How To Watch CNN Go Live in the UK [Easy Tricks 2023]?

Watch CNN Go Live in the UK

Do you want to watch CNN Go live outside of the US? Unfortunately, geo-restrictions and content distribution guidelines prevent CNNgo from being accessed outside of the USA. Nevertheless, you still can get and watch CNN Go live outside of the US by acquiring a US IP address with a dependable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Describe CNNgo. It is a streaming service provided by CNN online. The Blush Years, Chasing Life with Dr., At This Hour, and other top-notch shows are available on it. On the CNNgo app or website, the content is accessible without charge; but, premium content requires membership.

CNNGo, however, is exclusively accessible in the US and cannot be accessed from outside without a VPN. So, utilizing a premium VPN, we’ll explain how to obtain CNN live streaming outside of the United States in this post. Without further ado, let’s get going:

Here is how to Watch CNN Go Live in the UK

  • Subscribe to a VPN. We advise ExpressVPN because of its extremely fast speed.
  • Download and register for a VPN.
  • Open the VPN and sign in using your credentials.
  • For the server list, connect to the US server.
  • Visit the CNN website, and sign up for CNNgo. Now enjoy CNN Go Live from the UK!

NOTE: For only six minutes of the preview, you may watch CNNgo live for free. You will then need to log in using a cable TV provider.

You can watch for free using the login information from your cable TV provider, and if you want to access CNNgo sans cable, you must subscribe in order to access CNN live streaming.

Why is a VPN essential to watch CNN Go Live in the UK?

Nearly all outstanding streaming providers work hard to maintain their exclusivity. They take care to ensure that neither their offerings—products or services—violate any licensing or copyright regulations. CNN Go is the same way.

When you try CNN Go in the UK, you will get an error like “This live stream is available only in the United States.

CNN Go Error

The technology of the CNN Go Live platform is set up such that it can detect any links originating from outside the US. All connections from nations that are not the United States are prohibited for consumption in accessing the platform due to the platform’s geographic restriction.

Therefore, if someone from outside the United States is able to circumvent the geographical restriction, they may be able to watch CNN Go Live. For this reason, if you’re outside of the US and want to access your CNN Go Live account or sign up as a new viewer, you’ll need to use a VPN.

By masking your real IP address, a VPN may hide your location and then provide you with a phony IP address in the US. You can fool the platform into believing that your link originates in the US by doing this.

You may do this to watch CNN Go Live from the UK by using a VPN.

How To set up a VPN to watch CNN Go From the UK?

The steps for using a VPN for being able to stream on CNN Go Live from the UK regardless of your physical location have been discussed below.

  1. Sign up for a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN to watch CNN Go Live from the UK.
  2. After that, download the VPN app on your smartphone or the device of your choice.
  3. Sign in to the VPN app and connect to a server in the US.
  4. Reopen the CNN Go Live website or application.
  5. You may now start watching CNN Go Live from the UK (outside the US) with your new IP address!

Can I subscribe to CNN Go Live Via A Cable TV Provider?

We advise ordering CNN through DirecTV. Here are the steps for joining CNN. Utilize DirecTV:

  • Connect to the US server after signing up for a good VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Visit the DirecTV website to subscribe to a plan that includes CNNGo. If you don’t already have a DirecTV account, you must sign up. Use US payment methods, such as a US credit card, at all times.
  • Locate CNN Go live among the channels after logging in and start streaming.

The pay television service DirecTV includes CNNgo in its selection of channels. Choose a bundle that includes CNN Go.

The Best VPNs for CNN Go Live in the UK

To determine which VPNs may be used to watch CNN Go Live in the UK, we evaluated a large number of VPNs. We’ve chosen three of the best VPNs from among these. They’re listed below!

ExpressVPN: Comprehensive VPN which Gives Security, Speed, and Reliability

ExpressVPN Product Imge

✔ The fastest VPN we tested thanks to its proprietary Lightway protocol!

✔ Connect Up to 5 devices simultaneously with one account.

✔ You can use it on Android, Windows, iPhone, Mac, Apple, Smart TV, Chrome, and Router.

✔ Unblock Netflix, CNN Go Live, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, SonyLiv, and many more!

✔ 3,000+ servers in 94 countries which help you to unblock region-locked content.

✔ 30-day money-back guarantee!

ExpressVPN offer December 2023: For a limited time, you can save up to 49% on a 1-year subscription plan + 3 months free.

If you asked a professional to recommend the best VPN for watching CNN Go Live in the UK, they would undoubtedly offer ExpressVPN. There are numerous benefits to using ExpressVPN, the best VPN.

On the display, there is only one switch. It instantly turns on and off the VPN. One of this VPN’s best advantages is its quickness. You always have the fastest speed, regardless of what you are seeing or whose server you are linking to.

Owing to ExpressVPN’s more than 3,000 servers located across 94 different countries, you can access content from anywhere in the world.

ExpressVPN offers MediaStreamer as a Smart DNS solution. With the aid of this function, you can use devices like gaming consoles and smart TVs—devices that ordinarily do not allow VPNs—to access streaming websites.

The ExpressVPN applications are simple to set up and use. It won’t take long to set it up on your phone and Windows. I only had to click “connect” to start the VPN after that. It went into operation.

In the app’s settings, you can choose Lightway or let the VPN choose the best protocol for your network. Other alternatives exist for IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec.

Cybersecurity and customer experience go hand in one. ExpressVPN is a nearly ideal VPN thanks to industry-standard features including a kill switch, zero DNS leak, strong encryption techniques, and P2P servers.

