How to Watch iQiyi Outside China – Latest Guide 2023

Watch iQiyi Outside China

iQiyi is a Chinese portal that is solely available to Chinese users. You will not be able to access it if you visit outside of China. If you want to watch iQiyi outside of China, don’t worry; we have a solution for you.

With approximately 500 million unique users every month, the Chinese internet streaming video platform iQIYI is a phenomenon.iQIYI, sometimes called the “Netflix of China,” has original episodes made for Mandarin streamers residing outside of China, such as “Story of Yanxi Palace,” “Idol Producer,” “The Rap of China,” and many more. Continue reading to know more about How to watch iQiyi outside China.

In A Hurry? How To Watch iQiyi Outside China

  • Get a VPN service (we suggest ExpressVPN) and subscribe to it
  • Download and install the VPN app, start up the VPN client and log in.
  • Join one of the servers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Macau.
  • Go to Go to, sign in, and begin streaming immediately.

Why you can’t access iQiyi Outside China?

You can’t access iQIYI outside of China due to licensing issues and the Great Firewall. Your IP address will be tracked no matter how you attempt to utilize the iQIYI website or app.

That’s why the following error message shows when you attempt to access this streaming service from outside of China:

“Due to copyright restrictions, this video cannot be viewed in your region. Please visit IQ.COM to watch more exciting content”

iQiyi Error
  • IQiyi is indeed blocked outside of China, but with a VPN service like ExpressVPN, you can watch it worldwide.
  • iQIYI, Facebook, and WhatsApp, among many others, are unavailable inside mainland China.
  • You may benefit from using a virtual private network in this situation. Using a virtual private network, you may instantly connect to a server in Hong Kong and alter your IP address.
  • It will allow you to use iQIYI TV and view episodes in bulk like a native Chinese speaker. A VPN allows you to conceal your true location.

Why do you need a VPN to access iQIYI?

A VPN enables your internet-enabled device to communicate with another server in another location (such as China). Yet this distant server is more than just a proxy; it may also create an encrypted channel between your system and itself.

The connection serves as your entry point to the Internet within that nation, providing you with a local IP address. Once you’re connected, no one can see what you upload or download once you’re connected since it goes via the VPN server first.

Assuming the VPN connection remains active, nobody can monitor your internet activity. Your VPN should have a kill switch in place to prevent data loss in the event of a connection loss. These are crucial for maintaining your anonymity even if the VPN connection drops.

How to Unblock iQiyi Outside of China: A Detailed Instruction

A Virtual Private Network is the most dependable and secure method for bypassing iQiyi censorship. It will replace your IP address with one from China to keep your true identity hidden.

You can trust it to keep your information safe while giving you access to cutting-edge tools and services. A few simple steps will get you started with the Chinese streaming service.

Step 1: A virtual private network (VPN) is a must-have if you need to access Chinese websites. (ExpressVPN Is What You Need)

Step 2: Download a VPN app, set it up on your device. Enter your login information.

Download VPN App

Step 3: Link up to the Chinese server to get a Chinese IP address

Step 4: Visit the official website of iQiyi and enjoy it outside of China.

Watch iQIYI Abroad with the best VPN: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the best VPN service for iQIYI streaming. Using its Hong Kong server, you may bypass the block on iQIYI in seconds.

The lightning-fast servers of ExpressVPN unlock region-locked content. The typical download speed on a 100 Mbps connection is 89.38 Mbps.

ExpressVPN has a lightning-fast server available. With the quickest speed and fantastic features, ExpressVPN is unmatched by any other VPN service. Streaming KBS from overseas is also a breeze with our lightning-fast VPN.

ExpressVPN’s Media Streamer (Smart DNS) feature makes using the service on any gadget or OS possible without a dedicated VPN client.

Other benefits of using a VPN

A VPN is essential for accessing iQIYI outside of China. Further, by masking your true location, a VPN will allow you to access any service or webpage restricted in China. Some advantages of using a VPN in China are listed below.

Privacy & Security in Cyberspace

It enhances the safety and privacy of your online activities. You may use different IP addresses by signing up for a VPN service from the abovementioned options.

Support for Multiple Operating Systems

The benefits of using a VPN are many. You read it right; it is true. A VPN allows you to use the service on any device you choose. Therefore, iQIYI’s movies and TV series are accessible on various platforms.

