How to Access WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime In Banned Countries

Access WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime In Banned Countries

Are you trying to access Whatsapp, Skype and FaceTime in your country? It is difficult to be cut off from friends and family on social platforms in your country.

The government of every country more or less supervises the Internet. Due to this, some internet service providers, have implemented limits. This circumstance regrettably impacts all the country’s ability to access social media websites.

However, you don’t have to worry because there’s an easy workaround for this: Virtual Private Networks (VPN). An easy-to-use VPN tool encrypts your traffic to prevent your ISP from seeing what you are doing.

By doing this, you can get over the limitations and access Whatsapp, Skype and FaceTime from wherever you live. The ISP cannot block you if it is unaware that you are using such services.

In order to determine which VPNs are the best for accessing FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Skype from virtually anywhere, we have tried some of them. Because of NordVPN’s superior security and quick speeds, I highly recommend it. Enjoy a risk-free trial since it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So let’s get started.

Quick Guide: Access Whatsapp, Skype and FaceTime In Banned Countries (3 Simple Steps)

It is very easy to access Whatsapp, Skype and FaceTime from anywhere. Here are 3 small steps to obtain it.

  • Get a VPN by downloading it. Because of NordVPN’s superior unblocking technologies and fast connections, you access Whatsapp, Skype and FaceTime within your country without any interruptions.NordVPN Order
  • Establish a connection with the server of your choice where the service is available. The fastest connection is obtained by connecting to a server that is closest to you. Connect NordVPN US
  • Visit Whatsapp, Skype and FaceTime right now. FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Skype can be used after you establish a connection with the correct server.

Why a VPN Is Necessary to access Whatsapp, Skype and FaceTime in your Country?

Social services are blocked by almost all the country’s ISPs, thus you are unable to utilize them. One argument is that the nation’s ISPs are keeping these services from functioning because they earn from long-distance calls.

Allowing users to make FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Skype calls would result in a loss of these profits. There is also the idea that since WhatsApp and other similar apps use an encrypted messaging system, the government is unable to monitor the conversation.

In any case, if you visit other countries frequently, utilizing a virtual private network is the most effective strategy to get over these limitations. An easy-to-use solution that lets you keep your internet traffic hidden from your ISP is a VPN.

Your online activities are encrypted by a VPN, so whatever you browse or do is kept private. If your ISP is unaware of the websites or applications you are accessing, it cannot prohibit you.

What is a VPN?

It’s possible that you’ve seen promos and other marketing for VPN services compatible with social services. You must be aware of the features and functions of a VPN in order to decide if you need one.

Everything you do online, whether for work or pleasure, can be monitored. Websites use cookies to track your online activity, even if the data you submit is encrypted. Your activities may be logged by your ISP for maintenance or monitoring purposes. In several nations, the government even monitors internet usage by all citizens living within their boundaries.

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, let users conceal their online activities. These services are used for varied purposes by businesses and consumers. They are frequently used internally by businesses to offer a safe employee network that is inaccessible to unauthorized users. Workers who work remotely or from home may connect to your network via a VPN.

In addition to encrypting your data, a VPN also conceals your location and activity data. This implies that you can be sure your data hasn’t been intercepted or manipulated by outside parties.

Additionally, a VPN passes your data across international servers. It keeps people who shouldn’t be able to see who you speak with or visit online private.

The Best VPNs For Accessing Whatsapp, Skype And FaceTime From Anywhere

We have listed 3 top VPNs here for accessing Whatsapp, Skype and FaceTime around the world.

NordVPN: Overall best VPN for Security, Speed and Reliability)

NordVPN Product Imge

✔ 6000+ ultra-fast servers in 61 countries

✔ Connect Up to 6 devices simultaneously with one account

✔ Stream Netflix, VUDU, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Sky TV, and more from anywhere

✔ Apps available for android, window, iPhone, Mac, Apple, Smart TV, Chrome, Router

✔ 30-day money-back guarantee

NordVPN offer February 2024: For a limited time, you can save up to 67% at 3.39/month on 2-year subscription plan.

