • Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord
  • El Escamoso
  • Surviving Escobar: Alias JJ
  • Nuevo Rico Nuevo Pobre
  • The Mafia Dolls

In addition to shows, there are also a lot of good movies that you must not miss out on. Here is a list of some of the most popularly streamed movies:

  • Mandy
  • Embrace of the Serpent
  • The Strategy of the Snail
  • Amigo de Nadie
  • Memories of My Father
  • Savage Rhythm
  • El paseo 6
  • Lokillo

Is Caracol TV available for free?

Yes, Caracol TV is a free-to-stream streaming platform which does not make it mandatory for you to pay a minimum amount for you to be able to get entry into the streaming platform. You can sign up on the platform by creating a free account.

However, the streaming platform, if accessed for free, will give you access to only limited content. What is meant by this is that you will be able to stream limited sections of the platform. If you want to get access to the full library, you will have to pay a premium amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Caracol TV famous for?

Caracol TV us famous for offering great streaming content including movies, Tv shows, web series, sports, news, etc. People who love streaming can easily find the content of their streaming taste and thus it serves as an ideal platform for streaming fans.

Is Caracol TV a paid or free service?

Caracol TV is not a paid service and thus you can stream unlimited content of your choice for free of cost. As you do not have to pay even a single penny to stream, it is an ideal platform for you because you can stream what you want to without having to cut your pockets.

Is ExpressVPN a good choice to be used with Caracol TV?

A big yes! ExpressVPN is a really good choice to be used with Caracol TV or any other streaming service for that matter. The VPN not only bypasses restrictions but also ensures that your online anonymity is maintained while you use using a VPN.

Why are free VPNs risky to use?

Free VPNs are risky to use because they do not have features which can ensure security and privacy while you use the internet.  There have been various cases where free VPNs have led to leakage of some confidential data. Therefore, do not take a risk and only use paid VPNs and that too, the ones which are testes and proven to be safe for use.


Caracol TV, a streaming service of Columbia is not available outside Columbia. However, making use of a VPN will make it possible for you to have access to the service from the US or any other country you want to.

The above article is a well-explained guide about making use of a VPN on your device to bypass geographical restrictions and thus to be able to stream on Caracol TV from anywhere around the world.

Using a VPN is an easy and safe option and out of various options available ExpressVPN has proven to be the best choice because of its great features which work in a manner that your online security and privacy is not affected in any manner.