7 Best Yify Proxy Sites In 2023

Best Yify Proxy Sites

Are you also one of us who does not like to spend their money on big entertainment platforms when they can have access to all the content completely free of cost on torrenting sites like Yify? Well, we have some great news for you.

If you are a regular consumer of content on Yify, you may have noticed that from time to time, the Yify site stops working. This is due to the licensing and copyright infringement that takes place as the platform distributes content illegally.

So, when this happens the audience of Yify finds themselves in dilemma. They don’t know how long the site might take to come back and when they will be able to continue watching again. We are bringing for you the best Yify proxy sites which you can switch to when Yify isn’t working.

It is essential to stay safe while you are enjoying these services because they may pose hazards to your device and identity. The best way of doing so is to make use of a VPN.

Yify proxy site not available in your country? Here is how you can access it safely

There is a possibility of Yify proxy sites not working in your country. This may be due to several reasons. If so is the case, you can get access easily with the help of a VPN. Below are the steps for doing the same:

  • Get a VPN subscription like ExpressVPN
  • Download and install the VPN app for your device.
  • Connect to an appropriate VPN server in a distant location.
  • Type in the URL of your chosen proxy site and get straight into streaming.

Why is Yify not working?

Yify is a streaming platform which offers entertainment content completely free of cost. However, this is not done through the legal pathway. The platform does so without having the legal license to distribute the content that it offers.

In addition to the licensing infringements, the platform also infringes copyright due to which a legal action can be taken against the platform at any time. So, due to these factors, the Yify streaming site may go down very frequently.

This is why you should always have a few alternate options handy. We will discuss about these in the next section.

7 Best Yify Proxy Sites

As mentioned in the previous section, one must always have other options ready when using a torrenting site for entertainment. It is inadvisable to use any random proxy sites you see on the internet as they may not be reliable.

Here is a list of some of the best Yify proxy sites:

1. Yify-movies.net

Quick, trustworthy, and highly recommended! It offers a large, well-categorized variety with tons of reviews and high-resolution metadata. Both visually and practically, using Yify-movies.net is pleasurable.

There are a ton of files available, and you can check up anything that interests you through their built-in search engine. You will also see a trailer to know what the movie is about before you start watching so that you can know if you are interested in watching it or not.

When you want to browse, various categories for high-quality content, categories like popular, latest, and 1080p are incredibly helpful.

This is a wonderful proxy for ones that are new as well as for those ones that have been around for a while. The variety is astounding overall, with hundreds of new items added daily.

2. YTS.unblocked

The website contains a big library of films and a simple search function. It is simple to navigate and find fascinating movies because of the attractive layout.

Additionally, the inclusion of technical details about the content enables movie lovers to identify the better options not available on other proxy torrent sites and download them for their 4K cinema screens.

Both 720p and 1080p Blu-ray are available here. It really does make a difference to be able to increase the settings if you want to appreciate the experience on a large screen. Searching for content with same cast in them is also really easy.

3. YTS.gs

All the alternatives are outperformed by YTS.gs. You get screenshots, information on the actors and director, as well as a ton of technical details on the file.

The amazing thing is that everything loads very quickly, without any 404 errors or waiting for the server to reply, and even Cloudfare’s anti-DDOS features.

Given that the RSS capability and API are both completely operational, it is difficult to find anything negative to say about this yts proxy. Therefore, it is highly advisable for both inexperienced and seasoned users of yts proxy torrent.

4. Yify.ac

The browsing process is greatly facilitated by the presence of trailers! There is a vast collection, and many films that we did not find on other proxies are featured here. The technical details and listing of the actors and director along with references to their pertinent works are both excellent.

If you give it a chance, it has a fantastic user experience and is superior to many other yts proxy sites out there, despite being a little slow to get going. We had a terrific experience utilizing this proxy and were able to find a ton of useful links.

5. Yifytorrent2.bypassed.wtf

Old-fashioned in appearance and feel, yet this only adds to the beauty of this Yify facsimile. The site is ideal for slower, higher-latency, or mobile connections because the pages load quickly and there is little extra coding or fancy design.