ExpressVPN: Budget-friendly VPN with good security features

ExpressVPN Product Imge

✔ The fastest VPN we tested thanks to its proprietary Lightway protocol

✔ 3,000+ servers in 94 countries which help you to unblock region-locked content

✔ Connect Up to 5 devices simultaneously with one account

✔ Unblock Netflix, VUDU, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Sky TV, and more

✔ You can use it on android, window, iPhone, Mac, Apple, Smart TV, Chrome, Router

✔ 30-day money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN offer February 2024: For a limited time, you can save up to 49% on 1-year subscription plan + 3 months free.

Cyberghost: Optimized Servers for Streaming sites

Cyberghost Product Image

✔ 7,000+ servers in 90 countries so you can easily access regional content

✔ Connect Up to 7 devices simultaneously with one account

✔ Unblock platforms like Netflix, VUDU, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Sky TV and more

✔ Apps available for android, window, iPhone, Mac, Apple, Smart TV, Chrome, Router etc

✔ 45-day money-back guarantee

CyberGhost VPN Exclusive Deal February 2024: For a limited time, you can save up to 84% at $2.03/month on a 2 Years subscription plan + 4 Months FREE

Why NordVPN?


  • Meshnet. Establish a secure network to connect your Apple gadgets. If you need to retrieve a crucial document that you left on your MacBook Air from your iPhone, this is incredibly helpful.
  • Exclusive NordLynx protocol. Although WireGuard is the fastest protocol in the business, it is not the safest. You and the other users on the server share an IP address when you connect to WireGuard. NordLynx uses double-LAN technology to close the gap and assigns a unique IP address to each user.
  • Dark Web Tracker. NordVPN will notify you if your email address is posted on the dark web so you can protect your account.

At a lesser cost, NordVPN, our best choice, provides the best quality features. Its enhanced WireGuard technology, known as NordLynx, circumvents Qatar’s firewalls without being noticed.

Speed is NordVPN’s strong suit. Whether you connect to a server nearby or one located several continents away, you can enjoy lag- and echo-free video calls with the fastest VPN service available.

The Presets function of NordVPN is only available on the macOS app, though an agent informed me that additional OSs are being developed for it. This is incredibly user-friendly and allows you to set up rules for certain activities.

For instance, I made a preset for US Netflix, which allows me to stream US material with NordVPN’s fastest US server and protocol with just one click.

A variety of custom servers are also available for use, and they all function flawlessly with Apple products. Your data is routed through the Tor network by Onion Over VPN servers. The Double VPN servers double your encryption by rerouting your connection across two different servers for added security. P2P servers provide steady speeds and are optimized for file sharing.

My main liking was that long-distance servers required short connection times. I didn’t have to wait more than a minute to connect to servers in the US and Canada when I was testing NordVPN. If my connection went out, switching to a different server was quite simple.

Additionally, NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. I would advise against waiting until the very last minute to submit a refund request—it took customer service 12 hours to get back to me!


Are FaceTime and WhatsApp functional in Dubai?

If you purchase an iPhone in Dubai, there are restrictions on using FaceTime and making video calls with WhatsApp from your device.

Can I make calls using WhatsApp in Qatar?

For security reasons, VoIP services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Skype are now prohibited in Qatar. Since the usage of VoIP is not explicitly prohibited by law, using a VPN to access these services won’t have any negative effects on the government.

Final Thought

The choice of VPN totally depends upon you but if you want to access Whatsapp, Skype and FaceTime from your country, mainly from UAE, then it is needed to use a VPN because the government there is really having an eye on you.

Since we did the research on all the possible VPNs we could get our hands on, we would recommend using NordVPN to access Whatsapp, Skype and FaceTime from anywhere since it has the most number of servers and the buffer-free service. Make your activities private by using a VPN and enjoy social services.