How to Watch Rai TV Outside Italy? [Ultimate Guide 2023]

How to Watch Rai TV Outside Italy

Is Rai TV available outside of Italy? Although a VPN can be used to access Rai TV outside of Italy, watching Rai TV outside of Italy is not possible. We advise using ExpressVPN.

The popularity of the services of Rai TV has led people from countries other than Italy to wish to have access to the platform so that they can also stream and enjoy the service.

Since the service of Rai TV is so good that everybody wants access to it, it is unfortunate that only people in Italy can enjoy it. We, as audiences, would also like to watch Rai TV and enjoy the entertainment that it offers in Italy.

So, is there no way of taking the service with you when are traveling outside Italy or if you are a foreign resident and would like to enjoy the services of Rai TV?

With us, you will always get a solution for your problems and longings. This time also, we are living up to your expectation and providing you with a solution for accessing Rai TV outside Italy.

The best way how you can watch Rai TV from anywhere is to make use of a VPN. There are multiple benefits of using a VPN. To know more about these, please check our section below!

In A Hurry? Quick Way to Watch Rai TV Outside Italy

  • Subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app for your device.
  • Connect to a VPN server in Italy.
  • Visit the Rai TV website and stream your favorite movies and tv shows outside of Italy.

Why can’t you watch Rai TV outside Italy?

Is Rai TV operational abroad? Rai TV doesn’t work abroad, sorry. The streaming service has put geographic restrictions on its material because of licensing contracts and legal obligations.

You will see the following problem message when trying to stream Rai TV anywhere outside Italy:

Rai TV Error

By identifying your local IP address, services like Rai TV can restrict user access for those trying to access it from locations outside of Italy.

Why do you need a VPN to watch Rai TV outside Italy?

A VPN can unblock these geo-restrictions and provides you an Italian IP address from anywhere. Rai TV needs an Italian IP address to access its services outside Italy. You can check in the below screenshot.

Rai TV Working

You just need to connect to Italy VPN server from the list. Thus you will get an Italian IP address. Rai TV will not prevent you from accessing from anywhere around the world.

How to use VPN to watch Rai TV outside Italy?

If you’re wondering, yes, you can use Rai TV abroad. You can watch Rai TV from abroad, so the answer is yes, but you must first have access to a solid VPN service that is both potent enough to get over geographic restrictions and dependable enough to keep you safe.

The methods for utilizing a VPN to visit the website and register for a Rai TV account are listed below:

Step 1: Select a high-end VPN service, such as ExpressVPN.

Subscribe ExpressVPN

Step 2: Download and install the VPN application on your device.

Download VPN App

Step 3: Choose a plan to subscribe to. Log into your VPN account with your credentials.

Step 4: Join a server in Italy after you have logged in.

Connect ExpressVPN Italy

Step 5: Visit the Rai TV webpage and now you can watch Rai TV outside Italy!

Once you’ve finished, your Rai TV account will be created, allowing you to immediately and uninterruptedly stream.

How To Subscribe To Rai TV Outside Italy?

  1. Open the Rai TV app after using the ExpressVPN app to connect to an Italian server, then utilize the left sidebar to find the sign-up choices.
  2. From the drop-down option, choose “Create an Account.”
  3. By scrolling down, you can now register using Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Huawei ID, or email.
  4. You have successfully subscribed to Rai TV outside of Italy by entering your information using your login credentials.

What Devices Can I Watch Rai TV On?

Below is a list of the devices you can watch Rai TV on:

  1. Android
  2. Windows
  3. iOS
  4. Mac
  5. Apple TV
  6. Smart TV
  7. Roku
  8. Xfinity TV
  9. Chromecast
  10. Fire TV
  11. Xbox
  12. Play Station
  13. Amazon Firestick

How to Watch Rai TV On Different Devices:

How to Watch Rai TV outside Italy on Roku?

Follow the below steps to watch Rai TV outside Italy on Roku.

  1. Install ExpressVPN after downloading it, then link your WiFi router to it.
  2. Join the Italian server.
  3. Now connect your Roku stick through HDMI to your smart TV.
  4. You can now choose Rai TV from the Roku home screen after turning on your device.

How to watch Rai TV on Android?

Follow the below steps to watch Rai TV outside Italy on Android.

  1. Your Android device’s ExpressVPN app should be open.
  2. Connect to an Italian server.
  3. Log in to your newly created Google account.
  4. Go to the Play Store and look for the Rai TV app.
  5. Install it, then create a cost-free account.
  6. You can now watch Rai TV on your Android mobile, congratulations.

How to Watch Rai TV outside Italy on Apple TV?

Follow the below steps to watch Rai TV outside Italy on Apple TV.

  1. Choose a VPN provider that enables Smart DNS. ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.
  2. Go to the Settings menu on your Apple TV and choose Network at the bottom of the page to find your Smart DNS addresses.
  3. The Wi-Fi button should be pressed to select your network.
  4. then select Manual Configuration under DNS Configuration.
  5. By entering your DNS address and restarting it, you can connect your Apple TV to a US server.
  6. You just need to download and install the Rai TV app on your Apple TV to finish.

How to Setup Rai TV outside Italy on Xbox?

Follow the below steps to set up Rai TV outside Italy on Xbox.

  1. Choose “My games & apps” from the Xbox menu.
  2. Go to the “Xbox Store” and type in “Rai TV.”
  3. I’m done now! Simply select “Install” from the menu.

How to watch Rai TV on IOS?

Follow the below steps to watch Rai TV outside Italy on iOS.

  1. Start by going to Settings > Network and changing the region of your Apple ID to Italy.
  2. On your iOS device, launch ExpressVPN.
  3. Connect to an Italian server.
  4. Browse the iTunes App Store for Rai TV.
  5. To start streaming your favorite episodes right away, download the app and sign in to your account.