Unrestricted access to websites in other regions

After joining a VPN service, you can immediately avoid restrictions based on your physical location. This means you can watch your favorite series and movies outside of China.

Can you use a free VPN to watch iQiyi when I’m not in China or Taiwan?

You may use a free VPN to access iQiyi, provided it has servers in China or Taiwan. Yet, it is unusual for a free VPN provider to offer local servers; even if you do, it will likely be plagued by issues. It is not recommended to use a free VPN to watch iQiyi from outside of China.

Because free VPNs only have so many servers available, traffic may quickly build up and slow down your connection. It might take a while to stream a show, perhaps several minutes.

No guarantee connecting to a free VPN service’s China server will allow you to see anything on iQiyi. Certain free VPNs’ IP addresses have been banned, making it impossible for users to access iQiyi.

When it comes to safety, free VPNs also fall short. They do not provide enough protection for your online activity. Free VPNs need more security and privacy protections offered by paid services. It’s also been shown that some of them propagate malware on devices.

If you want to watch iQiyi while keeping your internet activity private, subscribe to a paid VPN service.

Things to consider to unblock iQiyi using a VPN

If you want to access iQiyi from outside of China and Taiwan, you’ll require a VPN.

Site of the server

To use iQiyi outside of China and Taiwan, a VPN with servers in either of those countries is required. If a VPN service promises to be exceptional but does not have a server in China or Taiwan, it will not be able to get over the censorship.

Confidentiality and safety

Safety is a crucial consideration. Your VPN’s ability to thwart cyberattacks and other online dangers when you visit iQiyi is an absolute must.

Look for a VPN service that uses military-grade AES-256 encryption, additional security measures, and important protocols such as OpenVPN.

It has to be equipped with features like a kill switch and virus protection to guarantee full anonymity when surfing the web.


The rate of the VPN connection is another factor to consider. Poor streaming quality on iQiyi due to buffering or weak speeds is aggravating. Ensure the servers are lightning-quick and won’t slow down your home network.

VPN Service Fees

The price of a VPN is another factor to consider before making a final decision. If you will only be using the VPN for a limited time, look for a service that offers a free trial or money-back guarantee.

When you aren’t satisfied with the VPN service for any reason during the trial period, you may cancel your membership and get a full refund.

Top iQiyi TV Shows to Stream Online

iQiyi has a wide variety of programming, including animation, drama, TV episodes, and movies. Just a few of iQiyi’s top shows:

  • The Flowers are blooming
  • Forever and ever
  • Moonlight
  • Bad and crazy
  • Arsenal Military Academy
  • Love Poisoned
  • Love Designer
  • My Dear Guardian
  • The Legend of Zu

Additionally, regional Malay, English, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese subtitles are now available when streaming material via iQIYI.


Can I get a free IQIYI account?

When you sign up for iQiyi, the first month is on the house. Make an iQIYI account using a phone number registered in China or Taiwan. After the first month, you must sign up for the monthly plan.

Can I use any free VPN service to access iQiyi?

You certainly can, but you should trust something other than a free VPN service with your watching device.

It will allow you to access material regardless of location, but it won’t safeguard your personal information or prevent buffering or other streaming problems.

Free VPNs may sell your information to a third party. To unblock content from China, we suggest using the best VPN servers in the country.

Can I use iQiyi with my smart TV?

The answer is yes; iQiyi is available on smart TVs. To watch programs, you’ll need to get the iQiyi app from the app store or, if you’re using Android TV, the iQiyi app from the play store.

What exactly does “region lock” in iQIYI mean?

Many services are accessible inside their region or country but are unavailable while traveling to or within another country. IQIYI is only one example.

The channel will prevent access from your IP address if you attempt. You can only access these sites by connecting to a VPN provider offering premium streaming and a server in China.


Unfortunately, iQiyi, one of China’s most popular streaming services, is inaccessible from outside China due to geographical limitations and copyright difficulties. Outside of China, iQIYI is inaccessible.

But try not to worry; there’s always a way out. Using a trusted VPN service to connect to iQIYI would be recommended. You can unblock iQIYI from any location using a VPN since it will hide your real IP and replace it with a Chinese one.