6 Easy Ways to Watch YouTube Without Ads in 2023

Watch YouTube Without Ads

YouTube has always been one of the most loved and useful streaming apps for thousands of users throughout the world. But with the continuous increase of ads on their platform, people have started to get annoyed with their working. Hence, here in this article we will find 6 ways to watch YouTube without ads. 

YouTube has seven different types of ads which they tend to display their users. Some of such ads are the skippable ones, the non-skippables, in-video ads, bumper ads and banners. 

But with the introduction of such different kinds of ads to promote their users to switch to YouTube premium, people have started to hate their platform and hence are looking for ways to watch YouTube without ads. 

To make this work an ease for you we have collected 6 methods which can help you watch YouTube without ads and allow you to have a peaceful streaming experience. Hence, connect with the article further to know the best ways to watch YouTube without ads. 

Methods to Watch YouTube Without Ads

Given below in the article are 6 methods which can be opted easily by people to prohibit the display of ads on their YouTube and can help you in successful streaming of the videos you love. 

1. Opting for an Ad Blocker

The work of an ad blocker is to block the advertisements displayed in different websites and platforms where you browse or stream anything. By implementation of an ad block on YouTube, people will be able to stream videos without having any possible hindrance. 

Although, ad blockers do not protect your IP address and hence expose your browsing information. Hence, people should always opt for VPN networks along with the use of ad blockers to make their streaming process smooth. 

2. Using VPN to Block Ads

Instead of opting for several different softwares for different use, one can directly opt for the use of VPN networks which have capabilities to block the display of advertisements. One should opt for VPN networks from reputed companies like ExpressVPN and NordVPN which have built-in abilities to block display of ads. 

VPN networks from companies like CyberGhost have built-in features to block popup ads which also support the safety and security of devices against malwares and viruses. Hence, opting for a VPN network can support the most needs of your devices for a smooth process. 

3. Use Third-Party Ad Blocking Apps

Another method which people can opt for is the use of third party apps which have specialization in ad blocking which can allow people to watch YouTube without ads. Several apps are present in the app or the play store which provides their users with such features. 

One has to simply go to the play store or to the app store depending upon the type of operating software your respective device uses, one has to search for the ad blocking apps and one can receive plenty of options to install on their devices. 

Further, one can also analyse the different features that their app has to offer to allow smooth streaming of different platforms including YouTube without having to watch any type of ads on their platform. 

4. Blocking Ads Via DNS Server

One can also opt for the use of private Domain Name Systems or the DNS server which have capabilities to reduce the amounts of ads displayed on your website and also have the abilities to filter out the harmful viruses and malicious websites which might be present while browsing through the internet. 

Although, with YouTube continuously advancing with their advertisement policies, it might become difficult to stream through YouTube with the support of DNS servers since YouTube is linking their ads directly with the URLs which eventually makes it difficult for any third party apps to come between their policies. 

5. Using YouTube Downloaders 

There are several ripping softwares and apps present over the internet for people to use to download different videos and content from YouTube for offline viewing.

These downloaded videos through ripping apps are stored directly on your phone’s main storage which can directly be accessed without having to open YouTube at a later stage. 

Although, ripping files and accessing them through the help of YouTube is not actually legal and is against the policies of YouTube. Moreover, such ripping softwares also are a threat to your device and might infect them with harmful viruses and malwares ultimately putting your device and security to a risk. 

6. Buying YouTube Premium 

Buying YouTube premium is one of the best methods to watch YouTube without ads and have a smooth streaming experience. With the YouTube ads getting insufferable day by day, one should definitely opt for buying the premium plans if one loves streaming throughout the platform of YouTube. 

There are several features which come with the YouTube premium plans. Some of such features are no ads, background music play and offline access to different videos which one opts to download over their platform. 

Hence, with all such features coming for a price and plan for a range of $9.99-$17.99 per month, people can easily opt for buying the YouTube Premium to watch on YouTube without ads. 

Why VPN is the Best Option to Stream on YouTube Without Ads

VPN is the best option to watch YouTube without ads. If you are looking for other different methods to block ads on their platform without having to buy the premium plan then it’s obvious that one is trying to look for other options. 

VPN according to our opinion is considered as the best option since it not only blocks advertisements through their ad block feature but also allows you to opt for other features like accessing the content library of YouTube of several other regions through their servers. 

Moreover, it also provides safety and security to their users and hence allows them to opt for safer streaming options. VPN from reputed companies also hide your browsing history and details which makes streaming and browsing over the internet an encrypted process. 

Hence, opting for VPN networks to stream on YouTube without ads is one of the best possible options available for people. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are ads there in YouTube?

YouTube majorly works as a free platform for several users who do not opt for their premium platform. Hence, YouTube makes money through streaming these ads to their non-paying users and hence there are many ads on the platform of YouTube.

Is VPN efficient enough to block ads on YouTube?

Yes, VPN networks from reputed companies come with ad blocking features for their users and people can enable these features through their VPN settings of the type of VPN they use.

Can you block YouTube ads for free?

Yes, you can successfully block YouTube ads for free through different methods. Some of such methods are mentioned above in the article which can be opted by people to streaming on YouTube without ads.


YouTube being one of the most famous platforms throughout the world has taken some advantage of their users due to this fact and with implementation of ads and limitations of phenomenal platforms makes us look for methods to view YouTube without ads. 

Hence, with the options given above, people can easily choose for the best method they are willing to opt for to watch YouTube without ads and one can being to stream successfully with the options they choose.