How to Hide Your Browsing History From Your ISP [Tested 100% Working]

Hide Your Browsing History

Browsing through the internet may or may not seem safe to you. People in an attempt to hide their browsing history trust the incognito mode of their browsers.

But to people’s amazement, your Internet Service Providers or the ISPs are still able to track your browsing history throughout the time you spend on your devices. Hence, here in this article we will see how to hide your browsing history from your ISP. 

ISP tracking is not as easy as it seems, people trying to keep their privacy might fail to do so without any external support on their systems. ISP tracking takes care of several aspects such as noticing the URLs you go to, the amount of time you spend over a website, your login and logout timings along with keeping a track of the files you downloaded and your browsing history as well. 

Although such tracking is only done to help in terms of legal investigations and when it is absolutely necessary for help. But at times ISPs store these data to sell to third parties to analyse different aspects of their audience. 

Hence, to hide your browsing history, one has to opt for several methods to keep themselves safe, secure and private in terms of internet usage. One can read further along the article to know how to hide your browsing history from your ISP. 

In a hurry? Quick guide to Hide Your Browsing History Using a VPN

  • Subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app for your device.
  • Connect to a VPN server of your choice like the US or UK.
  • Now you will show that Your browsing history is hidden.

ISP Shares Data from Your Browsing History

According to different research from the US Federal Trade Commission or the FTC, the ISPs are not allowed to sell data of their users to third parties and to defy such situations, ISP rather shares the data collected with other firms and companies. 

But people are allowed to encrypt their data and hence forbids the ISP to share your data and information. The internet service providers can still share the encrypted data of your browsing history but it’s highly unlikely that third parties would be able to decode your encrypted data. 

There are several methods through which people can opt to encrypt their data and save their privacy but the best method to do so is by using a VPN from a reputable company. One can easily take help of VPN networks to ensure their privacy which one can read about in the article further. 

Why to Opt a VPN to Hide Your Browsing History 

Opting for a VPN to hide your browsing history might be the best possible option. Since it is easy and affordable to use and provides you with different other features and benefits people can crack a real deal by opting for the use of a VPN network. 

A VPN from a reputable company allows hiding the information of your IP address and eventually encrypts your online activities over the internet. It ensures to provide a secure connection and defies the ISP to decipher your internet traffic. 

Eventually the ISP is not able to spy over your activities and gets simple information that you have been connected to a VPN server and would fail to get the information of your activities. 

Moreover, a VPN comes with other beneficial features such as allowing you to change your servers in different locations to access websites not accessible in your region. It also provides safety against any threat over the internet like hackers, viruses and malwares. 

Using a VPN to Hide Your Browsing History

Now by using a VPN, people can easily hide their browsing history without having to go through many troubles. People can opt these methods below to easily solve their issues with browsing history. 

The steps to do so are pretty simple.

  • One just has to choose for a VPN network from a reputable company like ExpressVPN.
  • After selecting a VPN network, one has to install it on the devices where they browse over the internet. 
  • After downloading the VPN network, login with appropriate credentials and opt for a package over their service.
  • After the payment, activate the VPN network and one can go back to browsing with complete safety and security over the internet. 

After following such steps, one will successfully be able to hide their browsing history and would forbid the ISPs to track them. 

Other Options to Hide Your Browsing History 

There are some other options present too if one does not want to use a VPN network. Although these methods might not guarantee as best results as a VPN network, they can still seem to function. 

1. Browsing with Tor

Tor was a tool developed by the US Navy to protect the anonymity of users over the internet. It is the only method through which people can opt to go to the dark web and has the capacity to protect your browsing history. 

Although, it is a bad idea for people opting Tor for normal browsing or streaming since they turn the speed of the internet down to a great level and poses an issue while trying to do so. Although, people with VPN networks can use Tor since their ISPs would not be able to identify them as Tor users. 

2. Installing HTTPS on Devices

By installing an HTTPS on your device, your ISP would be able to view the website you are visiting but would fail to get in-depth information like the contents you visited or the amount of time you spent over the website. 

HTTPS ensures a safe and encrypted connection and hence most of the authentic websites opt for their use. Reputed VPN companies like the ExpressVPN install HTTPS networks everywhere such that a secure connection is installed between the internet and their users. 

3. Opting for Privacy-Conscious Browsers

Unlike Google, which is obviously not a privacy conscious browser and works by tracking the use of the internet by the users. There are plenty of privacy opting browsers present in the market that people can opt for which have zero interest over people’s browsing history. 

People can opt the use of such browsers to hide your browsing history from getting leaked or shared to another party interested in such details. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can we opt for Incognito Mode for hiding browsing history?

Even though incognito mode of different browsers like Google do not save people’s browsing history on their devices, it is still visible to your ISPs which can eventually share the information of your browsing to other third parties. Hence, one cannot actually rely on the incognito mode for hiding your browsing history.

2. Can your ISP see your deleted histories? 

Yes, ISPs retain your browsing history of the time you used your internet for a long duration. Hence, even if you delete the history from your device, they are still able to access the information for a long time. 

3. Can you get the details of your browsing history through the ISP?

It is pretty difficult for you to access the details of your browsing history through the ISPs since they have plenty of information to store and to share. Hence, going through the pain of sharing everyone’s browsing history, they rather opt to deny doing so. 


The Internet is an amazing place to discover new things but on the same hand poses us with different threats while doing so.

Hence, the best method to stay secure from such issues is by opting to use a VPN network which can keep you and your device protected from any possible threat over the internet throughout the time you opt to use a VPN network.