If you have any problems, there is an extraordinarily speedy customer care system that can help. With all of these benefits, ExpressVPN is difficult to quickly topple.

NordVPN: Budget-friendly VPN with good security features

NordVPN Product Imge

✔ 5500+ ultra-fast servers in 59 countries!

✔ Connect Up to 6 devices simultaneously with one account.

✔ Apps available for Android, Windows, iPhone, Mac, Apple, Smart TV, Chrome, and Router.

✔ Stream Netflix, Globoplay, VUDU, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Sky TV, and more from anywhere.

✔ 30-day money-back guarantee!

NordVPN offer December 2023: For a limited time, you can save up to 55% at 3.69/month on 2-year subscription plan + 3 months free.

This VPN can accommodate the server requirements of each customer thanks to its 5,500+ servers dispersed over 59+ countries.

It is possible to communicate thanks to the NordLynx protocol, which is exclusive to NordVPN. It also exhibits characteristics that are representative of the industry.

It also offers a double VPN, which transfers your data using two VPN filtration systems, to increase your online security.

A stringent no-log policy ensures your complete online security and prevents the storage of any personal information.

Every day of the year, professional customer service is available round-the-clock to assist you with any problems, no matter how minor.

Cyberghost: Optimized Servers for Streaming sites

Cyberghost Product Image

✔ 7,000+ servers in 90 countries so you can easily access regional content.

✔ Unblock platforms like Netflix, CNN Go Live, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, SonyLiv, and more!

✔ Connect Up to 7 devices simultaneously with one account!

✔ Apps available for Android, Windows, iPhone, Mac, Apple, Smart TV, Chrome, Router, etc.

✔ 45-day money-back guarantee!

CyberGhost VPN Exclusive Deal December 2023: For a limited time, you can save up to 84% at $2.03/month on a 2 Years subscription plan + 4 Months FREE

If speed is more essential to you than servers, Cyberghost is the finest VPN. On any server, Cyberghost can provide the fastest performance. On dedicated servers from CyberGhost, you can play games and download torrents.

You have access to robust security tools that will protect you from malicious hackers and other threats. AES 256-bit encryption with full forward secrecy is offered, along with a kill switch and DNS/IP leak protection.

CyberGhost provides OpenVPN and WireGuard, two leading security protocols.

The most common protocol is OpenVPN, which achieves a great balance between speed and security and works with most apps.

However, WireGuard has become a viable alternative, providing faster connections and more modern encryption.

Most VPN services don’t have servers in nations like China or the United Arab Emirates that have tight laws against censorship. However, Cyberghost has servers in both nations.

Up to seven connections from multiple devices can be made simultaneously, which improves the versatility and picture quality of television.

In terms of cost, it is one of the more affordable VPNs available.

How can I Get CNN Go Live on Android and iOS devices?

Android Devices

  1. Sign up for a VPN like ExpressVPN. It is reliable and fast.
  2. Connect to one of the numerous USA servers it provides.
  3. On your Android device, download the CNNGo app and log in.
  4. CNN Go Live is now available for live streaming.

Android Devices

  1. Sign up for a VPN. Go for ExpressVPN.
  2. Sign in after downloading the app to your iOS device.
  3. Join one of the several USA-based servers it offers.
  4. On your iOS device, download the CNNgo app and log in.
  5. Now you can watch CNNGo on your iOS devices.


You can purchase a Direct TV subscription in order to subscribe to CNNgo. Direct TV Now has a starting monthly cost of US$64.99. With CNN USA streaming live as well as other channels included, you’ll receive a Direct TV all-entertainment bundle as a result.

The All Included subscription costs US$69.99 per month, while the ultimate option costs US$89.99 per month if you want more channels. You won’t have to pay any additional fees to watch CNNgo and other live channels with these subscriptions.

The CNN Go stories or programs you choose to watch are completely free. There must be a TV service subscription. Please get in touch with your TV provider to learn how to access CNNgo if you don’t see your TV provider mentioned while checking in.

What Are the Best Live Television Shows on CNN Go?

Here is a small list of the best content on CNN Go

  • Nomad With Carlton McCoy
  • Forensic Files 2
  • CNN Tonight with Jake Tapper
  • This is Life with Lisa Ling
  • Who is Talking to Chris Wallace
  • Anderson Cooper 360
  • United Shades of America
  • Smerconish

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch CNN Go Live movies for free?

Yes, some movies are available for free on CNN Go Live but you will get a few ads during the duration of the movie.

How much do I need to pay for streaming on CNN Go Live?

CNN Go Live does not have a plan of paying on a monthly or annual basis, as this platform requires you to pay for the specific movies, shows, series, etc you want to stream.

How many devices can I sign into with one account?

With a free account, you can log into 4 devices concurrently.

How to download movies from CNN Go Live?

You will need to purchase the movie you wish to download. After that, select “Manage Downloads” from the movie’s detail page of the movie of your choice. Then click on ‘Add XXX for download’. Here XXX is the video quality you will need to put in (for example, SD. HD, HDX). Now you can download and enjoy your movie!

Which devices are compatible with CNN Go Live?

The devices compatible with CNN Go Live are iOS devices, Android devices, PC, Roku, Android TV, Xbox One, and Amazon FireStick.


CNN Go Live is a popular choice out of thousands of streaming platforms available at the present time. But the service has geo-restrictions and is therefore not accessible from the UK. But we have given you the solution to this problem.

Follow these instructions to set up a VPN on your device so you can effortlessly access it from the UK. Remember that picking the best VPN is crucial, thus you must go with ExpressVPN because it has been established to be one of the best VPNs.