How to Bypass Sky Broadband Shield: Quick Steps 2023

Bypass Sky Broadband Shield

Do you want to learn how to bypass Sky Broadband Shield? You can easily get around the restrictions of the Sky Broadband Shield with the help of a VPN. Let us learn how to use a VPN for doing the above-said.

Sky Broadband Shield is a service that is used to create a safe internet environment among all internet connected devices in a family. However, it can mean that you do get filtered search results.

When you make use of a Sky Broadband Shield it not only ensures that no virus-affected, malware and other harmful sites are accessed but at the same time can also filter the content that can be accessed by children and other members of the family.

If you would like to bypass Sky Broadband Shield, all you have to do is make use of a VPN. A VPN will take you through an alternative pathway where you will get unrestricted access to the internet. We strongly recommend ExpressVPN for guaranteed and reliable results.

Quick Guide: How to bypass Sky Broadband Shield?

  • Choose a reliable VPN service, preferably ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app on your device. Log in on your VPN app with the same credentials.
  • Connect to a VPN server in the UK.
  • Go to the web and search for whatever you would like! You will get unrestricted access to the internet.

Why is a VPN required to deal with Sky Broadband Shield?

In order to filter content, Broadband Shield keeps track of everything you do online. In addition to blocking porn or gambling websites, Sky might sometimes interfere with users’ ability to browse other, seemingly safe websites. Because a trustworthy VPN encrypts the traffic you send over the internet, nobody can see what you’re doing, not even Sky.

You also receive another IP address. If they are unable to monitor your activities, they would not be able to restrict your access to websites. Thus, it’s easy to evade blocks caused by Sky Broadband Shield.

Your ISP will remove restrictions since a VPN hides your online activities. Usually, throttling is used to prevent network congestion, particularly if the provider serves a large number of clients who have demanding job requirements.

Fortunately, VPN software fixes this problem. That’s not all, though. Regaining your anonymity while protecting your browsing is another benefit of a reputable VPN service.

How does a VPN work to get past the Sky Broadband Shield and the geographical restrictions it has?

To get around Sky Broadband Shield, utilize a VPN. Your internet traffic is redirected through an encrypted tunnel as part of a VPN’s operation. After that, the connection passes via a remote server that is situated elsewhere and has no effect on your internet service provider.

In this manner, all restrictions are lifted and you are able to browse an unfiltered internet. Furthermore, standard encryption protects your online activity, making sure that nobody can see what you’re doing.

With a good streaming VPN you can also unblock more movies and TV series on entertainment services like Netflix. All you need to do to access a foreign country’s library is to connect to a server there. Therefore, you can use a VPN to get access to the vast library of any country.

As an alternative, you can access websites that are normally prohibited on some networks by using a VPN. Additionally, a VPN connection offers security when utilizing public networks, because using public networks may expose you to hackers.

As P2P is typically used to download content that is protected by copyright, several networks also prohibit P2P communication. Some nations have even made the technology completely illegal. Fortunately, a VPN can hide what you do online and make it possible for you to stream from any location in the world.

Detailed steps to bypass Sky Broadband Shield using a VPN

If you would like to bypass Sky Broadband Shield and get uninterrupted access to the internet, all you have to do is make use of a VPN and connect to a suitable VPN server as described in the steps below:

Step 1: First and foremost, you have to pick a VPN if you do not already have one. We are strongly against using free VPNs as they are not safe at all. So, get a good, strong and reliable VPN. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN Subscription

Step 2: Once you have selected a VPN, purchase one of the subscription plans and create your account on the VPN app or the website.

Step 3: Next, download and install the VPN app on your device and log in to your VPN account with the same credentials that you used while creating your VPN account.

Step 4: Once logged in to your account, connect to a VPN server in the UK.

Connect ExpressVPN UK

Step 5: After making sure your VPN connection is secure, proceed to the web and unblock all the content that is available on the internet and enjoy unrestricted access to everything!

What can be restricted with Sky Broadband Shield?

Here is a list of all that you can restrict with the help of a Sky Broadband Shield:

  • Malware and phishing
  • Porn and other Not Safe for Work content
  • Online games
  • Social networking and file sharing
  • Gambling and criminal activity
  • Suicide and self harm
  • Violence and hate
  • Dating sites or apps

How to turn off Sky Broadband Shield?

You have the option of manually turning off Sky Broadband Shied. Doing this will withdraw all kinds of changes that are made to your network and access by Sky Broadband Shield. To turn off Broadband Shield follow the simple steps given below:

  • On your web browser, go to and log in to your Sky account by inputting your credentials, that is, your Sky ID and password.
  • Once logged in, in the section names My Account, click and open Sky Broadband settings.
  • Locate and select the Broadband & Talk option. Click on the Broadband Shield option.
  • Here you can customize your account by choosing when Sky Broadband Shield would be activate its services, you can choose more restrictions to apply and withdraw restrictions as well. Here you will also see the option to Disable Shield turn off Sky Broadband Shield.
  • Click on the Disable Shield option. Click on the Save button.
  • Once saved, the new changes may take up to 20 minutes to update.
  • Once the new changes are activated, you can get access to the web without any restriction!

How to choose the best VPN service to deal with Sky Broadband Shield?

emember that not every VPN service functions equally well. Some are outstanding and offer all you could ask for. Others, on the other hand, are pricey knockoffs that lack key capabilities you would require to go around Sky’s limitations.

When selecting a VPN for Sky Broadband Shield, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Substantial/Extensive server network
  • Stellar performance
  • Robust security
  • Optimal price-to-value ratio
  • Guaranteed privacy
  • Device compatibility
  • Customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

How to switch off Sky Broadband Shield?

There are some easy steps which you need to follow in order to switch off Sky Broadband Shield. The steps have been explained in the article so refer to them and switch off the Sky Broadband Shield.

Is my internet speed affected by Sky Broadband Shield?

No, Sky Broadband Shield does not affect your internet speed. It’s just a common misconception that Sky Broadband Shield slows down the internet speed.

How can Sky Broadband geographical restrictions be bypassed?

Sky Broadband geographical restrictions can be bypassed by making use of a VPN service. The VPN service can grant your device a fake IP address of any location you want by connecting to a server in that location and this is how the geographical restrictions will be bypassed. Thus, you will be able to get access to any service, any content, etc from anywhere.

Why am I unable to use any VPN service with Sky Broadband streaming service?

The most common reason for being unable to use any VPN service with Sky Broadband streaming service is Sky Broadband Shield. In this case, turn off the Sky Broadband Shield and you will be able to make use of a VPN service with this streaming service.


Sky Broadband Shield is a popular service used by many to create safe and filtered internet environment in a family. In this process, it restricts many services/content that you would still like to access.

If you are using this service and are willing to bypass Sky Broadband Shield then this article is the perfect guide for you. So you must follow the steps given in it carefully and your task will be done easily.

It has also covered the need of a VPN and what it does to benefit. Thus you should get a good VPN and start using this streaming service today itself. To know which VPN service will best suit you while using Sky Broadband, refer to the topic given in the article for the same.