11 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites (Working in 2023)

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

If you’re an avid sports fan, you undoubtedly rely on the many sports streaming websites available to keep you informed about the sports content you can’t live without.

However, it can be a little more difficult if you want to visit your sports websites for free.

We’ve done the research and identified the top 10 sports websites that you can access for free. A trustworthy VPN will be required to optimize your viewing experience because some of these sites provide live sports feeds that are only available to viewers in specific regions.

The top 11 streaming websites we recommend will help you avoid missing any football, hockey, racing, or other sporting event action.

Not all of these are available in all parts of the globe and hence you may require a good-grade VPN considering your area.

in a hurry? Here is a Quick Guide on how to use a VPN For Unblocking Streaming Services!

  1. Pick a premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN. It is a reliable VPN and will keep you shielded while providing you with great speeds.
  2. Install the VPN app onto your device and then set up an account.
  3. Pick a server in a country where most of the below-mentioned sites are unrestricted. For example, the USA.
  4. Clear your cookies and cache.
  5. Then, go to the website of your choice and enjoy!

11 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Given below is a list of some of the best free sports streaming sites to choose from! You will also find a few specifications to help you.

1. Stream2watch

Add-blocker CompatibleYes
Streaming Qualityup to 1080p
Ad annoyanceMedium
Website linkhttps://stream2watch.eu/

An IPTV website called Stream2Watch provides comprehensive live sports, entertainment, and news reporting. You may watch various types of sporting events, including combat sports, American football,  ice hockey, baseball, tennis, and soccer, for free on this streaming website.

In addition to providing access to several well-known TV networks, Streams2Watch also offers live sports streaming. This website’s visitors have access to a wide variety of sports channels including live sports streaming platforms.

There are other types of streaming available as well. You may view a range of news, entertainment, and documentary TV channels using Streams2Watch as well. On Stream2Watch, hundreds of channels are accessible for streaming.

Stream2Watch has a straightforward layout and design. The website’s home page provides introductory details about the site when you first visit it.

Along with time slots and streaming links, forthcoming live-stream programs are also provided. For convenience, the home page features popular sports categories.

Use the tabs with the corresponding labels to browse other sports categories or watch live TV. Additionally, I tried the search function, and I’m happy to say that it makes it simple to find sports channels and events.

Not all sporting events are available for HD streaming on Stream2Watch. Nevertheless, there are numerous connections to high-quality videos. There are several links available when choosing an event to view, with those in HD quality denoted as such.

2. FromHots

Add-blocker compatibleYes
Streaming QualityUp to 1080p
Add annoyanceHigh
website linkhttp://www.fromhots.com/

One of the most well-known sports directory websites online is called FromHots. This free streaming website indexes links and provides comprehensive coverage of live sporting events in a variety of categories.

Additionally, it functions as an IPTV directory, sending you to other websites where you can view live TV channels.

Access to streaming links for the majority of the main sports, such as American football, basketball, tennis, boxing, ice hockey, soccer, and golf, is available to users on this website. You can also view replays and highlights of the significant events you didn’t see.

The website does not host any of this content. You can watch an event live online by clicking a link to another website that has the event listed.

For instance, FromHots has a deal with two specific websites that offer those streams for game highlights and live TV viewing. For sports highlights, you are sent to javafooty.com, however Channelsurf.tv supplies the live TV material for FromHots.

The website is crowded and isn’t the most user-friendly at first sight. But the learning curve is not particularly steep. The main categories each have a header tab. You can choose from the sports groups that are available for streaming on the internet under those headings. The majority of the remainder screen is taken up by a very long list of upcoming games.

This might not be your best choice if you prefer to watch all of your sporting events in one location. However, you should choose FromHots if you require a sports index that can transfer you to essentially any event.

You should utilize a VPN service to access FromHots, in my opinion. The website is compatible with VPNs.

3. VIPRow

Add-blocker compatibleYes
Streaming QualityUpto 1080p
Add annoyanceMedium
Website linkhttps://www.viprow.nu

There is a clear reason why this sports streaming website is so well-liked. On the surface, this website resembles VIPLeague, a different sports streaming website. In contrast to VIPLeague, it offers a far wider variety of sports and live sporting events.