Having a wide selection to choose from that includes the most recent items that are frequently updated, daily uploads, and classified listings. On the box cover, the movie’s quality is promoted with 720p or 1080p clearly evident.

Lightweight content that is perfect for mobile viewers is also available for download in MP4. You can search the list or browse the movies by year and quality. Along with the frame rate, runtime, IMDB rating, genres, in-depth synopses, actor, and director information,

6. Yifytorrent2.bypassed.icu

Fast, light, and straightforward, they performed admirably in our extensive testing.This proxy includes relevant movies and screenshots! You obtain high-quality screenshots and stay away from any phony downloads that don’t appear all that great.

Overall, using this YTS proxy is a usable and enjoyable experience, but since it lacks API capabilities and trailers compared to other proxy torrent sites, it doesn’t stand out. However, the screenshots and features like the daily lists and mp4 download options allow it to compete.

Find every movie in the extensive collection by using the search. Although it isn’t flawless, it certainly functions well enough for us to suggest it as a helpful tool for your proxy torrenting requirements.

7. YTS.unblockit.vegas

This is one of the most recommended Yify proxy site. You get access to a huge collection of entertainment content on this site. With high resolution, good sound quality and great control on play, pause and skip, this site is a full entertainment package.

It has a huge content catalogue which the platform keeps on updating to add the most recent titles to ensure that you have access to latest content as soon as possible.

The user interface is also extremely user friendly. You can easily surf through the site and sort the content in accordance with your choice. You can easily search the content by name.

Is it safe to use Yify proxy sites?

Yify streaming service provides a huge and diverse collection of movies and all the content offered here is pirated, making it unsafe to use. It is risky since it can monitor your online behavior and then download malware into your device or compromise your online security and privacy.

Utilizing such websites is quite unsafe because they constantly provide you with adverts and links that, if clicked out of curiosity or even accidentally, can have unfavorable effects.

These websites pose a serious risk to your entire system, including your private information and other crucial data. Therefore, using the Yify platform is not safe at all.

How to stay safe on Yify proxy sites?

Use a VPN on your device when using Yify service to ensure that you can use the service securely from any location. By giving your device a fictitious IP address from a nation where the service is permitted and disguising your device’s actual IP address, a VPN can assure security by preventing the service from finding out your real information.

By using Yify and its proxy sites in this way, your online anonymity won’t be in any way compromised. And when using the internet, you will be fully safe.In light of this, you should also be aware that selecting a trustworthy VPN is just as crucial as using one.

Our top recommendation to all users is ExpressVPN because of how good its services are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to stream on the Yify streaming platform?

No, it is not safe to stream on the Yify streaming platform because the service offers all pirated content which automatically breaches the copyright and licensing agreements. Violation of such agreements is risky and thus using the service is not safe.

How to use the Yify streaming service and its proxy sites safely from anywhere?

If you want to use the Yify streaming service or any of its proxy sites, make sure you use them safely. For this you will need a VPN. Accessing the service by using a VPN on your device makes it safe because the VPN ensures that the service cannot know your original IP address and thus your actual details which will make sure that you can safely and privately stream from wherever you are.

Do I have to pay to watch movies on Yify proxy sites?

No, you do not have to pay to watch on Yify proxy sites because all of them offer pirated content for free of cost. This means that you can watch unlimited content of your choice for free.

What can I get for streaming on the Yify service?

Yify streaming service offers you a great collection of movies. Its library is very diverse and covers movies of all genres so that all its users can get content of their streaming taste. It is updated regularly, and thus you will get to stream all the new releases as well.


Yify is a streaming platform which offers a huge collection of entertainment content.
The service offers all pirated content which infringes licensing and copyright, there are chances that it is not accessible at some point of time.

This article has given 7 best Yify Proxy sites which can be used to avail the same content when the site is not functioning. We have provided all information in great detail for even the beginners to kick start well.

It is important to maintain safety and security while you are enjoying the services of these sites. In order to safely get access to these services from anywhere make use of a good VPN like ExpressVPN.