How to Watch Paramount Plus on Samsung TV (Easy Guide 2024)

Watch Paramount Plus on Samsung TV

With the rise of streaming platforms, people have always wanted these plants to be available to watch on their smart TVs. Hence, with these streaming services being present on our smart TVs to be streamed upon, here in this article we will learn how to watch Paramount Plus on Samsung TV.

The developing technology has been allowing us to experiment with different devices and streaming services and more than ever, people have been wanting for streaming services to be available at any point of time. 

With many platforms now being available to be streamed on smart TVs from companies like Apple and Samsung, people have been opting for several OTT platforms rather than going for traditional cable TVs. 

Hence, to make the work easier for you, one can read the article below to find out how to watch Paramount Plus on Samsung TV with simple and easy steps

How to Watch Paramount Plus On Samsung TV (Step-by-step)

There are various methods through which people can access the platform of Paramount Plus on Samsung TV or the Apple TV. One has to follow the simple steps below to successfully access the platform of Paramount Plus on their smart TVs. 

Step 1: Firstly, one has to download the app of Paramount TV on their respective smart TVs like the Samsung or Apple TV. 

Step 2: After installing the application, sign-up or log in to their platform with appropriate credentials. 

Step 3: Now go to the URL of through another device such that your TV has access to the platform of Paramount Plus. 

Step 4: Further, your smart TV will display a code which would be present through the other device which you opted to login through. Input the code on your Samsung TV and click on to activate the platform. 

Step 5: Further click on to finish the setup of Paramount Plus on your TV and click on to the option of start Paramount Plus to successfully start streaming through the service of Paramount Plus. 

Although, as mentioned, the platform of Paramount Plus is geographically restricted and is available only for the locations of the US, Argentina and Brazil.

Hence, one wanting to access Paramount Plus from other locations has to opt for the use of VPN networks from reputed companies like NordVPN. 

About Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is an online streaming platform which provides several movies and web series for their audience to watch through their service. It is one of the most famous production hubs of the film industry and is loved by people throughout the world. 

It not only provides movies and series to watch but people can stream sports like NFL games over their platform too. It provides access to about 40,000 shows from reputed channels like Comedy Central, BTE, CBS, MTV and Nickelodeon

Apart from the shows from different channels, their platform also tends to provide some of the original works through the Paramount production hub and people can have access to movies and series present in no other platforms. 

Although, the service of Paramount Plus is available only in the locations of the US, Argentina and Brazil. Since their platform has geographical restrictions, people have to opt for VPN to access the platform through the locations of US, Argentina and Brazil. 

Paramount Plus Subscription Plans

Apart from signing up to their streaming platform through the help of another device, if the platform of Paramount Plus already comes downloaded on their smart TVs from Samsung or Apple, one does not news to go through such troubles. 

There are two plans available for people trying to access the services of Paramount Plus. The first plan comes for a price of $4.99 per month which is the Essential Plan or else one can opt for the second plan which comes for a price of $9.99 per month which is the Premium Plan for their service. 

Alongside the plans and subscription for streaming on Paramount Plus, they also provide their first time audience with a free trial of about thirty days on their platform.

After the free-trial, one can select if they feel the need to go further with subscription or can even back out from having their streaming services if not liked. 

Content Library of Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus has one of the best content libraries present of all streaming platforms. It provides their users with multiple options of movies, web series and original content to watch from. 

Some of the most famous movies which are available on their platform are The Lost City, Top Gun, Orphan, Scream and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Some of the best series present on their platform for watching are Lingo Season 1, Teen Wolf, Wolf Pack Series and the Brady Bunch. 

Moreover, people can still select from different categories and genres present on their platform which makes it easier for people to choose different movies and series.

Some of the categories and genres present on the Paramount Plus application are:

  • Fictional
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Sci-fi
  • Teen Dramas
  • Reality TV
  • Documentaries
  • Kids

Above are some of the best genres present on their platform. People wanting to access these features can surely visit the website of Paramount Plus on their respective devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you stream Paramount Plus on Samsung TV?

Most likely yes, you will be able to stream on the platform of Paramount Plus as long as your TV is a smart TV. Irrespective of your Smart TV being from Samsung or Apple, as long as your TV is a smart one one can stream through the platform of Samsung TV. 

Q2. Are there any other platforms which are available to stream on Samsung TV?

There are several other streaming platforms which people can opt to stream through Samsung TV. Some of such platforms available to access on your smart TVs are Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar, etc. 

Q3. Does Samsung TV support the platform of Paramount Plus?

Yes, Samsung does support the functioning of the streaming service of the Paramount Plus application. Although, if you are not able to access Paramount Plus on Samsung TV then one can easily go to the browser of their TVs and can go to the website of Paramount Plus. 


Paramount Plus can be easily accessed on the device of Samsung TV by following some easy steps which are mentioned above in the article.

Although, if people are not able to access their platform in the region they reside in, then one should opt for the help of VPN networks. 

Moreover, VPN networks from reputed companies such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN, provide safety and security for people trying to stream through the internet. t