Visitors to the free sports streaming website VIPRow Sports can access connections to high-definition videos for a number of sports.

Visitors to this website can stream a variety of sports, including American football, darts, basketball, racing, handball, cycling, volleyball, MMA, wrestling, boxing, tennis, golf, and much more.

You’ll see that this list pretty much covers every sports-related category. Among the finest live sports streaming websites for you if you follow multiple sports is VIPRow Sports. There are TV channels and even the option to stream TV shows in addition to the sports categories.

VIPRow Sports’ user interface is tastefully made. The website has a dark layout with icons for different sports or topics. The homepage is not congested, making it easy to navigate. Finding your sports stuff is therefore quite easy.

4. Footybite

Ad-blocker compatibleNo
Streaming QualityUp to 1080p
Add AnnoyanceHigh
Website Linkhttp://www.footybite.tv

It is a free live sports streaming site that, as its name suggests, focuses mostly on global football or soccer in America.

Soccer fans can view live streams on this website for a variety of leagues and competitions. Fans of the lesser-known matches are also catered to by Footybite, which also serves fans of the main leagues.

This implies that both soccer fans who favor lower-level leagues like Croatia or Ukraine and those who watch games in elite divisions like England and Spain are covered.

Footybite doesn’t just focus on soccer. Fans of a variety of sports, including ice hockey, professional wrestling, pool, volleyball, and basketball, can discover working live streams to watch their preferred games online.

Additionally, Footybite offers live TV streaming for its users.

Footybite offers free live sports streaming as well as live TV in addition to a section devoted to sports news. In actuality, soccer is the only topic of news here.

There is little possibility that Footybite will replace your current go-to source for the most recent sports headlines because the news page is not frequently updated.

The interface of Footybite is straightforward. Future events are listed on the front page, along with sections for news, streaming, and live TV. The video source will be opened for you if you click “Watch” next to an event.

Footybite is actually loaded with obnoxious pop-up adverts despite its understated look, therefore I strongly advise using a VPN or at the very least an ad blocker.

5. Rojadirecta

Ad-blocker compatibleYes
Streaming QualityUp to 1080p
Ad AnnoyanceHigh
Website linkhttps://www.rojadirecta.watch/

Rojadirecta differs significantly from the other free sports streaming websites that we have previously reviewed in terms of appearance and general functionality. It has been around for a while, making it older than others. Rojadirecta has a number of thousands of active users on its side, which adds to its appeal.

Rojadirecta serves as a platform for a sports index. Don’t let the fact that it doesn’t display the sports categories it offers on the front page deter you.

On this website, you may discover live streaming for the majority of sporting events. You may watch a variety of sports, including MMA, badminton, tennis, volleyball, ice hockey, and table tennis, online.

Rojadirecta offers more than just live streaming. Don’t worry if you occurred to miss a live sporting event. You can see highlights of recent events on this website. All of the highlights have been posted in high or standard resolution.

If you would like, you can even download complete sporting events to your device. This is a useful option for sports fans who have missed a game or who wish to retain a record of their favorite games.

The forum is another element worth noting. Users of Rojadirecta can post, update, and make comments on its forum as part of an active online community.

The online forum of Rojadirecta is a great resource for finding live-stream connections and details on numerous sports and sporting events.

The user interface of Rojadirecta is not a strength. The website’s layout is old and inappropriate for such a well-liked streaming platform. It is visually unappealing and has a red-and-white pattern with little letters.

Rojadirecta is still a fantastic website for highlights, live sports streaming, and sports information if you can get past the cosmetic issues. Make sure you first establish a connection to a trustworthy VPN service.


Ad-blocker compatibleYes
Streaming QualityUp to 1080p
Ad AnnoyanceHigh
Website Linkhttps://www.vipbox.lc/

Among sports fans, VIPBoxTV is now gaining fame and respect quickly. This is as a result of the wide variety of sports it provides for live streaming as well as its slick layout and interface. There are several possibilities for sports fans on this free streaming service.