How to Setup Rai TV outside Italy on Kodi?

Follow the below steps to watch Rai TV outside Italy on Kodi.

  1. Activate a VPN that works with Rai TV. ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.
  2. Connect your VPN to your Kodi device.
  3. Put the USB stick into your Kodi device after downloading the VPN application on your computer.
  4. Go to Settings, System Settings, and Add-ons on your Kodi device.
  5. Turn on Unknown Sources immediately.
  6. On your Kodi device, install the VPN app. After that, join a server in the US.
  7. By turning on your TV, access Kodi’s home screen.
  8. Then, to begin watching, add the Rai TV add-on to Kodi.

How to Watch Rai TV outside Italy on PS3/PS4?

Follow the below steps to watch Rai TV outside Italy on PS3/PS4.

  1. Go to the TV/Video Services category.
  2. Find “Rai TV” in the list of possibilities.
  3. From the drop-down option, choose “Get”.
  4. Your list of “My Channels” has now been updated to include Rai TV.

How to Install Rai TV outside Italy on Firestick?

Follow the below steps to watch Rai TV outside Italy on Firestick.

  1. Go to Search on your FireStick after turning it on.
  2. Install ExpressVPN by going to Unknown Sources and connecting to a US server after that.
  3. Hit “Enter” after typing “Rai TV.”
  4. The search results will show the “Rai TV app for Fire TV Stick.”
  5. You must click “Get” in order for the program to be downloaded.
  6. Open the Rai TV app after installation is complete.
  7. Launch the Rai TV app, then log in or register with your details.
  8. You can now begin streaming Rai TV outside of Italy on Firestick.

Some Benefits Of Using A VPN Other Than To Watch Rai TV

Access services that are geo-restricted, BBC iPlayer For Example

Geographically blocked content is an inescapable aspect of all the major streaming platforms due to the higher level of competition in getting licensing agreements worldwide.

The good news is that you may get around these restrictions by appearing to be accessing region-restricted content from an authorized location by using a top-notch VPN like ExpressVPN.

Watch movies Exclusive To Certain Countries

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are two examples of streaming services with regionally specific content libraries. Fortunately, a reliable VPN can let you get the most out of your plan.

No Lagging or buffering issues

You might only occasionally experience buffering when streaming. But when it does, it’s annoying. Thankfully, a good streaming VPN can assist in lowering the likelihood of buffering.

Enjoy live TV.

No matter where you are or what device you’re using, you can watch TV live using a VPN.

Stream on public networks without any fear

Because public Wi-Fi networks are frequently not secure, hackers and snoopers can easily target unwary users and steal important data there. Consequently, it’s imperative that you utilize a VPN.

Use Multiple Devices At the same time

Utilize a VPN to stream across many devices at the same time.

Enjoy sporting events live

There may be predetermined channels that sports events are broadcast on, and there may not even be any broadcasting alternatives in other cases.

Whether you follow a specific sport or have a preference for the commentary and programming you like to watch, you might find it difficult to access some live streams.

But if you use the correct VPN, you can watch every single second of a game, race, or competition.

Rai TV Live Channel List

Here is a list of the channels you can enjoy when you watch Rai TV!

  • Rai News
  • Rai 1,2,3,4,5 HD
  • Rai Movie
  • Rai Sudtirol
  • Rai Scuol
  • Rai Sport
  • Rai Premium
  • Rai YoYo
  • Rai Ladinia
  • UniNettuno University TV

Frequently Asked Question

From what places can I Watch Rai TV?

Rai TV can be accessed from any place inside Italy. And in order to access it from outside of Italy, there is a need to employ a VPN that can bypass geographical restrictions.

How is it possible to Watch Rai TV using a VPN?

VPNs are capable of hiding your original IP address and providing your device with a fake IP address which will fool the website into believing that your device is present in Italy and thus allow you to stream unlimited content on Rai TV.

Are all VPNs the same?

All the VPNs are supposed to bypass the restrictions and thus unblock the sites of your choice for you to access them from anywhere but free VPNs are not safe to use as they risk your online security and privacy.

Whereas, paid VPNs are strong enough to fulfill your demand for unblocking websites as well as prevent any kind of possible risk. In paid VPNs also you need to be careful in choosing the VPN that best suits your needs.

Which VPN should I buy?

Even though there are a lot of VPNs available to choose from, ExpressVPN has proven to work best. The reason for this is that the VPN is quite reasonable when compared to other VPNs providing as good services as it does.

It is strong enough to bypass any restrictions and makes sure your personal information is completely safe.


So, by now you must be able to tell that a VPN is the best solution for accessing the Rai TV platform from anywhere outside Italy. This is a big sigh of relief as you do not have to worry about not having access to Rai TV when are you not in Italy.

Moreover, this is also good news for anybody who does not live in Italy but would like to make the full of this platform. There were innumerable people outside Italy who had been waiting for this solution so that they could also start enjoying Rai TV.

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is to give proper consideration to your choice of VPN. You cannot just go for any VPN that you see. There are many things you have to consider to ensure that you are not exposing yourself to any kind of risk on the web.

Moreover, not every VPN will do the work that you would like it to. What is meant by this is that not every VPN is strong enough to bypass geographical restrictions and even if it does succeed in doing so, it might not keep your data encrypted which might land you in an unwanted place.

Therefore, it becomes highly significant which VPN you are choosing for access and streaming on Rai TV outside Italy. We recommend ExpressVPN and so do the experts.

ExpressVPN has been tested on several parameters and it has performed exceptionally well on each test. This is why ExpressVPN is an easy and wise pick. Get ExpressVPN today and start streaming on Rai TV without worrying about anything else.