How to Fix Disney Plus Keeps Changing Language To Spanish in 2023?

Fix Disney Plus Keeps Changing Language To Spanish

If you are wondering why is my Disney Plus in Spanish or if it keeps on changing language, then here in this article we will discover how to fix Disney Plus when it keeps changing language to Spanish or some other language. 

Almost every streaming platform these days, including Disney Plus, comes with an option for people to change the language of audio or subtitles while watching a movie or a series. Although, a real problem occurs when this keeps happening automatically and repeatedly even when you don’t want it to occur. 

This issue generally happens when you try to watch the content library of some other location over Disney Plus. For example if you watch Disney Plus outside USA in locations such as Mexico then the language of streaming becomes Mexican instead of English. 

In such cases, people are advised to opt the use of a VPN network to stream through the content library of a different location on Disney Plus. Hence, one would not have to face troubles in such conditions. 

However, if you want to fix the issue of why is my Disney Plus in Spanish, then one can read the article further below to resolve the issues immediately. 

About the Platform of Disney Plus

Disney Plus is one of the most famous and reputed OTT or online streaming platforms which is present in different locations for their audience throughout the world. They feature different movies and series for people to watch through their platform. 

People can find some of the most demanded movies and series on their platform. Some of such movies present over their website or application are The Marvel series such as Spiderman, Ms Marvel, Doctor Strange and other children friendly movies such as Pinnochio, Eternals, Princess Diaries along with in-demand Korean Dramas such as Big Mouth through their platform. 

They also provide their audience with different genres and categories of movies and series to select from. Some of the category options available are Sci-fi, Fictional, Drama, Horror and Comedy. 

One can go to their platform to enjoy all such features with phenomenal movies present to watch!

Why Does Disney Plus Keep on Changing Language to Spanish? 

If you are mainly wondering why is my Disney Plus in Spanish or any other language even after manually changing its language to a different dialect, then there could be many possible reasons. 

The main reason could be a clash between the default setting of the platform of Disney Plus and the device you might be streaming upon.

Due to this clash between the default settings, Disney Plus might not be able to recognize the manual changes and might shift to the usual language used in that particular region of the content library. 

There can be different other reasons for such an issue some of which are listed below. 

  • Not updating the app for a longer time 
  • No change in the settings of your account
  • You might be using an incompatible device which might store cache
  • Location error on the app or website of Disney Plus
  • Cache stored in your browser through which you might be streaming on Disney Plus

With these issues persistent on your devices, one’s Disney Plus account might change back to Spanish and you might keep wondering why is my Disney Plus in Spanish. Below are a few tips and tricks to resolve if the issue is persistent. 

Troubleshooting Steps to Solve Why is My Disney Plus in Spanish 

One can follow these quick and easy steps to resolve the language issue in their platform of Disney Plus. By following the methods below, people can easily resolve the issue of why is my Disney Plus in Spanish or other languages such as Mexican and German. 

1. Restart the App of Disney Plus and the Device you are Streaming Upon

Due to several bugs and glitch issues, the Disney Plus app might not be able to stick to the settings you have chosen for. In such conditions, one should primarily shut the app off the background and should opt for even restarting their devices. 

People should always ensure if their app of Disney Plus is compatible with the device they are streaming upon. Sometimes outdated devices also cause trouble with the Disney Plus application. 

2. Change the Language through the Default Settings

If your Disney Plus keeps on changing the language upon which you stream, then one might prefer to change the default settings of the application. One has to go to their profile to opt for the default settings. 

After reaching the profile settings on the Disney Plus application, go to the language settings and choose the language which you want to stream upon and return back to streaming. This way one might have resolved the ever changing language issues of Disney Plus. 

3. Change the Language While Streaming

Another method which people can opt for to change the language of Disney Plus is to do so while streaming your favourite movies or shows. One can follow the steps given below to change the language of streaming. 

  • First one has to play the movie or web series one is willing to watch. 
  • Now navigate to the audio and subtitles setting which is displayed on the bottom line of the screen while streaming a movie or series. 
  • Now after clicking the settings, opt for the language you feel comfortable in with the options available on the settings. 

Through this method, one will be able to run the movie or show with their favourable language on the platform of Disney Plus. 

4. Update your App and Change the Password

The issue with the language at times occurs due to an outdated Disney Plus application and hence people are requested to update their platform to resolve the issue. One just has to keep their app to the latest version and people can easily resolve the issue of changing language. 

Alongside updating the app, one should also opt to logout of all the devices and change their password once. Such a way one can make sure that their profile is not being handled by other people. 

5. Use a trustable VPN Network from Reputed Companies

Such language issues generally occur when you visit the content library of other regions such as watching Disney Plus outside USA. To make sure such issues never happen again, one should opt for streaming through reputable VPN networks from companies like ExpressVPN. 

Since Disney Plus is geographically restricted, their app located the IP address and changes back to the language of the region where you belong to. Hence, opting for the best VPN network is your clue to resolve the issue of why is my Disney Plus in Spanish. 

6. Contact the Customer Support

After opting for all the above methods, the last straw comes to customer support which can actively help you resolve the issue persisting on the platform of Disney Plus.

If there is any issue through their end, then the customer support actively takes action to resolve the issue and lets you get back to streaming easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can these methods work for other streaming platforms?

One can try the above mentioned steps for other streaming platforms but since every app is unique in their own way, it is a slight chance that these methods might work for any other streaming service. 

Q2. Is Disney Plus a trustable platform?

Yes, Disney Plus is one of the best streaming platforms which can be trusted by the audience since they have all the legal rights to let users stream movies and series over their website or app. 

Q3. Does Disney Plus support languages other than English?

Yes, there are many options present for the audience to choose from the language of English. Disney Plus allows streaming of content in other languages such as German, Hindi, Spanish and Mexican.


With the methods given above in the article, people can easily resolve the issue of why is my Disney Plus in Spanish and can easily change the language of streaming and subtitles according to their needs. 

Although, if the issue is persistent because of VPN networks, then people should opt for VPN networks from reputable companies like the ExpressVPN and the NordVPN.