How to Watch Xumo Play Outside the US: Ultimate Guide 2024

Watch Xumo Play Outside the US

Is Xumo Play available outside the US? No, but there are ways to access it from your location even if you are outside the US. Read the article to know how to watch Xumo Play outside of the US.

The US streaming service Xumo Play gives users access to limitless streaming content. Its range is so diverse that everybody finds the content of their choice. However, the service is only available to persons who are physically present in the US.

It cannot be accessed outside of the US due to geographical restrictions. In order to access it from outside the US, you must circumvent the limitation.

A VPN is the best and most effective technique to get around geo-restrictions. It allows you to watch Xumo Play and guarantees your connection is always secure, and safe. You must make advantage of an outstanding VPN service. For the greatest experience, we strongly recommend using ExpressVPN to our viewers.

Quick Steps: How to watch Xumo Play From Outside the US?

Here are the steps to follow for using a VPN to bypass these geographical restrictions so that you can stream on this service from anywhere you are located.

  • Subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN
  • Download and Install the VPN app for your device.
  • Connect to one of the VPN servers in the US as Xumo Play is only available there.
  • Go to the official website of Xumo Play and search for the content that you are interested in even when you are outside the US.

Is Xumo Play available outside the US?

Xumo Play service is an American streaming service which is not available in other countries due to geographical restrictions and that is why people outside the US do not get access to it.

Xumo Play Error

The service has geographical restrictions to ensure the copyright and licensing agreements signed by most of the popular services like this one. To comply with the restrictions it ensures that the service is only available to people with physical location of inside the US.

It checks if the IP address of any device accessing it is American or not and if not then it denies access to such devices. This is because non-American IP address is an indication that the device is not inside the US, as IP addresses are assigned based on the location of the device. Therefore, Xumo Play service is not available to people who are located outside the US.

How to watch Xumo Play from outside the US?

Geographical restrictions put on Xumo Play make the service unavailable to people outside the US and circumventing them will allow you to have access to the service even when you are outside the US.

For this, you need to make use of a good VPN service which is capable of safely dealing with geographical restrictions and thus letting you stream on Xumo Play from any location, one great example is ExpressVPN.

Xumo Play Working

What a VPN does is that it assigns your device an American IP address when you connect the VPN with a server in the US. All you need is an American IP address for your device to be able to stream on Xumo Play from outside the US.

To make sure there is no problem in getting access, the VPN also masks up the original IP address of the device which is of some other country.

Detailed steps to watch Xumo Play from outside the US using a VPN

In case your physical location is of a country other than the US and you are willing to stream on the Xumo Play service from wherever you are located, then you have to deal with the geographical restrictions it has by making use of a reliable VPN. Below given are the detailed steps to do the same:

Step 1: First of all, since you require a VPN, begin by registering for a powerful and dependable VPN provider. You should definitely use ExpressVPN in our opinion.

Subscribe ExpressVPN

Step 2: The app for your chosen VPN must then be downloaded and installed on the device through which you want to stream on Xumo Play.

Step 3: All excellent VPN services demand a membership through their paid subscription plans. Decide which VPN subscription plan is best for you according to the work you need to do with the VPN, then pay for it.

Step 4: Sign in to the VPN app using the same credentials you used to register for your VPN after successfully completing the purchase and registration processes.

Step 5: Connect to any American VPN server (as good VPNs gives you access to a lot of servers) using your VPN application.

Connect ExpressVPN US

Step 6: Open up any browser on a supported device and navigate to the official Xumo Play website. Check the section below for the complete list of compatible devices to know which devices can be used to stream on Xumo Play.

Step 7: You do not even need to create an account for streaming on Xumo Play because it does not require one. You just have to open the website or its app to start using it.

Step 8: You are ready to browse Xumo Play’s extensive content library from anywhere in the world, including countries other than the US.

Which devices are compatible with Xumo Play streaming service?

There are a lot of smart devices which are compatible with the Xumo Play streaming service because its platform is designed in a way that it functions well with all the common devices streaming fans use for streaming.

The list below covers all the devices which can be used for streaming on Xumo Play:

• Amazon Fire devices
• Android Mobile and Tablets
• Android TV
• Apple TV
• Xfinity Flex
• Hisense
• iOS Mobile and Tablets
• Panasonic
• Rogers Ignite Cable Boxes
• Roku
• Samsung (No Longer Available on 2016 Models as of May 3rd, 2023)
• Sony
• Vizio Via+ and Vizio Smartcast
• Xfinity X1 devices

Do I need to pay for streaming on Xumo Play?

There are around 300 channels available on Xumo Play, offering you unlimited and diverse content to stream. All the channels are free to stream which means you do not have to pay even a single penny to stream anything you want to on Xumo Play.

You can directly start stream on it by by opening its website or its app (which can be downloaded for free of cost) as it does not even require you to create an account to get access to the content.

This means you do not have to sign up or register on Xumo Play and can stream unlimited content for completely free of cost.

What type of channels are available on Xumo Play?

Xumo Play offers a lot of channels to its users and the categories of the channels are listed below. Each category has a lot of channels under them and thus users get good choices for streaming.

  • News
  • TV & Movies
  • Sports
  • Kids & Family
  • Food, Drink & Travel
  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Pop Culture
  • Music
  • Science & Tech
  • Fashion

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xumo Play a paid or free streaming service?

Xumo Play offers a lot of channels and thus there is unlimited content for streaming. And all of this content is completely free to stream because there are no subscription plans of the service and thus you can stream whatever you want to for free of cost.

Will i see ads while streaming on Xumo Play?

It is very common for free streaming services to show you ads while streaming on them. Same is the case for Xumo Play streaming service. You will see ads while streaming on Xumo Play.

Does Xumo Play offer live streams?

Yes. There are a lot of channels offered by Xumo Play and some of them offer live streams such as ABC News Live, beIN SPORTS XTRA, HSN, NBC News NOW, QVC, etc.

what is xumo play streaming service popular for?

Xumo Play streaming service is popular for offering more than 300 channels which thus give you unlimited content for streaming. It also offers live streams on many channels. Its channels are so diverse that you get to stream all types of content on this platform.


Xumo Play is a very common service used for streaming because it is very popular among people who love to stream as it serves as an ideal platform to get all types of streaming content.

The service is subject to geographical restrictions and if you are outside the US then you will need a VPN to first deal with these restrictions because then only you will get access to it from your country.

Making use of ExpressVPN, which is a reliable VPN will ensure that you can easily get past the geographical restrictions and safely stream on it from anywhere around the world.