Only a few of the alternatives in its extensive portfolio include combat sports, racing sports, rugby, soccer, American football, basketball, American college football, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, golf, darts, and more.

VIPBoxTV has all of the demands of your sports covered, from baseball broadcasts of games played in the USA to basketball streams of the best Asian leagues.

For a more immersive experience, this streaming website offers HD video material.

You may stream two videos simultaneously and change the quality to utilize less data or bandwidth.

The VIPBoxTV website will resemble the VIPRow website I mentioned if you have been to that one. With its sophisticated, contemporary appearance, VIPBoxTV is aesthetically alluring. An interface that is unmistakably luxurious is created by various gray tones with green and blue accents.

If you opt to continue with this choice, be aware that the website is supported by advertisements, and be ready to cope with pop-ups. Putting that aside, you will undoubtedly like the free sports streaming service that VIPBoxTV provides.

7. Crickfree

Ad Blocker compatibleYes
Streaming QualityUp to 1080p
Ad Annoyance Medium
Supported Deviceshttps://crickfree.be/

Similar to CricHD, Cricfree appears to be a website solely dedicated to watching free live cricket matches. However, the name is extremely deceptive.

On Cricfree, you can watch most cricket matches live, but you can also watch other sports including baseball, tennis, golf, soccer, American football, basketball, ice hockey, and motorsports.

High-definition video quality can be streamed for these events, however, if buffering is a problem, you can lower the quality.

Live TV channels are also accessible through Cricfree. Compared to some other live TV services, there isn’t a huge selection of possibilities, but it still offers some of the most widely used options.

Live TV stations on Cricfree can be viewed in high-quality video resolution, just like live streaming. Soccer fans can also visit websites that provide access to premier soccer competitions.

The user interface of Cricfree may appear a little plain, but it is easy to use. On the home page, there are enormous, awkward-looking channel icons as well as symbols for sports categories and forthcoming live events from several free sports websites.

In order for users of the website to communicate with one another, there is also a chat box. Although it isn’t the most fashionable design, it is also not the worst.

You should expect adverts since this sports streaming website relies on advertising money. This is particularly true when attempting to get cable sports.

The site’s creators have nonetheless started a donation drive in the hopes that it would do away with the necessity for advertisements.

8. LiveTV

Ad-blocker compatibleYes
Streaming QualityUp to 1080p
Ad AnnoyanceMedium
Website Linkhttp://livetv.sx/enx/

An extensive selection of sports videos, live sports streams, live scores, and results are available on the streaming service Live TV. This could be the answer for you if you’re seeking for a streaming service that shows popular sports.

Users from all over the world can access and stream activities like boxing, racing, baseball, rugby, ice hockey, American football, basketball, tennis, and volleyball on Live TV. You also can view less popular events like handball and winter sports.

Although there won’t be any Nigerian soccer league matches streaming online, there will probably be active streams for other big sporting events. Additionally, Live TV makes sure that you have access to the most recent live scores and results.

There is no official Live TV app for streaming on smartphones. For a better experience, the FAQs page advises visitors to install the Puffin browser on their smartphones. This would enable consumers to stream live sports without experiencing any lag.

While Live TV’s user interface is not the worst you’ll find on free sports streaming websites, it can still be improved. When you first visit the website, the categories for the various sports it provides are not instantly obvious.

Rather, they are displayed in the Broadcasts header tab. Similar to live scores, results are buried beneath header tabs, although at least they have labels.

Users can watch sports online without having to register for Live TV. To participate in the online community, you might wish to register for an account.

9. CricHD

Ad-blocker compatibleYes
Streaming QualityUp to 1080p
Ad AnnoyanceMedium
Website linkhttps://fc4.crichd.com/

The title of this streaming platform may make you initially think that it is only about cricket. Well, that is completely incorrect.

The majority of cricket matches are streamed live on CricHD, but you can also watch a wide variety of other sports here. Sports including basketball, boxing, baseball, rugby, American football, cycling, volleyball, and professional wrestling are all available for free streaming on CricHD.

You may view event schedules, matchups, league standings, and match information on CricHD for a more comprehensive and immersive experience. There is a chat window on the website where users can converse with other streams.

Not only that. There are numerous sports IPTV channels available as well. All of these channels are available for continuous real-time streaming.

On CricHD, sports fans may watch HD-quality streaming of their favorite games. Users that have fast internet connections report that streaming is lag-free and seamless.

When choosing an event to broadcast, you can select from a few URLs. You ought to be able to watch from any of the other links if the first one is down.

The UI of CricHD is clean and efficient. Although it appears to be extremely cluttered at first, getting acclimated to the interface quickly. A listing of upcoming live streams, their start timings, stream links, and the status of the events take up the majority of the screen.

Alongside the IPTV channels, the various sports categories are presented vertically on the side. A convenient search box makes it simple to look up events.

10. SonyLIV


Additionally, this service is only available in India, so if you reside anywhere else, be ready to utilize a VPN. A Sony subsidiary with headquarters in Mumbai, India, owns SonyLIV.

Users of the free streaming service SonyLIV get access to a huge library of films, TV episodes, anime, and a variety of other media.

The SonyLIV sports streaming service, LIV Sports, debuted in 2014. Users may watch cricket, WWE, Grand Prix racing, soccer, and other sporting events live on LIV Sports.

In India, the service airs UEFA Champions League and Europe League matches. Streamers also have exclusive accessibility to match stats, timetables, and analysis.

The entirety of the live sports programming on Ten Sports Network began airing on SonyLIV once Sony acquired that channel.

Again, if you’re located outside of India, a VPN will be required to access SonyLIV.

11. Sportsurge

A-blocker compatibleYes
Streaming QualityUp to 1080p
Ad AnnoyanceLow
Website Linkhttps://sportsurge.io/

Compared to many other sites on this list, Sportsurge is a free sports streaming website that has only been operating for a short time. However, it is undoubtedly one of the top websites for links to well-known sporting events.

Baseball, basketball,  and American football were the only three American sports that could be streamed when Sportsurge originally launched.

That has changed since then. Users may now watch other sporting events like racing, mixed martial arts, soccer, and ice hockey online.

Sportsurge doesn’t really have the largest selection of sports streaming media. However, the website provides the best and also in-depth streaming service for the sports events it covers, with dependable streams and minimal to no latency.

The sleek yet straightforward design of this free sports streaming website will delight visitors. Sportsurge’s main page has a contemporary dark mode design with sizable icons for each of its sports. The website has a luxury sense thanks to its design.

However, a user interface is more than just its appearance, and Sportsurge falls short in this area to some level. There are only the icons; there are no other tabs or connections, which suggests that the page is not working. However, as the site is still in development, more is still to come.

Additionally unique is Sportsurge’s ad-free website navigation experience. There are no bothersome pop-up advertisements.

There are no bothersome pop-up advertisements. The website reaffirms its goal of keeping it that way on its home page.

To keep yourself safe while using Sportsurge, I advise utilizing a VPN like ExpressVPN.


which VPN is best for Unblocking free streaming services? Do free VPNs work?

Free VPNs are available and may even be effective, but your security and privacy will be seriously compromised.

They might also keep track of you and sell your information to marketers. We advise choosing ExpressVPN because it is a trustworthy VPN.

Is it okay to access geo-blocked content with a VPN?

Using a VPN to stream video from legitimate providers that you have a subscription to is lawful. Even though using a VPN to access geo-restricted content is forbidden in some places, most nations permit it for a variety of reasons.

How can I unblock geo-restricted Sports sites?

The only method to get around these geo-blocks is to utilize a VPN, which will allow you to access free sports streaming sites from wherever.

Why do I need a VPN to stream Sports on these sites?

You can access geo-restricted website material from any location by using a VPN. With the use of a VPN, you can connect to remote servers located in several nations, which would give you an IP address from an unrestricted location.
A VPN also protects your online activities from hackers, malware, and pop-up ads.


We now have it. You can cut your cable TV subscription with the aid of these 11 top free sports streaming websites.

They include both official and unofficial sports streaming websites, but a common feature of most of these live sports streaming websites is the availability of free live streaming of almost any sport.

I hope this list was useful to you. If you have any queries please refer to our FAQ section!